To all readers and followers of this site:

Normal operations will resume starting today, November 4. As such, MV releases for October will be reviewed this month. This covers 20 acts, with 45 pages in total. So, expect surge of reviews. Misheard lyrics for Autumn will also be released soon.

Some changes will be implemented starting this month:

  1. Reflections on Sulli’s death will be published later.
  2. Criteria on rating agencies will be republished.
  3. We will add Featured Photo/s of the Day.
  4. In some cases, we will add Values Formation (with some Biblical lessons) in this site.

This we do in making K-Pop and cyberspace safer and more enjoyable place. Also, this is to add more spice and fun to this site, which after all is our major goal.

In addition, the author will now start stanning ten additional groups. This is covered by separate article, and update from My Bias List.

Please be guided.

To all readers and followers of this site:

The author will suspend upload of misheard lyrics video (which was supposed to be done today). Also, the author will suspend doing MV reviews till next month. This site will also be inactive, except that of CPA Board Exams.

This we do out of respect to Sulli, who died earlier.

In lieu of being inactive, a MV review of her last act, Goblin, will be published in memory of her.

Depression is a serious problem, and this TweetNewscaster does not take it lightly.

Please be guided.

Public Service Announcement (July 31, 2019)

The author will extend break on posting articles for first two weeks of August to finish missed MV reviews for July releases, and to catch up with CPD units. Also, further rest is needed due to heavy workload this past two weeks.

However, the site is still open for your queries and request for love advice. We will resume posting MV Reviews starting third week of August, and other articles by first/second week of the month, unless otherwise announced. Expect blast of articles to be released in the future.

Thank you.

Public Service Announcement (March 26, 2019)

The Awards article is 100% complete as of this writing, and is expected to be published on or before Sunday, March 31. We are now on the progress of finishing, editing details, and selecting top articles. Stay tuned.

This is to prepare the followers of this blog for various Pingbacks they might receive. For bloggers with so many articles I picked as the best, prepare for more Pingbacks.

Also, with many MV releases for the first three months of this year, the author decided to feature only select songs to be given misheard lyrics. If you see that your favorite K-Pop song is not yet misheard, just e-mail your request for misheard lyrics at, and we shall feature it.

Annual Report for our Fifth Anniversary will be on July or August this year, as we are trying to expand our reach beyond this site.

For your information and guidance.

Public Service Announcement (March 12, 2019)

The author will now resume publishing misheard lyrics starting tomorrow or on next days. It is because we are waiting for other entries to be sent. Aside from that, we are clearing up now other misheard lyrics (2018), which are ready for publishing in this site.

For those who ask on the progress of writing Awards article, we are 40% complete. Still, we are committed to finish this till end of March, as we promised.

Please be guided accordingly.

Public Service Announcement (March 6, 2019)

Just to inform you that we are suspending on publishing full English misheard lyrics. This is to focus more on selecting and giving awards to best articles, as we promised earlier. The author will not afford to delay it further, and commits to finish the awarding before March ends.

Regarding the awards, same rule applies. This is also for those who recently followed this site.

This will also free time needed to finish other freshly-baked music videos. Recently, there has been surge of new releases this late February and this March.

We will resume the misheard lyrics once these two tasks are accomplished. A separate advisory will be issued for further updates.

Please be guided accordingly.

Public Service Announcement (December 28, 2018)

Due to lack of time, we regret to inform our dear followers that the TNC Other News Awards will not be set this 2018. Instead, we will move this tentatively to March 2019. Please standby for further updates.

Still, the author will pick 100 articles to be awarded, and some of them will be given citations. Entries of articles from our dear followers are still accepted up to February 28, 2019. For non-followers, you may nominate your own article by submitting a link or screenshot to Same guidelines in previous article still applies.

Thank you very much.