Love Advice No. 120 (James Reid and Nadine Lustre)

Naging usap-usapan na rin sa showbiz ang nangyaring hiwalayan nina James Reid at Nadine Lustre, o mas kilala bilang JaDine. Ito ay sa kabila ng pagtanggi noon ng huli na hiwalay na sila, nang ibulatlat ito ni Ricky Lo nito lang ding Enero.


Sumikat ang tambalang JaDine sa Diary ng Panget, at sa paglipas ng panahon ay naging totohanan na ang relationship last 2016. At that point, binansagan silang Team Real.

Lumalabas na hindi naging tapat si James Reid, nang makipag-harutan diumano kay Issa Pressman. Ang masama pa nito, kinukunsinti din ng mga kaibigan ng huli ang sitwasyong iyan. Dito na sila nagkaroon ng “irreconcilable differences”, na humantong sa hiwalayan. Kaya pala di sila nag-celebrate nang magkasama nitong Bagong Taon.

Further notes

Masasabi natin na naging immature si James sa pag-handle ng relationship. Take the word “contentment,” which he didn’t understand. Sa tindi ng pagmamahal na binibigay ni Nadine, at sa sobrang ganda niya, wala sanang rason para siya’y palitan.

But no, he took it for granted. Naghanap pa ng iba. So, kung nais niya na ituloy ang love adventure sa ibang babae, this time dapat na siyang magseryoso dito.

Ginawa lang ni Nadine ang lahat, sapat na. The burden was on James to prove that he’s still faithful, which in this case ay hindi niya nagampanan.

Sa totoo lang, hindi maiiwasan na masaktan ang isang tao. Parte na iyan ng relasyon. Pero kung ito ay sinasadya, at mas nasasaktan tayo kaysa sa iniibig, dapat nang mag-isip-isip.

Dahil ngayon ay “liberated” na ang mga tao, unti-unti ring nawawala ang sense of loyalty. Sa ating parte, kailangang paghandaan ang panahon na iiwanan nila tayo. Kahit na sabihin pang di na kayo maghihiwalay pa.

Featured Image Credit: JaDine on ASAP last 2015

K-Pop Write-Ups: Emphasis on Celebrities’ Attitudes

While the author may be enchanted by visuals and talents, it looks more on attitude. And you may have noticed that it is of prime importance, especially in rating groups and members. This is because attitudes from the stars can contribute to their success or failure. (Take note, even J.Y. Park himself recognizes this fact.)

We’ll repeat this again and again. This will be our guide as we discuss and review K-Pop this 2020.

Proper behavior

As K-Pop fans, we are used to them being prim and proper, avoid scandals, and so on to maintain it. However, this must be of less concern nowadays. At a minimum, (1) groups and members must correctly respond to issues, (2) be present on various engagements, especially overseas, (3) speak up immediately if untoward incidents happen; and (4) have regard for fellow members.

TWICE members complied with first point on Mina’s hiatus. Second point is being done by them also, plus BTS and BLACKPINK. CLC’s Sorn did this third point by apologizing on social media. On the last point, Red Velvet gave updates on Wendy’s condition.

Blast from the past

Let me give you an idea why I do have to reinforce this starting this year.

Thirteen years ago, K-Pop was not so popular. The author only followed an underrated non-Korean co-ed group, and picked a leader and lead vocalist as ultimate bias. Issues with a member surfaced, which the agency and the group haven’t resolved.

It led to that member being on hiatus. During her absence, fans engaged in wars, and more speculations emerged. It later came to a point where the group disbanded. Still, the agency and the group did not issue apologies or clarifications on this issue.

Apparently, incorrect responses over her attitude led to the group’s demise. And up to this writing, few people knew that this group existed.

Final Words

As this unfortunate incident is also happening on K-Pop, we have to be very strict on it.

Attitudes will be another important aspect we have to look upon, as we deal with the groups in reviews and year-end ratings. More changes are being implemented in this site to reflect it. Hope these things serve as strong reminder for K-Pop to take its issues very seriously.

The Best of K-Pop Misheard Lyrics for 2019 (Year-end Edition)

This time, we are now rolling out our Year-End misheard lyrics for 2019!

In this regard, the author decided to trim a bit of seconds to save time producing it. Well, we still have the fun like that of our previous releases.

Just in case you’re curious why other tracks are not included, look at our channel for more misheard lyrics this year. In the next periods we will focus more on group-specific releases like that of GFRIEND and BLACKPINK.

You may play this video with less stress. Enjoy the best of misheard lyrics for Year-End 2019 from TweetNewscaster!

TWICE’s Sana goes out, engages on dates

SEOUL, South Korea – Is Sana gay?

This question, while served as inside joke for Onces, has been answered with a resounding no. And TWICE’s Sana proves that she’s right, as she is reportedly gone dating with EXO’s Suho.

The said date raised curiosity of the netizens, who are not used to members doing so. It can be remembered that JYP Entertainment silently lifted the dating ban on all TWICE members after several years. This was done amidst controversies with its leader Jihyo, up to the point that the latter received hate for being with Kang Daniel. And this time, Momo followed suit with Super Junior’s Heechul.

To date, various proofs are laid denoting their interest in each other, which was supposedly started February last year. According to Dispatch:

As of writing, Dispatch haven’t procured clear shots of the two. One of its photographers explained that “다현은 이제사나가 그 남자를 만날 때마다 포함됩니다. 그녀는 선배님에게 무슨 일이 있었는지 배웠을 것입니다.” (Dahyun is now included everytime Sana meets the guy. She must’ve learned from what happened to their sunbaenim.)


Netizens were amused and shocked over the situation. While some cheered on it, others were not happy about it:

ㅋㅋ, 바보 (Haha, stupid)

키나바한 융 이바 잔 ㅋㅋㅋ (Others got scared of this news haha)

에디와오. 카라카시나카카투와에. 차링 (Just wow. It’s not really funny.)

탕이나나만 (Fxxk)

사나올ㅋㅋㅋ (Hope all experience the same hahaha)

WARNINGThis article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Reviewing the MV Reviewers 2019

(Hopefully, I could’ve provided a better tongue-twister with this title.)

In reviewing K-Pop releases, the author highly regards comments from other reviewers. Their remarks are included and considered as the performances are being rated.

I suppose this is the first time that we will review the reviewers. We will just assess the way they look on reviews. So, no grade will be given to them. This will help our reviewers look on their approach, and make necessary adjustments if any.

For now, we will focus on MV reviewers for this year, namely Obsessed and Assessed, AllKPop, TheBiasList, and KPopReviewed. Might as well include yours truly in this kind of review. Let’s start!


While his biases are shown throughout the site, he definitely has bases in doing so. His reviews are full of descriptive words which I liked very much.

As explained, he focused his critic on song structure, energy, and momentum. He goes beyond critiquing MVs to include other topics like Produce 101 and Queendom. Got amazed on the way how he reviewed these to the highest degree possible.

TheBiasList has no time for cute concepts, and instead seeks mature concepts like that of TWICE’s Feel Special. As for the music, he regularly complains of trapped EDM styles frequently used by K-Pop tracks this year.

For improvement, better for him to be less serious with his reviews. Anyway, at the end of the day, K-Pop is there just to entertain us.


Somehow I can relate with the blogger, with both of us having very busy schedules.

His reviews are very descriptive, compressed, lengthy, and a bit lenient. Preferences tend to accomodate virtually any concept. The best part is on interpreting the MV and telling a storyline for it, for which he is expert in this skill. This is notable in his review of Wheein’s Goodbye and Winner’s Soso. That is a plus, since most MVs released tend to be abstract.

For a bit of improvement, he might consider adding other K-Pop topics like reviews of Queendom or assessment of K-Pop as a whole.


The site’s reviews include the whole album, not just the lead track. While these kinds are a bit comprehensive (with respect to albums), their reviews are lacking in substance.

What are possible reasons? First, lack of reviews on regular basis. This might be attributable to them being over-reliant on user content or novice staff writers to make these write-ups. Worse, they haven’t assigned any permanent staff to do regular reviews.

The reviewers must take a deeper approach to make up a very good write-up of K-Pop acts, regardless of preferences. They should also take more focus on the MV in the future.

Obsessed and Assessed

If there’s a reviewer who got to be more brutal and frank, O&A is the answer. Just like TheBiasList, he/she mostly dislikes cute concepts.

Seungri proved to be a turning point for him/her to be inactive for a month, only to resume to catch up with April releases (BTS, TWICE, IZ*One, Blackpink). Afterwards he/she provided no write-ups till it closed the site.

As of present, the website is down as O&A lost interest on this. It just only considered resuming next year, which I highly doubt given added negatives in the genre today.

What if O&A continued reviewing? It would reprimand groups and agencies who do not perform well. And maybe I would just focus on important releases.

For improvement, one little problem is on not providing enough details on About page, if any. At a minimum, he/she should’ve defined who he/she is, and what would readers might expect of him/her.

Finally, O&A should’ve learned to cheer up and see the other side of life.


And now, for my self-assessment. Just like other reviewers, the author had been brutal and frank on reviewing tracks, albeit to some degree.

TweetNewscaster was simplifying its reviews since we started with GFRIEND’s Sunrise. From a 4-page review, I trimmed it to two-page (and even one-page) review. On grading, there’s a set of criterion. At least, there’s basis for any biases.

I take on a different approach. No problem for me on any genre of music or vocals. Best MVs are more on not featuring horror, sexual themes, and gross things. Dances and its degree of difficulty are also noted. In some cases, special incentives are given to some groups, as reward for supporting advocacies or having outstanding attendance.

Jokes are added in some reviews to entertain, to make readers laugh, and to tone down seriousness in reviews. Only here you can find this stuff. Anyway, spreading fun is the main goal of the site.

For improvement, I have to break the monotony on reviewing them, and make reviews more concise. Might as well think of other ways to catch up, considering greater workload in the future.

And for the info of everyone, I’ll have to take things easy, since few do read stuffs here. I’ll have to limit also number of groups to be reviewed starting next year.