Marlou transforms to Xander Ford, misses his co-star

QUEZON CITY, Quezon Province, Philippines – Marlou is dead.

Marlou is now Xander Ford. Photo from Rappler.

A former member of Hasht5 and youngster Marlou Mortelle, being known for his ugly looks, had finally revealed his face. This was made after netizens had complained of endless cliff-hangers from the program Rated K relating to the numerous operations Marlou had faced.

With the changes in his looks, a change in name was needed, according to Marlou. In fact, he prefers to be called Xander Ford.

Inspirasyon ko si Jake Zyrus. Kung kaya niyang baguhin ang kanyang sarili, bakit ako hindi? Nakita ko ang kanyang pangalan – Jake Zyrus – at feeling niya astig ang ganoong pangalan. So nakiuso na rin ako, at na-feel ko na ang pangalang Xander Ford ay astig din,” he recalled. (Jake Zyrus was my inspiration. If he can change himself, why not I do the same? I saw his name – Jake Zyrus – and he feels that name was cool for her. So I copied that style and I feel that the name Xander Ford is cool too.)


Xander Ford had undergone various transformations, like “nose lift and chin augmentation surgeries”, dental procedures for his teeth to resemble ceramic tiles, enhancements for his eyebrows and lips, wrinkle elimination, and hairstyle enhancement.

With his new looks being revealed, according to him, Marlou is now dead and Xander Ford is now alive. According to an article:

Photos of the social media star quickly went viral and his new name, Xander Ford, was tweeted almost 100,000 times as of writing.

Marlou had admitted that some netizens will dislike him due to his face and will still dislike him even if he had made improvements on his face. “Kaya ito ang pinaka-reason ko kung bakit ako nagparetoke,” (This is the main reason why I went through cosmetic surgery,) he said.

First time

Marlou Mortelle, in a separate interview, had expressed that “Ito na ang first time na gagawin ko sa sarili ko. Hindi na ito mauulit pa.” (This will be the first time that I will do this for myself. This will not happen again.)

Xander Ford had explained that changes with his total personality had to be started. According to him, “Meron talagang times na down na down ako, kasi nga wala na nga akong next project, naba-bash pa rin ako. Nakaka-depress talaga.” (There are times when I felt so down, for I had not been given subsequent projects, and I am still bullied. It’s really depressing for me.)

He added that the change within him is his response to various challenges in his stay in showbiz. These include the entry of Elmo Magalana as new leading man of Janella in various projects, his separation from other members of Hasht5, the netizens’ mockery on his face as Pinipig Man (Rice Crispies Man), and lack of imminent opportunities in showbiz due to his facial features.

Strange Picture

It should be remembered that the MarlNella loveteam had started when they, for the first time, had been involved in the then-famous program Please Be Careful With My Heart. In the said show, Janella Salvador plays the role of Nikki Lim who has a “love interest” with Nicolo (Marlou).

After the success of MarlNella loveteam in Please Be Careful, they at first had been selected for the upcoming project with the working title Red Strings. The decision to pick the MarlNella loveteam was strengthened by a strange event that happened on Janella’s picture, together with Marlou. Not noticing it, as Janella raised her hand, a red string surfaced that had bind the two.

The picture had become viral in social media, especially for MarlNella fans. In fact, most of the comments regarding Janella and Marlou had been very positive. A fan had stated, “Congratulations sa kanilang dalawa. Excited na ako kung ano nga ba ang mangyayari sa susunod nilang project.” (Congratulations to both of them. I am excited on what will happen on their next project.)

Another expressed that “ang saya-saya kasi nakikita namin ang red string na nag-uugnay sa kanilang dalawa. Nakakatuwa dahil ‘hawak’ ni Marlou ang red string ni Janella. Aabangan ko iyan.” (I’m glad for we have seen the red string that connects the two. It’s amusing that Marlou ‘holds’ the red string of Janella. I’ll wait for this.)

Doom and dime

However, with the entry of Elmo Magalana, the existing loveteam had ended. The crew, noticing the looks of the young actor, had changed their minds and gave instead the project to Elmo. This signalled the end of MarlNella loveteam.

Fortunately for him, the crew in another program gave the young star another opportunity in the program Home Sweetie Home, and gave Miles Ocampo as replacement for Janella. The new loveteam was christened as MilFord.


Xander Ford was pleased with the positive comments regarding his transformation. However, he expects that many will not be pleased with his stand on his change of looks and personality.

He had admitted that many were surprised by his new look. In another article, he had expressed that “Yung iba [nakikilala ako] pero parang nagdadalawang tingin.” (Some do [know me], but they seem to have second thoughts recognizing me.)

He had admitted that he had missed Janella so much since it was a long time since they had last met in a project. “Sana bigyan din ako ng chance na makatrabaho si Janella sa next project.” (Hope I might be given a chance to work with Janella in another project.)

When asked on Marlou’s transformation, Janella Salvador’s only reply was “He’s so G-R-R.”

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Featured Image Credit: Xander Ford’s profile picture from his official Facebook page.


Love Advice No. 69 (Full English)

This advice was recently published here in this site. As part of celebrating three years of serving the world by spreading the fun and other side of the news, this article is translated to full English. Hope this might help readers, particularly non-Filipinos, understand how the author gives advice to those in need. Okay, let’s start!

From e-mail:

I am a OFW, 35 years old, single mom, married but separated for three years.

I have a story/poem made for C:

I knew you when I was young,

Young at heart and in mind

But you captivated my heart

I treated you as my first love

That I only knew of this

We became friends and became close with each other

Until my heart had fallen for you

You are my inspiration during those times

But without reason you just left me

It hurts, it really hurts…

I searched for you but in vain, just to tell why, why, why you left me?

I became weak, consumed in anger, had bad feelings for you

Because of you, I have learned so many things just to forget you but whatever I do, you are still in my heart and in my mind

Until the point has reached that I should be wed because it is needed for the baby in my womb. I know that this is unfair, but this is the only excuse I know just to forget you. I strove to become a good wife and a mother, but sooner my husband who I thought will love me forever had eventually left me…

In a long span of time we did not talk, did not met, did not explain why you had left me

I am free, and that’s the time we met again

You had explained why you left me – the reason why fate separated us…

For a long time, you admit that I am not the only one who felt this

That this is the reason why you left me – you wanted me to finish studies since I was very young at that time

Now that we met, we expressed our feelings that whatever happened in our lives, our feelings stayed the same

We have been given chance to meet now that I am single, but you are married now. You are a shadow that I see but I cannot touch. By the time we meet again, I wish that we will be both single…

That is the story that haunts me today because we have no communication for the past 20 years. But when we met, our communication with each other had started. Our questions had been brought into light. Our feelings had stayed the same, but he has established a family already. I love him and he loves me. We don’t want to cut our lines of communication, but I don’t want his family to be a broken one. Is it right for me to continously love the guy I loved for so long and who loved me? We are far from each other. Any advice?

PS: Please do not post my mail.

Thank you and please have patience on my letter.

Lovingly yours,


My Advice:

For now, it is not right to love a person who has established his own family.

Because as what you said, you don’t want his family to be a broken one.

You love him. He loves you. But this kind of love is a love wasted. For now, this will do no good for both of you.

Fortunately, even somehow you still show your concern for his family.

Know whatcha doin’

You said, “We don’t want to cut our lines of communication, but I don’t want his family to be a broken one.”

So, what will you do?

Set limitations. This will be the first time that you will meet him, and I know that because you only face each other at this moment, it cannot be avoided that feelings and desires for each other, kept for so many years, will be released. The feeling that you want to hug and kiss him. The feeling that you will do anything for your loved one. This would not be a problem if both of you are separated from your past partners.

However, since both of you have your own kids, you must know how you should limit your treatment with each other, and tell that to him straightforward. This will be like, “Hey, I know that you have your own family, so I treat you as a friend only.”

Message sending failed.

Actually, I cannot blame you because I know that for the past twenty years, communication is really difficult. Even chasing after him would be extremely difficult for you. (I will discuss something.) The reason: Ways of communication are limited. Regarding mails, it will take forever to reply. If you have a telephone, you have an advantage. And if you have a cellphone (or beeper) at that time, it is as if you bought a Samsung phone or an iPhone.

You have nothing to regret on what happened to both of you. Actually, it is all his fault. For now I will tell you that he had hurt you. Regardless of his reason why he left you, he must find ways to go back to you.

Lack of strategy

Look at what happened to both of you. He left you without reason. He left you confused, which should not be done if he really loves you. He must explain to you in the first place why he left you. Or if he cannot explain it to you, or if he’s afraid to say that truth to you, even a little bit of reason is enough.

Or if he is really worried about your studies, he might teach you in subjects you find difficult. This will test him if he really is concerned about you or not.

Fate does not dictate you

If you look at it closely, fate will not dictate your love for each other, and fate will not dictate when you will meet him. For in the first place, that guy dictated the fate for both of you.

Why do I say this? Some people were poor in the past, but later became one of the richest in the Philippines. There are success stories like this, and strategy became their secret to their success. Aside from that, this is their mindset for them to be successful: “It’s just a matter of choice.”

Same goes with your relationship with him. It is up to that guy if he will use the strategy to face the challenges in your relationship, because this will make or break both of you, and this will define your fate in the future. Do you understand?

Wrong timing

I will ask you: Did he came back to you after you had finished your studies?

This is a very important question, since this tests if he can justify or defend his act of leaving you.

Based on your letter, the answer is no. He just married anyone else, instead of waiting for you. He had wasted chances to find you and make amends for all the pain he gave to you. Now that he has a wife, he must stand up with his choice during their lifetime as a couple.

(I’ll go a bit farther.) I had remembered something. A song from Janella Salvador had stated,

“If time is ripe for us, you can love me now.”

But what happened to both of you is this:

“If time had passed us by, you can love me now.”

If that’s the case, the last lines of the song is justifiable:

“Mother does not approve this, Father does not approve this.
Aunt and Uncle does not want this.
Brother does not want this. Sister does not want this.”

Final Words

It is normal for someone like you to be hurt. It is also normal for you to have bad feelings for him. A girl who loves does not deserve this unacceptable act. Just cry. Just release all your tears and all your pain that you feel inside.

It is also normal for you to be confused, especially that he came at the wrong time. Even if you want to give him another chance, you have no choice because it is his personal decision.

We cannot say what will happen in the coming years. You have no choice but to wait for him, if you are just willing to wait for him.

Anyway, if he regret his act, let him regret that. It is all his fault.

He had wasted so much time. He has many opportunities to change his fate for both of you, but he did not act. This will be the time when love can be made a priority, without worrying about other priorities in life. He did not know that for twenty years, many changes had been taking place. Even a person’s mind is changing too.

He must understand that priorities are different now. Both of you are slowly becoming mature, especially in mental aspect. Now that both of you are in the right age, and have your own families, you must prioritize your son/s or your daughter/s. If he had not given you the chance to love a person, at least you can show it to your son.

You have no power over the past. What you can only do is to wait for a man who will love you and your son. Believe me, it’s possible.

Personal Message

Regarding the P.S. that you had written, that’s wish granted. Actually, it is my attitude not to post e-mails in this site. Because of my attitude, you can tell me everything without fear or shame.

It is okay even if the story or problem you sent me is this long. What’s important is that you have explained to me properly what happened to you and to him.

If you can share your story to me on what happened to that guy from the time he left you up to now, it would be better. Because of this, I will be given a chance to know what really happened to him and to see clearly if he neglected in handling relationships like this or if there are situations that both of you cannot control. That guy will be given a chance to explain his side, and because of this I might revise the love advice to fit your situation. Don’t worry, I promise again that all your contacts to me will be confidential.

Thank you so much for sharing your story in this site. Actually, I only responded to your letter because in the past days, I was busy studying for an examination. Now that the exam is finished, I can give love advice to people like you. Thanks for trusting TweetNewscaster.

Love Advice No. 69

From e-mail:

Isa po akong OFW, 35 years old, single mom,kasal pero 3 years na pong hiwalay.

May isa po akong kwento/tula na ginawa para kay C

Nakilala kita nang ako’y musmos pa,

Musmos pa sa puso’t isipan

Ngunit nabihag mo na ang puso ko

Ikaw ang turing na unang pag-ibig

Na ako lang [ang] nakakaalam.

Naging magkaibigan at naging malapit sa isa’t isa

Na tuluyan – nahulog nang tuluyan ang loob ko

Ikaw ang naging inspirasyon ko sa mga panahon na iyon

Pero sa hindi malamang dahilan biglang iniwan mo ako

Masakit, masakit talaga…

Hinanap kita pero hindi kita nahanap para sana itanong kung bakit, bakit, bakit iniwan mo ako?

Naging marupok ako, nagpadaig sa galit, sama ng loob

Dahil sa iyo marami akong natutunan para sana lang makalimutan kita pero kahit anong gawin ko, hindi ka mawala sa puso’t isipan ko

Hanggang nakarating sa puntong kailangang maikasal na ako kasi kailangan para sa batang nasa sinapupunan ko. Alam ko [na] hindi ito patas, pero iyon na lang ang alam ko na dahilan [para] sana makalimutan kita. Naging mabuti akong asawa at ina, pero hindi nagtagal iniwan din ako ng lalaking napangasawa ko na ang akala ko magmamahal sa akin habambuhay…

Sa mahabang panahon na tayo’y hindi nagkausap, hindi nagkita, hindi nagpaliwanag bakit iniwan mo ako noon

Kung kailan malaya na ako, sa hindi inaasahan pagkakataon muli tayong pinagtagpo

Ipinaliwanag mo ang dahilan kung bakit mo ako iniwan ang dahilan na pinaghiwalay tayo ng tadhana…

Sa tagal ng panahon, inamin mo na hindi lang pala ako ang may nararamdaman noon,

Na iyon ang isang dahilan na bakit mo ako iniwan kasi gusto mo makatapos ako sa pag-aaral kasi nga bata pa ako noon.

Ngayon nagtagpo tayo, inamin natin ang ating nararamdaman na kahit ano pang nangyari sa ating buhay, walang nagbago sa ating mga nararamdaman.

Binigyan tayo muli na magtagpo ng pagkakataon sa panahong malaya ako, pero ikaw ay nakatali na. Para ka na lang isang anino na nakikita ko pero hindi mahawakan. Sana sa muling pagkakataon na tayo’y magtagpo sana pareho na tayong malaya…

Halos iyan po ang kwento na nagmulan ng bumabagabag sa akin ngayon kasi 20 years na wala kaming komunikasyon. Pero noong nagkita kami, nagsimula lahat ng  komunikasyon namin. Naliwanagan lahat ng katanungan namin noon. Walang nabago sa mga nararamdaman namin, pero iyon nga lang pamilyado na siya. Mahal ko siya at mahal din niya ako. Ayaw naman namin na maputol ang aming komunikasyon pero ayaw ko naman po na masira ang kanyang pamilya. Tama po ba ang aming ginagawa na patuloy na minamahal ang lalaking minahal ko nang kaytagal at nagmamahal din sa akin? Malayo naman kami sa isa’t isa. Any advice?

PS: hwag niyo na po sanang ipost ang mail ko po.

Salamat po at pasensya na po sa letter ko.




My Advice:

Sa ngayon, hindi na tama ang ginagawa na mahalin ang taong pamilyado na.

Dahil gaya ng sabi mo, ayaw mo namang masira ang pamilya niya.

Mahal mo siya. Mahal ka rin niya. Pero sayang na sayang ang ganitong klaseng pagmamahal. Sa ngayon, wala na talaga itong magandang patutunguhan.

Salamat nga lamang at kahit paano ay naipakita mo ring may malasakit ka sa kanyang pamilya.

Know whatcha doin’

Sabi mo pa nga, “Ayaw naman namin na maputol ang aming komunikasyon pero ayaw ko naman po na masira ang kanyang pamilya.”

So, ano ang dapat ninyong gawin?

Set limitations. Ngayon pa lang kayo nagkikita, at alam ko na dahil ngayon lang kayo nagkaharap, hindi talaga maiiwasan na maipon ang damdamin pati ang hangarin sa isa’t isa. Yung tipong gustung-gusto mo na siyang yakapin at halikan. Yung tipong kahit ano, gagawin ang lahat para sa minamahal. Wala sanang problema kung pareho kayong hiwalay sa inyong mga dating karelasyon.

Pero dahil may kanya-kanya na kayong mga anak, dapat alam mo kung hanggang saan ang trato ninyo sa isa’t isa, at dapat sabihin mo ito nang diretso sa kanya. Yung tipong “Uy, alam kong pamilyado ka na, kaya hanggang dito lang ang trato ko sa iyo.”

Message sending failed

Sa totoo lang, hindi kita masisisi dahil alam na alam ko na sa nakalipas na 20 taon, mahirap talaga ang komunikasyon. Yung tipong hahabulin mo lang siya ay pahirapan ka na (Segway muna ako.) Kasi naman, limitado pa noon ang paraan ng komunikasyon. Sa sulat pa lang, matagal na ang reply. Kung may telephone kayo ng ex mo, may bentahe kayo. At kung may cellphone ka (o beeper) noong mga panahong iyon, para ka nang bumili ng Samsung o iPhone.

Wala kang kasalanan sa lahat ng mga nangyari sa inyong dalawa.  Sa totoo lang, siya talaga ang may kasalanan. Sa ngayon eh masasabi ko lang sa iyo na sinaktan ka niya. Kasi, anuman ang kanyang rason kung bakit ka niya iniwan, dapat gagawa siya ng paraan para balikan ka.

Kulang sa diskarte

Tingnan mo kung ano ang nangyari sa inyong dalawa. Iniwan ka niya nang basta-basta. Iniwan ka niyang litung-lito, na hindi naman dapat kung talagang mahal ka niya. Dapat ipinaliwanag niya sa iyo simula’t sapul kung bakit kailangan ka niyang iwan. O kung hindi naman niya kayang ipaliwanag sa iyo, o kung natatakot siya na sabihin ang katotohanang iyon sa iyo, kahit pahiwatig lang ay sapat na.

O kung talagang nag-aalala siya para sa pag-aaral mo, baka puwede ka naman niyang turuan kung saang asignatura ka nahihirapan. Dito pa lang ay masusubok kung kaya niyang ipakita na nagmamalasakit talaga siya sa iyo o hindi.

Fate does not dictate you

Kung titingnang maigi, hindi naman magdidikta ang tadhana sa pag-ibig ninyong dalawa, at kung kailan kayo magkikita. Dahil sa simula pa lang, idinikta na ng lalaki kung ano ang magiging kapalaran ninyong dalawa.

Bakit ko ito nasabi? Merong mga tao na dating mahirap, pero naglaon ay naging isa sa mga pinakamayaman sa bansa. Maraming ganyang success stories, at ang sikreto sa kanilang tagumpay ay ang diskarte. Isa pa, ang mindset nila para magtagumpay ay ito: “It’s just a matter of choice.”

Ganoon din sa pag-ibig ninyong dalawa. Nasa diskarte na iyan ng lalaking iyan kung paano niya tutugunan ang naturang hamon sa relasyon ninyong dalawa, kasi ito ang magpapatuloy o sisira sa inyong dalawa, at ito ang magdidikta ng inyong kapalaran sa hinaharap. Nakukuha mo, ha?

Mali ang timing

Tatanungin kita: Nang ikaw ay nakatapos na sa pag-aaral, binalikan ka ba niya?

Mahalaga ang tanong na iyan, dahil sinusubok nito kung kaya ba niyang panindigan ang kanyang ginawa sa iyo.

Base sa sulat mo, ang sagot ay hindi. Nag-asawa na siya, sa halip na maghintay siya o balikan ka. Sinayang niya ang pagkakataon para hanapin ka at makabawi sa lahat ng sakit na ibinigay niya sa iyo. Ngayong may asawa na siya, dapat niya talagang panindigan iyon sa buong buhay na sila’y mag-asawa na.

(Segway ulit.) May naalala lang ako. Doon sa kanta ni Janella Salvador, sinabi niya,

“Pag tama na ang panahon, puwede mo na akong lambingin.”

Pero ang nangyari sa inyong dalawa:

“Pag sala na sa panahon, puwede mo na akong lambingin.”

Kung ganoon man ang mangyari, may katuwiran ang huling linya ng awiting iyan:

“Di puwede kay Nanay, di puwede kay Tatay
Ayaw ni Tito at ni Tita
Ayaw ni Ate. Ayaw ni Kuya.”

Final Words

Normal lang para sa isang katulad mo na masaktan sa nangyari. Normal lang din na magkaroon ka ng sama ng loob. A girl who loves does not deserve this unacceptable act. Sige lang, iyakan mo lang. Ilabas mo lang ang lahat ng luha at sakit na nararamdaman mo.

Normal lang din na maguluhan ka, lalo pa’t nang dumating siya ay sala na sa panahon. Gugustuhin mo man siyang bigyan ng isa pang pagkakataon, wala ka nang magagawa dahil personal decision niya iyan.

Hindi natin masasabi kung ano ang maaring mangyari sa mga susunod na taon. No choice na lang kundi maghintay para sa kanya, kung willing ka lang na hintayin siya.

Anyway, kung may pagsisisi siyang maramdaman, hayaan mo siyang magsisi sa ginawa niya. Kasalanan niya iyon eh.

Sayang na sayang ang oras. Marami sana siyang pagkakataon para baguhin ang tadhana ninyong dalawa, pero hindi niya ito ginawa. Ito na sana ang panahon kung saan puwedeng unahin ang pag-ibig, na walang iniintinding prayoridad sa buhay. Hindi niya namamalayan na sa loob ng 20 taon, marami nang pagbabagong nagaganap. Kahit ang pag-iisip ng isang tao ay nagbabago na rin.

Dapat naiintindihan niya na iba na ang prayoridad niya ngayon. Unti-unti nang nagmamature ang pag-iisip ninyong dalawa. Ngayong nasa wastong gulang na kayo, at may kanya-kanya nang pamilya, dapat ninyong unahin ang inyong mga anak. Kung ipinagkait man niya sa iyo ang pagkakataon para magmahal ka ng isang tao, kahit paano eh maibibigay mo naman ito sa iyong anak.

Wala ka nang magagawa sa nakaraan. Ang tanging magagawa mo na lang ay maghintay ng isang tao na handang mahalin kayo ng anak mo. Maniwala ka sa akin, posible iyan.

Personal Message

Tungkol sa P.S. na sinulat mo, wish granted na iyon. Sa totoo lang, ugali ko na huwag i-post ang mail sa site na ito. Dahil sa ugali kong iyan, maari kang magkuwento sa akin nang walang anumang ikinakatakot o ikinahihiya.

Okay lang din sa akin kahit na ganitong kahaba ang pinadala mo sa akin. Ang mahalaga, naipaliwanag mo sa akin nang maayos kung ano ang nangyari sa inyong dalawa.

Kung meron kang maiikuwento sa akin kung ano ba talaga ang nangyari sa lalaking iyan from the time na nagkahiwalay kayo hanggang ngayon, mas maigi. Dahil dito eh lalong mabibigyang-linaw kung ano ba talaga ang nangyari sa kanya at para makita ko kung nagpabaya siya o merong sitwasyon na hindi ninyo makontrol. Mabibigyan ng chance si guy na ipaliwanag ang kanyang panig, at dito ko puwedeng baguhin ang love advice para tumugma sa sitwasyon ninyo. Huwag kang mag-alala, ipapangako ko ulit na magiging confidential ang contacts mo sa akin.

Maraming salamat sa pagbahagi ng iyong kuwento sa site na ito. Actually, ngayon lang ako tumugon sa sulat mo dahil sa mga nakalipas na araw ay naging busy ako sa pag-aaral para sa isang eksaminasyon. Ngayong tapos na ang exam ay maari na akong magbigay ng love advice sa mga taong katulad mo. Maraming salamat ulit sa pagtitiwala.

Happy Third Anniversary with TweetNewscaster: Third Annual Report

Dear Readers:

Thank you for your continuous patronage on this site.

We are now celebrating our Third Anniversary. Even if we had not been active now unlike last year, the author had managed to post few articles for this year, just to keep this site running.

The author during this year also experiences personal problems, and had accomplished personal tasks. These things had gave less time for the author to attend to some problems in this site and respond to them. The author extends apologies to our dear readers and followers for being inactive for various months.

As part of our celebration of our third anniversary, let us share some accomplishments for this year:

  • As of this year, we have 48 followers. To our followers, thank you so much for your continuous trust in this site!
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  • This year, we have focused more on writing articles under categories Love Advice and Accounting. Again, the reason was less time to write more articles.
  • The article Plataporma ni Duterte, which describes the platforms laid down by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte during his presidential campaign, got the highest number of views this year with around 2,011 reads. This was due to the curiosity of some netizens on the direction that the new administration will adopt. Other most-read articles in TweetNewscaster site are as follows:
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  3. It’s Showtime gains Kuya Kim, Ms. Pastillas finds her love: 276 reads
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  • From the time we started running this site, the Plataporma ni Duterte also became the most-read article in this site with 6,285 reads. Other most-read articles in this site since its inception follow:
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The author also announces its future plans:

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  • The future of this site is not so sure. I do not know if I can extend this for so many years, since I am being pressed to accomplish more important matters.
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Meanwhile, thank you so much for believing and trusting in this site. With your help, we can further spread the fun and the other side of news to the world!

From the writer who loves you very much,


Jake Zyrus reveals himself, accepts new project

Jake Zyrus. Photo from ABS-CBN News.

MANILA, Philippines – Change is coming.

After his recent breakup with the X-Factor Philippines singer Alyssa Quijano, the international sensation Charice has ultimately transformed himself, changing her name to Jake Zyrus.

Charice related that he had undergone various transformations to make himself more manly, and expressed that with changes in his body, a change of name is also needed.

The name change has ultimately created a buzz in the Philippines, especially in social media. While many, especially from his fans, had been glad on his decision, he got the most critical remark from his grandmother.

Due to his bold move on transforming himself, other celebrities had plans to change their names. In fact, Jodi Sta. Maria had now decided to change her screen name to Jodi Ann Santos.


When asked for the reason behind the name Jake Zyrus, he said that he had considered first other names.

“After naming mag-break up ni Alyssa (Quijano), kinailangan kong mag-move on. Naisip ko, bakit hindi na lang kaya gumawa ulit ng bagong pangalan, para sabihin na heto ako, bilang totoong tao.” (After we and Alyssa parted ways, I had to move on. I thought, why not make a new name, to say that this is me, this is real.)

It is to be remembered that everybody at first called him as Charice Pempengco, which was shortened later to Charice.

Ngayon, puwede pa namang paikliin. Puwedeng Char na lang ang itawag sa akin. Haha.” (Now, it can be clipped further. They can call me Char. Haha.)

Run out of names

Jake explained that the alternative name Charito is not good to hear even if he transformed. ‘Charles’ may be considered.

Running out of ideas, he asked his friend on a suitable name for him, which his friend did not provide, but the friend advised Jake to base his name on his idols.

Bigla kong naisip si Jake (Vargas), tapos si Miley (Cyrus). ‘Bakit di na lang kaya sila, friend? Jake Cyrus, gandang pangalan.’ Ginawa ko na lang ‘Z’ para maging astig. And that’s me – Jake Zyrus.” (I suddenly thought of Jake Vargas, then Miley Cyrus. ‘Why not pick their names, friend? Jake Cyrus, that’s beautiful name.’ I had changed the spelling to ‘Z’ to make it more manly. And that’s me – Jake Zyrus.)

Retro record

With the transformation in him, he had expressed his intent on engaging with new projects. According to him, his change of look and personality needed a change on the history of his singing career.

Dahil ako na nga ito – si Jake Zyrus, nasa isip ko na kailangan kong balikan pati na ang mga una kong mga project after akong sumali sa Little Big Star. This time, bilang si Jake Zyrus, gagawa ulit ako ng MV ng Lucky Me, magpapa-ad ako sa New Zealand Creamery, kakanta ng ‘Pyramid’, sasali sa ‘Glee’, at marami pang iba.” (Because this is me – Jake Zyrus, I had thought of a need to remake my first projects after I joined the Little Big Star. This time, as Jake Zyrus, I will remake the music video of Lucky Me, remake an ad of New Zealand Creamery, sing again the Pyramid, join again the cast of Glee, and so many others.)

He had considered also to redo his previous albums. By singing again his past tracks, he felt that this action will rewrite the history of music industry. For example, he wanted to revise the song Pyramid as follows:

Shawty’s love is like a pyramid (ooh)
We stand together till the very end (eh ooh)
There’ll never be another love for sure (ooh)
Iyaz, Jake Zyrus let we go

Meanwhile, Senyora, in her Facebook page, had illustrated an example of the changes after Jake’s transformation:

Jake was flattered on the change brought about by a videoke user. He hopes that any changes relating to him will be effected not only on the present and future periods, but also on the past.

New substitute

Jake also manifested his new personality in acting as the new Malia in the evening program La Luna Sangre (The Blood Moon), as told also by Senyora:

When asked why he was picked as Kathryn’s substitute, Jake replied, “Marami nga din pong mga nagco-comment kung bakit wala si Kath sa programa. Actually, sinabi niya po sa akin na magpapahinga na daw siya dahil napapagod na siya sa kakakumpara sa kanya kay Nadine.” (Many had questioned why Kathryn Bernardo is not now part of this show. Actually, she told me that she needed rest for she is tired being compared with Nadine Lustre.)

Sinabi niya sa akin na magkamukha daw kami. Kaya inofferan ako na maging substitute niya.” (She told me that we are alike. So she gave an offer to be her substitute.)

Since he is now in that program, the viewers can see now if the prophecy will be fulfilled or not.

Sobra po akong nagpapasalamat sa ABS at binigyan po ako ng opportunity sa La Luna Sangre.” (I am thanking ABS-CBN so much for giving me the opportunity in the program.)

Because of his radical transformation, the network plans also to include him in the comeback season of Your Face Sounds Familiar. The rationale is that if Charice has the capability to transform himself into Jake, he has also the capacity to transform into other celebrities.

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Practical Accounting 2 Straight Problem No. 7

We will use the previous quiz to solve this problem:

Transactions for Sugarpop Partnership during the year 2019 are as follows:

  1. It was agreed by the partners that additional P10,500 representing provision for uncollectible accounts be recognized.
  2. Total advances to employees amounting to P22,500 were collected thru salary deductions.
  3. Agreed amount on inventories was P55,200. This is considered a valuation of inventory between cost and net realizable value.
  4. Office supplies used amounted to P6,000. Meanwhile, prepaid rent is to be accounted according to the partners’ policy.
  5. Depreciation for building and equipment was calculated as P142,800 and P33,200 respectively.
  6. Checks paid to various suppliers amounted to P150,000. Also, portion of notes payable was settled for P55,000.

On December 31, 2019, the partners agreed to admit Rita as a partner in the firm. Assets shall be revalued upward by P70,000 before her admission. Increase of assets attributable to each partner are as follows:

  1. Renzo: P26,533.37
  2. Pocholo: P10,696.52
  3. Vanessa: P14,908.68
  4. Julie Ann: P17,861.43

Such increase shall be debited to account “Other Non-current Assets.”

Rita is to purchase 25% of each capital of existing partners for P3,500,000. Respective revised Capital and P/L ratios for Renzo, Pocholo, Vanessa, and Julie Ann are 25%, 20%, 15%, and 15%.

Sales for the whole year amounted to P3,991,500, and cost of sales amounted to P41,400.

Distribution of profits shall be as follows:

  1. Salaries per month: Renzo, P2,400; Pocholo, P3,000; Vanessa, P3,780; Julie Ann, P3,600; Rita, P4,500.
  2. Interest on 10% of capital balances after Rita’s admission.
  3. Remainder is to be divided based on new P/L ratios.


  1. Adjusting entries before and after Rita’s admission.
  2. Partners’ capital before and after Rita’s admission.
  3. Income statement for December 31, 2019.
  4. Schedule of distribution of profits.
  5. How much shall be the personal gain/loss to be recognized by each partner? (Assume that the cash given to the partners is divided equally.)

Love Advice No. 68

In our past love advices, it is my original aim to reach out to many people as possible, since love can strike anyone regardless of race or nationality. Actually, the ultimate aim in giving love advice to this site is to give justice to those who are experiencing anguish and suffering when it comes to romantic love.

For the first time in this site, I will give Love Advice in the English language. This is a tribute and the author’s way of saying ‘thank you’ for those who like some articles under this category, who are mostly non-Filipinos. As I see that they might not yet understood my style and strategy in handling love problems like these for the past three years,  this article will be for the benefit of those who understand English, especially for non-Filipinos. Okay, let’s start!

From a comment in Daming Alam’s Facebook page:

Hello everybody im from grade 7 . Im inlove with grade 10 omayghad he’s handsome. When i first see him my eyes become bigger and my heart is beating so past. He’s have a feeling for me. Suddenly we have a conversation and he say he like me to. And i am omayghad were finally dating on public places with holding hands while walked.

We eated lunch together at 711 (7-Eleven). The food is so yummy but i cant eat very well because he is looking at me. Im so happy because im tell my mom all of this. Im studying very well and he too.

But im so sad im shocking because she suddenly grab my hair and pushing and pull it. Sabunot in tagalog im crying a lot and we decided to brake up. But i still love him. For you please [wait] for me to graduate my study. I love u to very much.

(Author’s note: “Sabunot” in Tagalog actually means pulling one’s hair, especially when a person pulling has deep, intense hatred toward the other person.)

My Advice:

Finish your studies first.

You’ll have to focus on your future, even if not with him this time. Investing in your future during your high school days – by studying – helps you grow as a person, and helps you find the one who can lead you to a brighter future (that will benefit you).

While you are focusing first on more important matters, like excelling in academics, you can use this time to evaluate your personality and that of your future partner. This is also a good time to form proper habits when dealing with the opposite sex, to learn what is right and wrong, and to set achievable standards when picking for your true love.

What do I mean? You have to ask yourself so many times these questions:

  1. Why do I like this guy?
  2. Why do I love him?
  3. Would our future be brighter or darker if we continue our relationship?
  4. Do I really love him?
  5. Will my love for him last forever? (Or, would my love today be still my love even if five or ten years will pass?)
  6. Are we ready to face many trials and challenges if we are together?
  7. Am I making sure that I am not pushing myself to him too hard? (This might tell you if he is really flirting with you or not.)

More than just physical

You say that you are in love because he is so handsome.

But is being handsome the true measure of love?

In other words, are you really in love?

The answer is no.

Let’s admit it. At the first time we met our opposite sex, and see their good-looking physical attributes, such as being beautiful/handsome and having beautiful hair, six-pack abs, slim waist, and muscular arms, we feel that we are in love. Since our eyes sees these things, your eyes become bigger and it pushes your heart to beat so fast. This is typical of many high school students, and the author is not exempted when it comes to these things.

However, true love must not stop there, for the eyes does not look only on these physical attributes, but also his/her whole personality. You should had look further on his personality, his thoughts, his attitudes, and all the things that make up that guy you see today.

This is aside from the fact that there’s no such thing as “(true) love at first sight”, but you can have a crush, or an admiration, towards him at first sight. You can be attracted to that person in an instant. However, love is not being developed in an instant.

Ignorance isn’t good

However, you were surprised when some girl had suddenly pulled your hair. Actually, she is his girlfriend.

Is her act justifiable? No, even if in the first place, you engage in a relationship with him. However, your ignorance is not really an excuse in this case.

Ignorance is not a bliss when it comes to these things. The reason is that someday, ignorance can lead you to disastrous consequences. If that girl, who maybe had existing relationship with that guy, can give you trauma by pulling your hair, how much more if you are in an uncomfortable situation? You might end up mauling each other, filing each other a case in court, or worse be killed by that girl.

It is ignorance also that hurts you more. If you had known beforehand that he is in a relationship with the other gal, you might get hurt too – at first – but later on you will not feel the extreme hurt. However, you had not obtained the opportunity to find out his real score. As a result, you only knew recently that relationship only when your hair had been pulled. Not only you had been hurt physically, but also emotionally.

This situation should serve a lesson for you. You should have known first who he is, especially in some cases where some girls like you would not verify his personality. He may have been an addict, a drunkard, a gambler, or a man who has responsibilities for his family.

Even the night changes

This is just a puppy love. What does this means? Simply put, it is just a childish love, the type experienced by most teens like you.

Does this mean that this kind of love will fade? Sadly, and most of the time, yes. Why?

Let me share with you my past experience. (Let’s call her Crush # 1.) At the start of my first year in high school (Grade 7), I had once came with a thought of marrying a girl, even if I knew that this would require enormous task on my part. This includes travelling around 100 kilometers (62.5 miles) to be with her. At that time, I am thinking that having a crush on her means that I am also in love with her. I had gone too far to the point of thinking a future together with her, when in fact she did not even know me personally.

Now, ten years after thinking of these things, I came to the point that it is no use anymore to think of future together with her. Fate did not provide time and opportunity to be with her, and in fact, she is already in a relationship. Meanwhile, I had also other important concerns over my personal life.

I am illustrating to you my experience in high school so that you will learn even a bit of lesson from me. This hopes that you will reflect if you really love him, or it is just a fleeting expression of your emotion.

It is to be noted that there are many changes happening within us even in a short span of time. Say for example, your crush for now would not be your crush five or ten years from now.

Actually, as I scanned the picture of my crush (Crush # 2) last time, questions popped into my mind: If that is her picture during her high school days, who was her crush then? Now that I see her personally, who is her crush now? Did she thought of that guy who is with her now at the time she was in high school?

Yes, there will come a time that some years later, you will also think of these kind of questions like I did.

Brain-heart balance

Essentially, we have to love using our hearts, like what you said, “my eyes become bigger and my heart is beating so past”. That is true, especially for us high school students who will love and be loved for the first time. I understand this reasoning, since I had been there. However, while we are going to love, we don’t have to be contented by using our eyes and hearts. We must also use our brain. We have to think, and think, and think.

Why do I have to repeat ‘think’? Because most of the time, we cannot control our emotions. This helps us to see if the guy or the gal we spend our love with will be all worth our hardships, emotions, efforts, and tears in loving the opposite sex.

Thank you for sharing with us your experience. Even if you did not really seek help and love advice from me, somehow your experience will help other people to learn more from you. This will help many young people to know more about themselves and to think deeply before getting into a relationship. And this will save them from so much pain and suffering as a consequence of their incorrect decisions.

Practical Accounting 2 Straight Problem No. 6

In solving for this quiz, refer to previous problems.

Profit-sharing for Sugarpop Partnership was again revised as follows:

  1. Respective salaries for Renzo, Pocholo, Vanessa, and Julie Ann were P2,500; P3,000; P2,750; and P2,250 per month.
  2. All partners are to be credited 10% interest on their balances as of December 31, 2017.
  3. A bonus of 5% of net income after bonus shall be given to Pocholo.
  4. Remainder is to be divided on their new capital and P/L ratio. (Hint: Revised respective Capital and P/L ratios after Julie Ann’s admission will be 25%, 17%, 18%, and 40%, respectively for Renzo, Pocholo, Vanessa, and Julie Ann.)

Additional information:

  1. A portion of unexpired rent used from April to December is to be recognized.
  2. Profit reported for the year was P1,055,000. This does not include the whole deferred revenue of P25,000 realized during the period.


  1. Prepare schedule of distribution of profits.
  2. Adjusting entries.
  3. Statement of financial position as of December 31, 2018.

Love Advice No. 67

Noon ay nabigyan na natin ang e-mail sender ng mga payo kung ano ang dapat niyang gawin kapag matigas pa rin ang ulo ng kanyang ex. Ipinaliwanag na natin kung bakit iyon ang dapat gawin ng lalaki, at ipinaliwanag natin na mali ang magiging desisyon kung palalayin na niya ang babaeng iyon.

Malamang na dahil unti-unti na niyang sinunod ang ating payo na magtiwala, eh nagpadala ulit siya ng isa pang follow-up na tanong. Sige, simulan na natin siyang bigyan ng payo!

From e-mail:

Good am po. Maraming salamat po sa advice. Sa ngayon po, cool off muna kami. Nag-usap kami. Sabi niya, kailangan daw niya ng panahon para baguhin ang sarili niya, na itama ang mga pagkakamali niya, at susundin na daw niya ang mga magulang nya.

Para naman daw sa amin iyon – para tanggapin ko daw siya ulit at nang makalimot din daw ako sa ginawa niyang kasalanan.

Sinabi niya din na matagal na daw niyang pinutol ang ugnayan nila ng lalaki, at ako daw ang mahal na mahal niya.

Ano po ang gagawin ko: Susundin ko ba siya? Maniniwala ba ako? Eh ilang beses na siyang nagsinungaling sa akin, at feeling ko pa rin na baka mag-ugnayan pa rin sila ng lalaki niya. Salamat po.

My Advice:

No choice ka na lang kundi maghintay sa kanya.

Siya na mismo ang nagsabi.

Pero last na iyan. This time, sasabihin mo na sa kanya na huwag na niyang uulitin ang ginawa niyang kalokohan. Kailangan na niyang magsisi at magbago.

Sa pagkakataong ito, bigyan mo na siya ng deadline. Dito mo makikita kung talaga bang seryoso siya sa iyo. Dito mo rin makikita kung sineseryoso ba niya ang mga pangako niya sa iyo. At dito mo rin makikita kung talaga bang mahal ka niya.

Sa panahong ito, kahit sa huling pagkakataon, ibigay mo pa rin sa kanya ang tiwala na hinahanap niya. Last chance na ito na maari mong ibigay sa kanya. And yes, susundin mo pa rin siya. Kailangan mo pa ring maniwala sa kanya, kahit na sa huling pagkakataon na ito.

Still convince her

Kung ganoon pala ang dahilan niya kung bakit kailangan niya ng panahon, bakit hindi mo rin siya kumbinsihin na mali ang inaakala niya? Na talagang mahal mo siya?

Ipaliwanag mo pa rin sa kanya na sa kabila ng lahat ng mga kalokohang ginawa niya, handang-handa ka na tanggapin siya. Na handa kang kalimutan ang lahat ng masasakit na nangyari sa inyo. Na handa ka na magsimula kayo ng bagong kabanata sa inyong relasyon.

Ipaliwanag mo sa kanya na kahit na anong mangyari, eh lagi ka pa ring nariyan para sa kanya.

Accept, but still monitor.

Ano ang puwede mong gawin para malaman kung totoo na nakikipag-ugnayan pa rin sila ng lalaki niya? Kailangan mo silang bantayang mabuti.

Sorry, pero ito ang pinakamagandang bagay na maari mong gawin.

Paano mo sila imomonitor? Narito ang aking suggestions:

  1. Alamin mo kung saan sila madalas magkita. Sa mall, sa bahay ng ex mo, sa bahay ng lalaki niya, o sa ibang lugar? Maari kang magtanong sa mga kaibigan nila o sa mga magulang ng dalaga tungkol sa kanilang mga pinupuntahan.
  2. Mag-isip ng mga gamit, bagay, o sitwasyon na hawak mo sa ngayon. Ito ang gagamitin mo para malaman mo kung tama ba ang kutob mo. Halimbawa, mayroon ka bang app o device na maaring gamitin para mahuli kung nag-uusap ba sila? Ito ang istilo na ginawa ng dating girlfriend ni Jovit na si Shara Chavez para mahuli kung sino ang kausap ni Jovit sa oras na iyon.
  3. Maari kang magpatulong sa mga magulang, kaibigan, at kapamilya ng ex mo, (at kung maari, pati na rin sa kakilala ng lalaking iyan). Alamin mula sa kanila kung ano ang ginagawa ng ex mo – kung nagsisisi na ba siya, kung nagpepenitensya siya, kung nag-aayuno siya, etc. at kung nakikipagkita pa rin siya sa ibang lalaki.
  4. Kung nahihiya ka na lumapit sa kanila, mag-hire ka ng isang espiya na gagawa niyan para sa iyo. Lalayo muna tayo ng kaunti dahil may naalala ako. Kasi sa totoo lang, naranasan sa isang branch ang ganitong istilo. Gustong malaman ng management kung ano talaga ang nangyari sa naturang branch. Kumuha sila ng ilang espiya na papasok sa cubicle ng branch na iyon, na kunwari ay gagamit ng CR o kukuha ng tubig. Pero ang totoo, magmamasid sila sa kung ano ang ginagawa ng mga tao sa branch na iyon.


Isa pang bagay: Kahit na hindi niya sabihin o ipakiusap sa iyo, dapat mo siyang samahan sa pagbabago sa kanyang sarili.

Isang bagay na nakikita ko na maaring gawin ng ex mo ay ang tinatawag na self-reflection.

This time, sasamahan mo siya sa bagay na ito. Ibibigay mo sa kanya ang mga tanong na binigay ko sa ibaba. Bahala ka na din kung meron ka pang idadagdag bukod sa mga nabanggit.

Dapat niyang basahin ang mga ito kung talagang seryoso siya sa sinabi niya sa iyo. Kailangan niyang tanungin ang sarili (nang paulit-ulit). At siya mismo ang sasagot sa mga tanong na iyan. Habang naghahanap siya ng mga sagot sa tanong na iyan, makikita niya kung saan siya talagang nagkamali. Palagay ko, ito na ang point na matatauhan siya, at gagawa ng paraan upang maibalik ang relasyong sinira niya.

  1. Nagkulang ba talaga ako bilang isang girlfriend at bilang isang anak?
  2. Kung hindi ako nakikinig sa mga magulang ko, naiisip ko ba na maari itong gawin sa magiging mga anak ko?
  3. Iniisip ko ba kung ano ang mangyayari sa akin kapag pumasok ako sa maling relasyon?
  4. Iniisip ko ba na may mga madadamay kapag itinuloy ko ang pagmamahalan namin?
  5. Nung time na iniwan ko ang ex ko, tama ba ang naging inasal ko sa kanya porke’t di ako maihatid at maisundo? (Ito yung sinasabi mo na “Nang naaksidente ko ang motor, sa bahay na nila ako nakatira. Tapos, nang time na iyon, doon niya po ako pinagloloko, kasi hindi ko na po siya maihatid at maisundo.”)
  6. Naiintindihan ko ba talaga ang rason kung bakit di niya ako maihatid at maisundo?
  7. Naging mature ba ako sa pakikipagrelasyon?
  8. Sa ginagawa kong ito, may respeto pa ba ako sa aking sarili?
  9. Alam ko ba na kung ano ang ginawa ko sa aking ex noon, eh puwedeng ito ang gawin sa akin?
  10. Nagsasabi ba ako ng totoo? Alam ko ba na kapag palagi akong nagsisinungaling, maaring hindi na ako paniwalaan kahit kailan?

Makakatulong ito sa kanya habang cool off kayong dalawa, at habang hindi pa siya bumabalik sa iyo.

Final Words

Wala ka nang magagawa kundi maghintay. Wala ka nang magagawa kundi ibigay ang tiwala sa kanya, kahit na kailangang bantayan kung nagsasabi siya ng totoo.

Pero hindi ito ibig sabihin eh paulit-ulit na siyang makikipaglokohan sa iyo. Sa pagkakataong ito, maghihigpit ka na sa kanya. Set a deadline. Sabihin mo sa kanya na last chance na ito para sa kanya. Pagkatapos nito, at hindi pa rin siya nagbago, saka mo na siya iwanan.

Hindi natin makokontrol ang anumang desisyon na gagawin ng babae. Maaring balikan ka niya o hindi. Pero kahit paano eh lalo mong naipakita na mahal mo siya.

Maraming salamat sa pagbabahagi ulit ng iyong problema sa site na ito. Sana nakatulong ulit ako sa iyo, kahit na sa totoo lang eh isang advice lamang ang aking ibinibigay sa iyo. Gabayan ka nawa ng Diyos sa kung anuman ang pinagdadaanan mo. Muli, maraming salamat!  😀