Krabby Patty Recipe

Many of us have been intrigued by the secret formula of Krabby Patty, the most-sought recipe in Krusty Krabs. Would anyone dare to open the recipe inside the bottle? Fortunately, Spongebob shares to us this wonderful secret to the tasty dish.

I deem this recipe as fairly simple, and can be cooked right at your home. We are going to divulge this for our benefit, for you to taste it also. But don’t show this to Plankton! This is strictly confidential, and it is for our eyes only. Now, how do we cook it?


  1. Buns. This is a very important part in any patty recipe.
  2. Cheese. Any kind of solid cheese will do.
  3. Cooking oil.
  4. Crab meat. This can be obtained by deboning several crabs. Otherwise, you may use lobsters, fish, chicken, or beef as substitutes.
  5. Eggs. We’ll use these to bind the crab meat.
  6. Flour. We’ll use these to coat the patty mixture. Breadcrumbs may be used as substitute.
  7. Ketchup. Please use one made from tomatoes, not from bananas.
  8. Lettuce.
  9. Mustard.
  10. Onions.
  11. Pepper, to taste.
  12. Pickles. We’ll add this due to an unfortunate incident. It can be recalled that Spongebob got humiliated because of this missing stuff.
  13. Salt, to taste.
  14. Tomatoes. Preferred choices are on red, ripe ones.

Let’s start cooking!

  1. Combine one egg for every kilo of crab meat in a container. Observe this proportion regardless of crab meat that you have.
  2. Season the mixture with salt, pepper, and other flavorings of your choice.
  3. Upon combining these ingredients, form it into disk-shaped patties that you know. Coat it with flour or breadcrumbs.
  4. In a pan, place a moderate amount of oil. When it starts to emit smoke, fry the patties for five minutes or until golden brown.
  5. In a steamer, place the lettuce, onions, and tomatoes, and steam for five to ten minutes. The heat will be sufficient to cook these without frying. Otherwise, you may serve them fresh.
  6. (Optional) Place buns in a microwave oven for two minutes under low heat. Remove burnt areas if there’s any.
  7. At the burger’s bottom bun, arrange there the various ingredients in ascending order: patty, lettuce, cheese, onions, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and top bun. The Krabby Patty is now ready to be served.

Hope the author helped you in preparing Krabby Patty right at your doorstep. Just don’t tell Mr. Krabs that you made one. Otherwise, he might charge you large bucks for that. So, have a delicious meal, and happy cooking! 🙂

Fried Eggplant Recipe

For our another set of recipes, we will try to cook another vegetable dish out of eggplants. This time, we’ll fry them.

This recipe has been shared by a netizen who have nothing to comment. It is so simple, and I hope this satisfies our tummies. So, shall we start?


  1. Eggplants. Preferably this is at 2-3 pieces
  2. Cooking oil.
  3. Salt and pepper, to taste.
  4. (Optional) Salted fish paste and crispy fried fish. These will serve as sides to our dish.

Let’s start!

  1. Wash the eggplants.
  2. Slice them diagonally, about half an inch thick. Season with salt and pepper. If there are worms inside, remove it.
  3. In a pan, place a little amount of cooking oil. Immediately fry eggplants until the color turns medium brown.
  4. Make sure to limit use of cooking oil because sliced eggplants easily absorb it.
  5. After frying, place it in a serving plate with salted fish paste with crispy fried fish. Fantastic! The fried eggplant is now ready to be served.

This simplified recipe hopes to make cooking easier and enjoyable. This is helpful, especially for people on the go. So, enjoy your meal, and happy cooking!

Marinated Springroll Recipe (Full English)

For our another special dish from the author, springrolls will be given another twist. This is translated for your convenience. Here’s how you can cook it:

For the springroll:

  1. Springroll wrapper. It can be purchased from supermarkets or in Chinese shops.
  2. Shredded meat. If you want to purchase meat coursed through a shredder, go ahead. You may substitute it with fish or chicken.
  3. Salt and pepper.

Other ingredients:

  1. Cooking oil.
  2. Soy sauce.
  3. Vinegar.
  4. Onions.
  5. Garlic.
  6. Potatoes (optional). This will give added color to our dish.
  7. Laurel leaves (optional). For added aroma.
  8. Broth (optional). Just in case you have no water.

Let’s start!

  1. Mix shredded meat, salt, and pepper in a container. You can add more ingredients there.
  2. Put the mixture on a springroll wrapper, and wrap it.
  3. Fry the springrolls in hot oil. If cooked, slice into small pieces.
  4. In another pan, saute onion and garlic, and then put small springrolls.
  5. After 2 – 3 minutes, put water or broth. Add soy sauce, vinegar, potatoes, and laurel leaves. Add also salt and pepper.
  6. Boil for five minutes, and add flavors to taste. The Marinated Springroll Recipe is now ready to be served.

Hope this new recipe helps to boost appetite of your friends and families. Even if many will get surprised by this dish, it will open more chances for other springroll recipes. So, enjoy your meal, and happy cooking! 🙂

Marinated Peanuts Recipe (Full English)

For our cooking series with the author, we will cook another exotic dish: the Marinated Peanuts. This is a direct translation of our previous article, but this we will do for those who only understand English.

While this might be new to our ears, we will try to make the most out of it. Let’s prepare the ingredients:


  1. Peanuts. Any kind of peanuts will do. As this is supposedly rich in protein, this might be used as meat substitutes.
  2. Soy sauce.
  3. Vinegar. Any kind of vinegar will do. For sourer taste, consider using apple cider.
  4. Mortar and pestle. There we will crush peanuts.
  5. Garlic, diced. Make sure not to use garlic toasts.
  6. Onions, diced also. This has been the perpetual companion of garlic in sauteing.
  7. Water. Any kind of water will do.
  8. Salt and pepper.

Let’s start cooking!

  1. Crush peanuts in mortar and pestle. Make sure not to pulverize thoroughly.
  2. In a pan, saute garlic and onions. Mix till it becomes golden brown.
  3. Put crushed peanuts, and “fry” till it be cooked. Afterwards, place water, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, and pepper.
  4. Bring to a boil for five minutes, and sprinkle ingredients to taste. The Marinated Peanuts Recipe is now ready to be served.

Thank you very much for being with us in this recipe series. Hope you might find these exotic recipes as interesting. Enjoy your meal, and happy cooking! 🙂

Adobong Lumpia Recipe

Para sa isa pang espesyal na dish mula sa may-akda, ating lalagyan ng twist ang lumpia. Given na ito ang laging kinukuha sa mga handaan, ating ile-level up ito.

Para sa lumpia:

  1. Lumpia wrapper. Mabibili lang iyan sa mga palengke.
  2. Giniling na baboy. Siguraduhin lamang na hindi yung sumasayaw na baboy ang piliin. Puwede rin ang giniling na isda o manok.
  3. Asin at paminta.

Iba pang sangkap:

  1. Mantika.
  2. Toyo.
  3. Suka.
  4. Sibuyas.
  5. Bawang.
  6. Patatas (optional). Ito ay para sa dagdag na kulay sa dish natin.
  7. Laurel leaves (optional). For added aroma.

Simulan na natin!

  1. Timplahan ang giniling na baboy, asin, at paminta sa isang lalagyan. Puwedeng magdagdag ng iba pang sangkap.
  2. Ilagay ang mixture sa lumpia wrapper, at balutin.
  3. Iprito ang lumpia sa mainit na mantika. Kapag naluto, hiwain sa maliliit na piraso.
  4. Sa isa pang kawali, igisa ang sibuyas at bawang, at saka ilagay ang maliliit na lumpia.
  5. After 2 – 3 minutes, buhusan ng tubig o sabaw. Dagdagan ng toyo, suka, patatas, at laurel leaves. Timplahan din ng asin at paminta.
  6. Pakuluin sa loob ng limang minuto, at tikman ayon sa panlasa. The Adobong Lumpia Recipe is now ready to be served.

Sana nakatulong ang bagong recipe na ito para ganahan ang inyong pamilya at kaibigan. Kahit na marami ang magtataka sa ganyang klaseng dish, magbubukas ito ng maraming pagkakataon para sa ibang luto ng lumpia. So, enjoy your meal, and happy cooking! 🙂

Adobong Mani Recipe

Sa isa pang serye ng pagluluto kasama ang may-akda, ating lulutuin ang isa pang kakaibang dish: Adobong Mani.

Siguro ay nakakarinig kayo ng ganitong flavor sa mga kinakain nating mani. This time, atin itong lulutuin with a twist. Ihanda na ang mga sangkap!


  1. Peanuts. Any kind of peanuts will do. At dahil sinasabi ng iba na ito ay mayaman din sa protina, puwede rin itong pang-halili sa karne.
  2. Toyo.
  3. Suka. Alam ko namang ito ay kapartner ng toyo.
  4. Mortar and pestle. Pandikdik kumbaga.
  5. Bawang, diced. Huwag lang gagamitin ang Boy Bawang.
  6. Sibuyas, diced also. Ito ang laging kapartner ng bawang.
  7. Water. Any kind of water will do. Wag gagamit ng galing sa poso negro.
  8. Asin at paminta.

Tara, simulan na natin!

  1. Magdikdik ng mani. Huwag lang itong dikdikin nang pinung-pino.
  2. Sa isang kawali, maggisa ng sibuyas at bawang. Haluin hanggang maging golden brown.
  3. Ilagay ang dinurog na mani. “Prituhin” hanggang sa maluto ang mani. Saka ilagay ang tubig, suka, toyo, asin, at paminta.
  4. Pakuluin sa loob ng limang minuto, at saka tikman ayon sa panlasa. The Adobong Mani Recipe is now ready to be served.

So, maraming salamat din sa pagsubaybay sa recipes ng may-akda. Sana may natutunan tayong bago at kakaibang putahe dito. Paano ba iyan? Enjoy your meal, and happy cooking! 🙂

(Note: For those who only understand English, we will provide a full translation of this recipe. Stay tuned.)

Mango Flute Recipe (Full English)

Good day, dear readers! Here we are for another series of cooking with the author. This time, we will cook another special dish for this day. This is none other than “Mango Flute.”

This post is just right, as we are now craving with sweets all over. But before we cook the recipe, here’s another interesting story behind this.

You might ask, “Why Mango Flute? Why not call it mango float?” An actual post of mango flute being prepared was documented. Here’s his post:

Senyora Santibanez: Does it make sounds?

A female netizen also posted her mango flute dish, but upon corrected, reacted with another tweet:


[1st post: Just got home from travelling. Mango flute is so tasty.]
[2nd post: Someone corrected me… MANGO FLOAT? Huh? Magic? Floating mango? Study first, please.]
[Facebook post: Woman renowned for MANGO FLUTE appeals for correction!]

It’s funny that she did not reviewed properly the spelling of the recipe. And yet, she herself replied in a wrong way.

For now, we will not attach any emotions, since I haven’t come up with emotional statements for this recipe. Well, anyway, we’ll try preparing mango flute recipe based on their posts and tweets.

Let’s prepare the ingredients:

  1. Mango. Any kind of mango will do. Preferred varieties are those from Southeast Asia. Otherwise, find one from your supermarkets. If you want something that’s raw or ripe, go ahead. 😀 These should be sliced.
  2. Grahams biscuits. Just make sure that we will prepare brown crackers. If not, and you used these, then you’re lost. 😡
  3. Condensed milk. We will use it too to make our dish more flavorful. Just asking: If there’s evaporated and condensed milk, would there be precipitated milk?
  4. All-purpose cream.
  5. Honey. Not your kind of sweetie. That actually comes from bees. Any kind of honey will do.
  6. Stick-o wafers. These are long, cylindrical wafers flavored usually with vanilla or chocolate. If you don’t see this in supermarkets, just use flute-like bamboos. Or just a literal flute. That will serve as decoration for our Mango Flute Recipe.
  7. Plastic ware. We will put all of our contents in the recipe. Why, do you want your mixture be put in a bowl?

Let’s start cooking!

  1. Put whole Grahams, All-Purpose cream, and honey in plastic ware. Grahams biscuits and all-purpose cream shall be placed alternately, layer by layer.
  2. If done, sprinkle honey and crushed Grahams.
  3. Put sliced mangoes on top of the recipe. That will add color to our Mango Flute.
  4. Place Stick-o wafers or bamboo as toppings. Otherwise, we could not justify the term “Mango Flute” on our dish.
  5. Put freezer for five hours or overnight for 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 degrees Fahrenheit) or lower. That’s enough time to bind the flavors of our dish. The Mango Flute Recipe is now ready to be served.

For those who ask why we called this as “Mango Flute,” the answer’s simple. It has mangoes and flute. Both are “floated”, so it’s right to call this as “Mango Flute.”

Hope this helps in giving you dish to be shared this start of the year. Hope our year would be sweeter and tastier. Enjoy your meal, and happy cooking! 🙂

Mango Flute Recipe

Good day, dear readers! Narito na naman tayo sa isang serye ng pagluluto kasama ang may-akda. Sa pagkakataong ito, ating lulutuin ang isang special dish sa araw na ito. Ito ay walang iba kundi ang “Mango Flute”.

Tamang-tama lang na i-publish ang recipe na ito, lalo na’t malapit na ring sumapit ang Pasko. Bakit di natin i-try itong ihain sa Noche Buena?

Ngayon, maitatanong mo sa akin, “Bakit mango flute? Hindi ba dapat mango float ang itawag diyan?” Meron kasing actual case na nagluto siya ng mango flute. Narito ang kanyang post:

May isa ding babae na nagpost din ng kanyang mango flute dish, pero kino-correct siya. Nang kino-correct siya, narito ang kanyang tweet:

Nakakatawa nga lamang na hindi niya masyadong inaral ang spelling ng recipe na iyan, pero siya pa mismo ang nagsabi na mag-aral muna sila.

Sa ngayon ay wala munang hugot, dahil wala pa akong maisip na hugot statements para sa recipe na ito. Well, anyway, susubukan nating lutuin ang mango flute recipe base sa kanilang post at tweet.

Tara, ihanda na natin ang mga ingredients:

  1. Mango. Any kind of mango will do. Preferred na variety yung matatagpuan sa Guimaras. Pero kung wala nito, puwede kang kumuha ng kinalabaw na mangga na mabibili sa inyong palengke. At kung hilaw o hinog ang ilalagay mo diyan sa dish natin, go ahead. 😀 These should be sliced.
  2. Grahams. Siguraduhin lang na kulay brown ang crackers na lulutuin natin. Kung hindi, at iyon ang ginamit mo, bahala ka na sa buhay mo! 😡
  3. Condensed milk. Gagamitin din natin ito para mas lalong maging malasa ang dish natin. Tanong lang: Merong evaporated at condensed milk. Meron din kayang precipitated milk?
  4. All-purpose cream.
  5. Honey. Hindi yung sweetie mo, ha? Iyan ang matamis na inilalabas ng mga bubuyog. Any kind of honey will do.
  6. Stick-o wafers. Kung wala nito, mas maganda ang kawayan na hugis flute. O literal na flute. Ito ang magiging pinakadekorasyon natin sa Mango Flute Recipe.
  7. Plastic ware. Dito na natin ilalagay ang ating magiging recipe. Bakit, saan mo gustong ilagay, sa bowl?

Simulan natin ang pagluluto!

  1. Ilagay ang buong Grahams, All-purpose cream, at honey sa plastic ware. Salitan ang paglalagay ng Grahams at all-purpose cream.
  2. Kapag tapos nang ilagay ang Grahams at cream, puwede nang ilagay ang honey at ang durog na grahams.
  3. Ilagay ang sliced mangos sa ibabaw ng ating recipe. Ito ang magbibigay ng dagdag na kulay sa Mango Flute natin.
  4. Ilagay ang Stick-o wafers o ang kawayan as toppings. Kung wala kasi iyan, hindi natin talaga mapapanindigan ang term na “Mango Flute” sa dish natin.
  5. Ilagay sa freezer for five hours o overnight for 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 degrees Fahrenheit) or lower. Sapat ang oras na iyon para kumapit ang lasa ng ating dish. The Mango Flute Recipe is now ready to be served.

Sa mga nagtatanong kung bakit ito tinawag na “Mango Flute,” simple lang ang sagot. Ito ay  may mangga/mangoes at may flute. Pareho silang nakalutang, o “floated”, kaya tamang-tama lang na tawagin itong “Mango Flute.”

Sana nakatulong ako sa pagbibigay ng dish na puwede ninyong pagsaluhan ngayong Pasko. Sana maging mas matamis at mas masarap ang Noche Buena natin. O, paano ba iyan? Enjoy your meal, and happy cooking! 🙂

(Note: For those who only know English, we will translate this recipe for your benefit. Stay tuned.)

Featured Image Credit: Mango flute recipe from a website.

Fried Porridge Recipe (Full English)

We’ll take a break on our reviews, since we will feature Fried Porridge Recipe for this year.

This might sound new to the ears, as usually porridge is not fried. But I’ll show you how, as we are translating this recipe in full English. Let’s start!


  1. Rice. This is the main ingredient for our dish. How can we have porridge and fried rice if we don’t have these?
  2. Chicken. As is, since this will be added in the porridge. But it can be sliced into pieces if we will fry it.
  3. Eggs. This will add color and taste for our soup.
  4. Onions. Chopped into small bits.
  5. Onion chives, optional. This will add color to the dish.
  6. Garlic. Also chopped into pieces.
  7. Ginger, for added flavor
  8. Water. We’ll use this later.
  9. Cooking oil
  10. Salt and pepper, to taste.

How to cook it? Simple.

  1. In a pan, pour cooking oil. Even if it’s not yet hot, saute onions, garlic, and ginger. Next, put the chicken, cut into pieces. Mix till half-cooked.
  2. Place the rice and onion chives. Season with salt and other flavorings. Then mix.
  3. Pour the broth. Bring it to a boil.
  4. Once boiled, place raw egg on the soup. This will give added thickness to dish we are cooking.
  5. Taste the porridge. Add ingredients to taste if not satisfied. Boil again before cutting out the fire. The Fried Porridge Recipe is now ready to be served.

Thanks again for staying tuned with the author’s recipes and this site. Hope you learned something new on this dish. This perfectly fits for the upcoming winter season. Happy cooking! 🙂