Adobong Mani Recipe

Sa isa pang serye ng pagluluto kasama ang may-akda, ating lulutuin ang isa pang kakaibang dish: Adobong Mani.

Siguro ay nakakarinig kayo ng ganitong flavor sa mga kinakain nating mani. This time, atin itong lulutuin with a twist. Ihanda na ang mga sangkap!


  1. Peanuts. Any kind of peanuts will do. At dahil sinasabi ng iba na ito ay mayaman din sa protina, puwede rin itong pang-halili sa karne.
  2. Toyo.
  3. Suka. Alam ko namang ito ay kapartner ng toyo.
  4. Mortar and pestle. Pandikdik kumbaga.
  5. Bawang, diced. Huwag lang gagamitin ang Boy Bawang.
  6. Sibuyas, diced also. Ito ang laging kapartner ng bawang.
  7. Water. Any kind of water will do. Wag gagamit ng galing sa poso negro.
  8. Asin at paminta.

Tara, simulan na natin!

  1. Magdikdik ng mani. Huwag lang itong dikdikin nang pinung-pino.
  2. Sa isang kawali, maggisa ng sibuyas at bawang. Haluin hanggang maging golden brown.
  3. Ilagay ang dinurog na mani. “Prituhin” hanggang sa maluto ang mani. Saka ilagay ang tubig, suka, toyo, asin, at paminta.
  4. Pakuluin sa loob ng limang minuto, at saka tikman ayon sa panlasa. The Adobong Mani Recipe is now ready to be served.

So, maraming salamat din sa pagsubaybay sa recipes ng may-akda. Sana may natutunan tayong bago at kakaibang putahe dito. Paano ba iyan? Enjoy your meal, and happy cooking! 🙂

(Note: For those who only understand English, we will provide a full translation of this recipe. Stay tuned.)

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Mango Flute Recipe (Full English)

Good day, dear readers! Here we are for another series of cooking with the author. This time, we will cook another special dish for this day. This is none other than “Mango Flute.”

This post is just right, as we are now craving with sweets all over. But before we cook the recipe, here’s another interesting story behind this.

You might ask, “Why Mango Flute? Why not call it mango float?” An actual post of mango flute being prepared was documented. Here’s his post:

Senyora Santibanez: Does it make sounds?

A female netizen also posted her mango flute dish, but upon corrected, reacted with another tweet:


[1st post: Just got home from travelling. Mango flute is so tasty.]
[2nd post: Someone corrected me… MANGO FLOAT? Huh? Magic? Floating mango? Study first, please.]
[Facebook post: Woman renowned for MANGO FLUTE appeals for correction!]

It’s funny that she did not reviewed properly the spelling of the recipe. And yet, she herself replied in a wrong way.

For now, we will not attach any emotions, since I haven’t come up with emotional statements for this recipe. Well, anyway, we’ll try preparing mango flute recipe based on their posts and tweets.

Let’s prepare the ingredients:

  1. Mango. Any kind of mango will do. Preferred varieties are those from Southeast Asia. Otherwise, find one from your supermarkets. If you want something that’s raw or ripe, go ahead. 😀 These should be sliced.
  2. Grahams biscuits. Just make sure that we will prepare brown crackers. If not, and you used these, then you’re lost. 😡
  3. Condensed milk. We will use it too to make our dish more flavorful. Just asking: If there’s evaporated and condensed milk, would there be precipitated milk?
  4. All-purpose cream.
  5. Honey. Not your kind of sweetie. That actually comes from bees. Any kind of honey will do.
  6. Stick-o wafers. These are long, cylindrical wafers flavored usually with vanilla or chocolate. If you don’t see this in supermarkets, just use flute-like bamboos. Or just a literal flute. That will serve as decoration for our Mango Flute Recipe.
  7. Plastic ware. We will put all of our contents in the recipe. Why, do you want your mixture be put in a bowl?

Let’s start cooking!

  1. Put whole Grahams, All-Purpose cream, and honey in plastic ware. Grahams biscuits and all-purpose cream shall be placed alternately, layer by layer.
  2. If done, sprinkle honey and crushed Grahams.
  3. Put sliced mangoes on top of the recipe. That will add color to our Mango Flute.
  4. Place Stick-o wafers or bamboo as toppings. Otherwise, we could not justify the term “Mango Flute” on our dish.
  5. Put freezer for five hours or overnight for 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 degrees Fahrenheit) or lower. That’s enough time to bind the flavors of our dish. The Mango Flute Recipe is now ready to be served.

For those who ask why we called this as “Mango Flute,” the answer’s simple. It has mangoes and flute. Both are “floated”, so it’s right to call this as “Mango Flute.”

Hope this helps in giving you dish to be shared this start of the year. Hope our year would be sweeter and tastier. Enjoy your meal, and happy cooking! 🙂

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