My Bias List

Here at TweetNewscaster, the author publishes various articles on misheard lyrics, and recently on MV reviews. With so many articles published dealing with K-Pop, you may wonder on what groups the author mostly follow, and who are my biases. These are in particular order.

Changes on number of biases are also reflected in this page. Here they are:

All of them (Yerin, Eunha, Sowon, Yuju, SinB, and Umji)

  • Recently stanned them this February, though I have a huge following on them earlier. First met them in Memoria, then took a pick on Sunny Summer. First caught my attention were Yerin and Eunha, then proceeded one by one, till time come that I have to pick them all.

Since Gfriend has no issues when it comes to attitude, and because I am liking them more, I am adding them as one of my most favorite groups starting September. This is to replace Momoland.

Ultimate Bias: Umji
Bias Wrecker: Eunha

All of them (Mina, Dahyun, Nayeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu)

  • Another most favorite group. Followed them last August 2018, after being enchanted by MV of Likey. First one to caught attention was Momo, but not considered till recently. Top pick was Minari, then Dahyun for the whole of 2018. Nayeon was next last May, as I appreciated her smile. This July, I picked again Momo due to her willingness to relate with Filipinos in recent Manila concert.

Starting with their release of Feel Special, I decided to add the remaining five members. This is also in gratitude for their disposition towards Mina during her hiatus.

Ultimate Bias: Mina
Bias Wrecker: Dahyun and Nayeon

All of them (Ayeon, Yuki, Haneul, Juyeon, Minseo)

  • Third most favorite group. I followed them last March/April, after listening to their song WiFi several times. First caught my attention was Yuki, but I picked Chohee first as my bias. While I am starting to appreciate them from Chohee to Haneul, I later on added Sunha and Juyeon to complete the list.

This is special case, since I pick and remove biases depending on who’s in the group. If a member leaves, then she is deleted from bias list. Reverse happens upon admission of new member.

When Sunha departed the group last March, I removed her from bias list. Recently added Minseo upon her inclusion to the group. Finally, Chohee and Sion left last August, thereby removing from this list.

Formely, Chohee was my ultimate bias, and Ayeon as bias wrecker. Upon departure, promoted the latter as ultimate bias and Yuki to replace the position.

Ultimate Bias: Ayeon
Bias Wrecker: Yuki

Jennie and Lisa

  • Stanned them this January, with first pick on Jennie, as she is beautiful. Added also Lisa as she shows her cuteness all over. As for Rose and Jisoo, I have to know them further.

Ultimate Bias: Jennie
Bias Wrecker: Lisa

Red Velvet:
All of them (Wendy, Joy, Irene, Seulgi, Yeri)

  • From February to August 2019, it’s only Wendy I follow, and not Red Velvet itself. Considering that Reveluvs are sleeping on my application to be part of the fandom, I suspended from being one. Started being a fan last February (nominally), but suspended it starting June.

As to Wendy, she has special charm, and has the ability to speak English among other members.

This August, Reveluvs finally approved my being part of their fandom. This renders other four as my biases too.

Ultimate Bias: Wendy
Bias Wrecker: Joy

Solar and Moonbyul

  • Started following them last February. I also felt attracted to her. I added Moonbyul as my bias last September due to her rapping skills.

Ultimate Bias: Solar
Bias Wrecker: Moonbyul


  • Stanned them as “Exostan” last 2013, at the time when they were the most famous boy group. Of all members, I only chose him as my bias, till now.

Ultimate Bias: Chanyeol
Bias Wrecker: Baekhyun


  • While I have followed the group since 2009 (a starting point on being a K-Pop fan), following Dara has its roots way back 2004. At that time, Dara was a trainee in an acting show, won as the champion, and accorded several projects in Philippines. K-Pop then was not as widespread as it is now. As years took hold against her fame in PH, she went home to Korea, and joined the group.

Up to this writing, I still hold on to Dara as my ultimate bias, and on my stance as forever Blackjack.


  • Followed her last February. With her shrill yet captivating voice in her song Bbi Bbi, and the way she acts, I fell in love with her on these.

Ultimate Bias: IU
Bias Wrecker: IU

All of them (Seolhyun, Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Chanmi)

  • Followed them also last March, upon appreciating their song Bingle Bangle. This was their last project as of this writing, and up to now they haven’t made a comeback song.

First who caught my attention was Seolhyun, on the way she handles rollerskates; Jimin with the way she dances, and Yuna with her hair.

Recently added the remaining two, a month after Mina’s departure. Since three out of five have been picked, why not select also the other two.

Ultimate Bias: Seolhyun
Bias Wrecker: Chanmi (till further notice)

RM (Namjoon) and J-Hope (Hoseok)

  • Followed them last March, and upon being admitted as ARMY, picked RM. Recently picked J-Hope, too. Both have strong voices, which I liked.

Ultimate Bias: RM
Bias Wrecker: J-Hope

All of them. (Need to enumerate more?)

  • My journey as a Carat started last March also, and with so many members, it’s difficult to pick among them all.

Ultimate Bias: Seungkwan
Bias Wrecker: Jeonghan


  • Also added to the list last March. Wooseok was my ultimate bias, since he has strong voice.

Ultimate Bias: Wooseok
Bias Wrecker: Hui

Ten more groups are being followed starting November, and here are they:

Yeeun and Seungyeon

  • Her cute side, plus being an emcee in The Show gave chance to know her more. As for Seungyeon, she knows how to play cute and fierce at the same time, not to mention her being very responsive to issues.

Ultimate Bias: Yeeun
Bias Wrecker: Seungyeon

Soojin and Soyeon

  • I take particular interest on Soojin due to her sexiness shown in Senorita and Uh-Oh. As for Soyeon, I deem her as my bias wrecker for the group, since she also entails sexiness and added strong charisma.

Ultimate Bias: Soojin
Bias Wrecker: Soyeon

Doah, Sika, Doi

  • While Doah has special beauty, Sika grabbed my attention with her aggressiveness on talents and visuals.

Ultimate Bias: Doah
Bias Wrecker: Sika and Doi

Rocket Punch:
All members (Juri, Dahyun, Suyun, Sohee, Yunkyoung, Yeonhee)

  • Sensing that picking biases in this rookie group is difficult, as they project well their visuals and talents, I decided to pick all members as my biases.

Ultimate Bias: Juri
Bias Wrecker: Dahyun (till further notice)

Weki Meki:
Suyeon, Sei, Yoojung

  • Started appreciating them on Picky Picky, and picked biases on Tiki Taka.

Ultimate Bias: Suyeon
Bias Wrecker: Sei and Yoojung

Oh My Girl:
Hyojung, YooA, Seunghee

  • The group’s performance of Bungee, plus the positive responses over this song, convinced me to follow them.

Ultimate Bias: Hyojung
Bias Wrecker: Seunghee and YooA

Yuna and Lia

  • While I am predisposed to like groups with cuter concepts, I am still okay with other groups leaning to fiercer ones (such as ITZY and MAMAMOO). Attitude and performance convinced me to stan them also. (Indirectly I have to pick the group also to replace Cherry Bullet).

Ultimate Bias: Yuna
Bias Wrecker: Lia

Saerom, Jiheon, Hayoung

  • Even if I have to know them more as a group, their fun side on performance of Fun proved attractive to me.

Ultimate Bias: Saerom
Bias Wrecker: Jiheon/Hayoung

Seungeun and Songhee

  • While I do critically review their debut song (Hocus Pocus), I find it very cute, colorful, and entertaining. Their moves convinced me to follow them.

Ultimate Bias: Seungeun
Bias Wrecker: Songhee

All members (Minkyeung, Gyeongwon, Eunwoo, Yaebin, and Bada)

  • As Pristin fans are dismayed over the group’s loss, and since I did not follow them previously, here comes the chance. Picked them all as consideration for the members continuing the journey in K-Pop.

Ultimate Bias: Eunwoo
Bias Wrecker: Bada

Sumin, Miso, Youi

  • While I recently followed them this November 30 to replace Momoland, following them has its roots from their lead track Hakuna Matata. Chosen them as they showcased their cute antics and talents in this song, which I felt attractive.

Ultimate Bias: Sumin
Bias Wrecker: Miso and Youi

I added other groups to this list, and followed them last March, by virtue of being K-Pop pioneers, and by staying in the industry for so many years:

Super Junior:
Heechul, Yesung*, Kyuhyun*


  • Seungri was my nominal bias on Bigbang, but due to his scandal, I took him off from this list.

SHINee: Onew*


Girls Generation: All of them


Soloists: PSY and Hari

Former Groups Followed:

Formerly Jane, Nancy, Ahin, Hyebin, JooE, Daisy, and Taeha.

  • One of my three most favorite groups in the past. Followed them immediately after passing the board exam last May 2018, at the time Bboom Bboom was such a big hit. Initially, it was Jane and Yeonwoo who were my top picks: Jane for her cute expressions, and Yeonwoo for her naughty moves. Later added Nancy, as more Filipinos know and can relate with her.

With Yeonwoo making up so many alibis for not going with the group on tours, I recently removed her this July. To complete the line-up, I added Ahin, Hyebin, and JooE as they released Pinky Love, plus Daisy and Taeha, who are still on hiatus. Nayun and Dabin still has to make up for absences before I consider adding to this list.

Due to the agency not listening to Merries, and because of wrong responses, I have to remove Momoland as one of my favorite groups this September, and replace it with GFRIEND.

With departure of Taeha and Dabin this November 30, I unfollowed the group, removed the seven as my biases, and finally left as a Merry. Consequently, Momoland is now struck from my bias list forever, being replaced with Dreamnote. There’s no sense following them with these kind of attitude, and if they are still incomplete.

Former Ultimate Bias: Jane
Former Bias Wrecker: Nancy


Followed them as a Boice during their heydays last 2011-2013, but later left the fandom as I felt that focusing on K-Pop would cause negative effect on studies. Later promised to return to the fandom again if most members will reunite, which till now is not happening.

* nominal bias