Marinated Peanuts Recipe (Full English)

For our cooking series with the author, we will cook another exotic dish: the Marinated Peanuts. This is a direct translation of our previous article, but this we will do for those who only understand English.

While this might be new to our ears, we will try to make the most out of it. Let’s prepare the ingredients:


  1. Peanuts. Any kind of peanuts will do. As this is supposedly rich in protein, this might be used as meat substitutes.
  2. Soy sauce.
  3. Vinegar. Any kind of vinegar will do. For sourer taste, consider using apple cider.
  4. Mortar and pestle. There we will crush peanuts.
  5. Garlic, diced. Make sure not to use garlic toasts.
  6. Onions, diced also. This has been the perpetual companion of garlic in sauteing.
  7. Water. Any kind of water will do.
  8. Salt and pepper.

Let’s start cooking!

  1. Crush peanuts in mortar and pestle. Make sure not to pulverize thoroughly.
  2. In a pan, saute garlic and onions. Mix till it becomes golden brown.
  3. Put crushed peanuts, and “fry” till it be cooked. Afterwards, place water, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, and pepper.
  4. Bring to a boil for five minutes, and sprinkle ingredients to taste. The Marinated Peanuts Recipe is now ready to be served.

Thank you very much for being with us in this recipe series. Hope you might find these exotic recipes as interesting. Enjoy your meal, and happy cooking! 🙂

Mango Flute Recipe (Full English)

Good day, dear readers! Here we are for another series of cooking with the author. This time, we will cook another special dish for this day. This is none other than “Mango Flute.”

This post is just right, as we are now craving with sweets all over. But before we cook the recipe, here’s another interesting story behind this.

You might ask, “Why Mango Flute? Why not call it mango float?” An actual post of mango flute being prepared was documented. Here’s his post:

Senyora Santibanez: Does it make sounds?

A female netizen also posted her mango flute dish, but upon corrected, reacted with another tweet:


[1st post: Just got home from travelling. Mango flute is so tasty.]
[2nd post: Someone corrected me… MANGO FLOAT? Huh? Magic? Floating mango? Study first, please.]
[Facebook post: Woman renowned for MANGO FLUTE appeals for correction!]

It’s funny that she did not reviewed properly the spelling of the recipe. And yet, she herself replied in a wrong way.

For now, we will not attach any emotions, since I haven’t come up with emotional statements for this recipe. Well, anyway, we’ll try preparing mango flute recipe based on their posts and tweets.

Let’s prepare the ingredients:

  1. Mango. Any kind of mango will do. Preferred varieties are those from Southeast Asia. Otherwise, find one from your supermarkets. If you want something that’s raw or ripe, go ahead. 😀 These should be sliced.
  2. Grahams biscuits. Just make sure that we will prepare brown crackers. If not, and you used these, then you’re lost. 😡
  3. Condensed milk. We will use it too to make our dish more flavorful. Just asking: If there’s evaporated and condensed milk, would there be precipitated milk?
  4. All-purpose cream.
  5. Honey. Not your kind of sweetie. That actually comes from bees. Any kind of honey will do.
  6. Stick-o wafers. These are long, cylindrical wafers flavored usually with vanilla or chocolate. If you don’t see this in supermarkets, just use flute-like bamboos. Or just a literal flute. That will serve as decoration for our Mango Flute Recipe.
  7. Plastic ware. We will put all of our contents in the recipe. Why, do you want your mixture be put in a bowl?

Let’s start cooking!

  1. Put whole Grahams, All-Purpose cream, and honey in plastic ware. Grahams biscuits and all-purpose cream shall be placed alternately, layer by layer.
  2. If done, sprinkle honey and crushed Grahams.
  3. Put sliced mangoes on top of the recipe. That will add color to our Mango Flute.
  4. Place Stick-o wafers or bamboo as toppings. Otherwise, we could not justify the term “Mango Flute” on our dish.
  5. Put freezer for five hours or overnight for 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 degrees Fahrenheit) or lower. That’s enough time to bind the flavors of our dish. The Mango Flute Recipe is now ready to be served.

For those who ask why we called this as “Mango Flute,” the answer’s simple. It has mangoes and flute. Both are “floated”, so it’s right to call this as “Mango Flute.”

Hope this helps in giving you dish to be shared this start of the year. Hope our year would be sweeter and tastier. Enjoy your meal, and happy cooking! 🙂

Fried Porridge Recipe (Full English)

We’ll take a break on our reviews, since we will feature Fried Porridge Recipe for this year.

This might sound new to the ears, as usually porridge is not fried. But I’ll show you how, as we are translating this recipe in full English. Let’s start!


  1. Rice. This is the main ingredient for our dish. How can we have porridge and fried rice if we don’t have these?
  2. Chicken. As is, since this will be added in the porridge. But it can be sliced into pieces if we will fry it.
  3. Eggs. This will add color and taste for our soup.
  4. Onions. Chopped into small bits.
  5. Onion chives, optional. This will add color to the dish.
  6. Garlic. Also chopped into pieces.
  7. Ginger, for added flavor
  8. Water. We’ll use this later.
  9. Cooking oil
  10. Salt and pepper, to taste.

How to cook it? Simple.

  1. In a pan, pour cooking oil. Even if it’s not yet hot, saute onions, garlic, and ginger. Next, put the chicken, cut into pieces. Mix till half-cooked.
  2. Place the rice and onion chives. Season with salt and other flavorings. Then mix.
  3. Pour the broth. Bring it to a boil.
  4. Once boiled, place raw egg on the soup. This will give added thickness to dish we are cooking.
  5. Taste the porridge. Add ingredients to taste if not satisfied. Boil again before cutting out the fire. The Fried Porridge Recipe is now ready to be served.

Thanks again for staying tuned with the author’s recipes and this site. Hope you learned something new on this dish. This perfectly fits for the upcoming winter season. Happy cooking! 🙂

Love Advice No. 90 (Pressure on CPA Board Exam)(Full English)

As part of celebrating our fourth year of existence, the author translated this recent article into full English. This pertains to pressure obtained from her parents, and this pressure is so special since examinees in CPA (Chartered Accountants) board exam are expected to pass one of the most difficult exams in the world.

I believe that this deserves special attention not only from our fellow bloggers, but also to all people who undergone the same situation. Hope this pushes us to become realistic on our expectations, and I sincerely hope that this inspires everyone.

Even if the CPA board exam (or Chartered Accountants exam) has been finished already this year, the pressure is still strong for accountancy students and reviewees to pass the board exam. But the pressure becomes more intense if we talk about topping the board exam. I should know that because I had gone through with these things

I know that this complaint of examinees will never end. And this is the reason why forever still exists in this world. In these times when pressure is going stronger everywhere, parents must not take this for granted. Otherwise, their dreams would possibly go to waste.

For the first time, I will give a love advice on family matters. It deals with problem of an examinee who lost direction and doesn’t know what to do. It is due to the pressure she experiences with her family, who expects her to top the board exam. Okay, let’s start!

From Accounting Coach Philippines:

To my mom and dad:

The CPA Licensure Exam ended a while ago.

Thank you for supporting and trusting me. Thank you for taking care of me, educating me, and giving all my needs. Thank you because you gave me chance to study and obtain knowledge in my course.

Mom/Dad, I’m really pressured. I’m pressured, because almost all of you belived that I will pass. Almost all of you believe that CPALE would be easier for me because I graduated with Latin honors, topped in different national mockboards, and also in quizbees and SGV cup 😦

I’m pressured, because almost all of you belived that I will top the board since I reviewed for two years: 1 year on undergrad and 1 year formal review 😦 . I’m pressured, because right after I took the exam, you called me not to know if I’m okay, but to ask, “Did you make it to the top?”

Mom/Dad, friends and teachers: Did you know that I almost lost courage on first day of exam? I almost break down in AFAR (Advanced Accounting), and I don’t want to continue taking other subjects.

Did you know that I almost did not sleep just to attend review classes? I almost became dizzy inside the room, because I felt drowsy.

Did you know that I made every effort I can do just to pass this board exam?

But did you know that, in the end, with many theories I read, with many problems I solved, I could not avoid some questions that really weakened me. 😦 Questions that made me realize one thing – that I don’t deserve these achievements when I was in college. 😦

I almost tell myself, “I should not have been like this/that” or, “I’m stupid, because even if I studied so much, I could not answer it.” 😦

Mom/dad, friends, teachers:

To be honest, I’m really very tired 😭. Hope you might accept me regardless of the results.

To my Mom/Dad:

If you ask me if I’m okay, can I hug you? 😭😭😭😭

I’ll be home too sooooon 😭

P.S. Sorry if I narrated my drama here. I can’t really say it directly to them because of some family matters 😦 Sorry again . I’ll be deleting this after a few moments. 😦

My Advice:

If your parents are pressuring you to be on top, let them be stressed. Just give all your best, and God will do the rest.

First of all, they are not aware that they are responsible for what you feel today. They are not aware that they give you stress that you feel. Or disregarding it. And no. I’m serious. Because if you’ll look at it, they are expecting something of you too much.

Now, what if you did not pass? They will get hurt. It’s normal for them to hope for the best, but they pushed it to the limit, to the point that they pressured you to top the board exam.

Face the truth

I’ll share with you the painful truth all must know: Being on top or not will not matter, especially on actual practice.

If you’ll look at it, you’re luckier than me. Passing this would not be a problem for you. Your parents must know this. If your problem is on how to top the board exam, my problem is on passing it. You’re still luckier, as not all are given the chance to become CPA/Chartered Accountant.

In actual practice, the passer may have some advantages over the topper. That passer may have some skills that the topper may not possess. And vice versa. Same with attitude. The passer’s attitude may be better than that of topper. And also vice versa. Most employers do not give importance on grades, but on your skills and attitude. That’s all.

Another painful truth: Topping the board exam becomes tougher due to competition. With so many accounting schools, with their strict retention policies, and extreme pressure to many examinees to be on top, chances to be part of Top 10 are very slim. Topping it becomes fiercer now as examinees from the province are catching up to become topnotchers. Like Rommel Edusma and Jayson Ong Chan, who are both graduates from Tacloban City, Leyte.

Chances are little to be on top: May 2018 – 0.04% chance to top the board exam. October 2018 – 0.03% chance to become one. Now, if only ten take the exam, no problem. Definitely, you’ll be part of it. Passing the board exam will suffice.

Your effort?

I could not also conclude that they don’t really care for you when they asked if you topped it. That may be the first thing on their minds.

It is possible that they know the saying, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” In short, if you did not make it to the top, at least you passed it.

On your part, understand them. They are working for your future. For your dreams. Maybe you misinterpret their words.

If you’ll look at it, this is the painful truth: “Being on average is greater. No expectations at all.” Those who are in the average have time to study without additional pressure. So you would be surprised if those who top came from less known school in the province.

Take it from me. I know that I’m not the average in our class. In fact, I am failing in our class. I failed three times in qualifying exam, and if I did not appeal to our teacher, he will discourage me to take the board. I have weak analysis, and this made it difficult to catch up in quizzes and activities.

If there will be inter-school activities, normally I am assigned in Gen. Info category and not on Accounting Quiz. Otherwise, if I will be included in the latter, our school will always lose.

Because of this, there were no added pressure for me to pass this, even if it is really hard. If I excelled in school and named as cum laude, I would not carry the extreme pressure in actual board. I have no choice if I was told to take it right after graduation. And I could not blog here for two years if these happens.


I also feel that you’re discouraged. I had gone through these things. But regardless of your problems, don’t forget to pray. Everytime I have problems, I seek the Lord’s help.

I’ll tell you this: I faced so many challenges: Bringing handouts, budgeting with limited money, rushing just to catch up with review, difficulty in finding jobs, and doing jobs and review at the same time. Because of these, there came a point that I want to give up. Because I feel that nothing good will happen if I continue these. Especially that they are pressuring me to pass this no matter what.

October 7, 2017. Taxation was the first subject. Because questions were too hard, I did not stop crying at the comfort room. There I released all my anger, my bad feelings, my frustrations. Because I know, with the situation I experienced, I would not meet their expectations. But I still have to finish the fight. It was painful for me that I did not pass, but that lost when I became conditional.

Because of this, I realized that I have to cast all burdens to God since the burden was so great. Right after the October 2017 exam, I wanted to cry at St. Thomas Square when I heard the song “Safe” by Moira because I felt discouraged at that time.

Reguarly asking to Him for guidance was a big help, as He gave me my longstanding request to be a CPA. Hope you do the same.

Not always lucky

Passing the board exam is okay. Topping it is just a bonus.

Another truth that all should accept and understand: Having Latin honors does not assure of CPA title. Even if he/she is excellent, doing great in actual board would be a different matter. There were instance that an honor student committed suicide because he/she could not take anymore the pressure. Another commented that “there were summa cum laudes that did not pass the exam…”

Why? What we have learned in college and formal review is so different from actual board. Questions may be the same, or may not be the same. Actually, you would be surprised especially if the exact questions are not given to you till the day of exam.

Another thing we must understand: The format in subsequent board exams will change: One by one, situational questions will be used, and this will test the analysis of examinees. This will be the equalizer for all examinees, regardless of honors obtained.

Final Words

Regardless of the outcome, your parents love you. You are their child, aren’t you?

To the parents, please hug your sons/daughters after the actual board. Or tell them that you support them. This will be enough for them to feel that you care. This will also give them aded confidence to continue their journey to becoming CPA.

Make them understand why we are all doing these. It will be a big help to reduce your misunderstandings.

Enough pressure is great to push our child to the limits. But let’s not give them too much stress, especially if personal issue with him/her is involved. Let’s understand that if mere Accounting is stressful, how much more with personal issues? Set aside this first for the sake of making him/her pass the exam.

Love Advice No. 10 (Full English)

This article is one of the tributes from the author – as part of giving thanks to our fellow readers in liking, believing, and sharing this site.

The “Love Advice No. 10” talks more on the most sensitive issue – so far – regarding courtship in the Philippines. The main theme revolves more on the girl as the shy type, which traces its roots in the Spanish times. In the past, the Spaniards had taught that girls must be timid especially when it comes to courting. This is attributed to highly conservative values imposed by the Catholic Church at that time, exemplified in Rizal’s two novels. Despite the passage of time, and despite gradual assertiveness seen among the Filipina women, that custom survived up to the present day.

Why did the author publish the article, considering that it is a very sensitive topic? Simple reason: It is a lousy system. The author has called for its weakness as early as the first article in this site was written.

I believe that this topic also deserves recognition by our fellow bloggers and by all people out there. This has not been seriously discussed even by our famous love advisers here, even if this stupid system has attributed itself to the reasons behind hurt feelings between a girl and a boy.

To summarize what the author intends to share in this article, it had noted how lousy the system is. Seriously. The system of courtship does not reflect the courageousness of a Filipina, and does not consider the Filipinos’ avoidance of risks. The system has also resulted to unnecessary pain, especially to the girls who also wanted to be loved by the guys they choose. While it does not intend that girls must be aggressive, the article wants to give some leeway for a smooth relationship between the lovers. Okay, let’s start!

An excerpt from the song “Pangarap Lang Kita” (You’re Just A Dream) reads as follows:

It’s difficult to become a woman
If a man is shy,
Even if you want to say something, you can’t

What can be noticed in these lyrics? At present, the gal is supposed not to tell her feelings to that guy.

Gag Order Is An “Obstacle”

Question: What if the gal won’t speak, and that guy is shy?

Nothing will happen if the gal would not tell her feelings to the guy. She would not find a man who would take her seriously. Worse, it’s possible that she will become a spinster.

It’s difficult if the gal won’t speak up. If that’s the case, added with the guy’s shyness, then both of them will get hurt. The guy and the gal would not know yet if their hearts will meet or not. In short, Love Mismatch happens in this case.

The problem with this kind of culture is that it does not consider the Filipino’s attitude of being risk-averse. The guy finds it difficult to determine if he is being liked by the girl or not. So, we cannot blame why guys are shy, or they court as if they are gambling in a casino, just like this guy who is very confused:

So I love her… Should I court her or not? I am afraid to be rejected and be given false hopes: for short, I want to be reassured. ADVICE PLEASE!

We will discuss this problem in the next love advice. I will ask you: Will you risk for a prospect if you’re not sure if this will happen? Same goes when courting. Since guys never know if they are really loved by their gals, they must not be blamed for their shyness.

Because the guy does not know who is the gal’s love interest (due to “gag order” served to her), if he courts a woman, that’s not technically a courtship. That is purely gamble.

This system is very difficult. Why? If the gal will not speak up, many opportunities for love will be wasted. Yes, things wasted or money wasted may be replaced, but if love is wasted, most likely it will not be replaced anymore.

Before you read further, please fill-up the following:

What’s the Problem?

To clarify further the problem on courtships, let’s take a look at the gal’s problem:

I am afraid to approach him. It’s because people might criticize me.

In a post in Papa Jack Advice Facebook Page, another gal is also afraid to ask another guy:

Papa Jack, I love my bestfriend for more than just a friend. What hurts me more is that he makes me feel that he loves me and he makes me feel that I am an important person for him. But why? I don’t understand our status. Because, it is awkward if the girl will ask about their status, isn’t it? But he left for the seminary, and he told me that after five years, he will tell something to me, and we won’t have to text till five years. Should I wait for him?

Tips for Gals

Question: What might be the best option for the girls to show their feelings to a guy?

It’s easy. Here are the tips:

  1. Make your presence felt to him. Make him feel that you are always there for him. Guide him no matter what happens to both of you. A love adviser had told that if you care for him now, you should be more caring for him next time. Yes, even if you won’t tell him that you love him, he may “get” the message.
  2. Show genuine concern and acceptance for him. It is important for guys to feel that they are appreciated. And yes, the guy will appreciate more if he is accepted by the gal regardless of his looks or personality.
  3. Ask him. Why should you do that? Because this will be the starting point for you to talk with him and know each other. You can do this if you still feel the awkwardness of telling your feelings to him. I’ll give you examples:
  • What is your favorite food?
  • What are your plans in life?
  • In case someone loves you, what will you do?
  1. Be comfortable. Show that you are always comfortable everytime you are together with him. Show that you can be trusted, especially when it comes to his secrets regarding his personality. That thing when even if he is just like this or that, you would not leave him or push him away. That even if he is like this or that, you will strive not to be awkward towards him.

Another example: He told you, “I had sex with other girls in the past…” Maybe, if you really love him, you will not go away due to that fact. And you should strive not to be awkward towards that guy because of that past event.

  1. Say something to him. Use your mouth. After following the advices mentioned, and still has no results, you can use this as a last resort. A popular saying tells that “if this can’t be moved with prayers, move it expeditiously.”

Just a word of warning, use this only when really necessary. Even if I recommend that you must tell your feelings to the guy, you must be careful too. Because words are powerful, be prepared on what will happen next. Be prepared on what he will say to you: If he likes you, no problem. If not, better luck next time.

Gal Must Not Be Shy Too

I want to emphasize this: If our culture tells you that a gal must not express her feelings, it does not mean that it must be followed. If our culture tells you that a gal must not express her feelings, it does not mean that it must be understood and followed literally. If our culture tells you that a gal must not express her feelings, it does not mean that a gal must be shy and just sit in a corner.

Why Tell Him?

Question: Why must she express her feelings to a guy?

  • Let’s say you want A. But B courted you, and you don’t like him. If you tell that you want A, you are setting limitations between you and B. Because of this, B must not step beyond that limitation.
  • Same example. At the same time, you are going beyond limitation between you and A, especially if both of you like each other.
  • Because both had already expressed their feelings, wasted love due to love mismatch may be reduced.

Still A Filipina Maiden

Question: Now, you had told that a girl must speak up. Does this mean that she will not be called anymore as a “Filipina Maiden?”

No. Telling her feelings does not necessarily mean that she loses the right to be called a “Filipina Maiden.” Of course, even if she does this thing, she has to play hard on him (that is, a hard-to-get girl). She must let the guy do some efforts in courting her. And she must show to the guy that she’s not a girl to be beholden to anyone who wanted to grab her.

Final Words

It is expected in the society that the guy will do the first moves. But girls must do the same too. They must also “grab” attention.

Even if the guy has responsibilites when it comes to courtship, the gal must be responsible too. It is not enough that the guy will just court and the gal will just sit down. Girls have also a major role in courtship, especially that both guys and gals are gradually recognized as equals when it comes to romantic relationships.

This topic is sensitive, but  this article must be written. Writing these kind of articles is not a joke, but it must be done. In the end, thank you for investing time in reading this. Hope this article helps in saving the love for both boys and girls.

Featured Image Credit: Picture from ABS-CBNMobile via YouTube

Guidelines When Asking For Love Advice (Full English)

It has been more than two years and a half since I wrote this guideline. As part of celebrating the other side of the news for the past three years, I am now translating these guidelines in full English. This is made primarily for non-Filipinos, who had liked the articles under “Love Advice” for so long.

This is translated in full English for your convenience. Author’s note is provided below this article for further clarification.

It is difficult to give love advice. But it is more difficult if love problems being sent to the author have incomplete or insufficient details. It is more difficult if love advices requested are buried in my search box[1]. Frequently, these love advices buried in search box are composed of only one sentence, with matching interrogative form. Lucky for you if I can answer these questions. But if they are incomplete, where will I stand? I know that if I give love advices to these queries, this might not be the love advice they are searching for, while in fact, they don’t want to tell their real problem.

Remember that in the end, the love advice that the author will give depends upon the details of love problem that you will provide to the author. If details are insufficient, there’s a big chance that your love problem might be misinterpreted, and there’s a big possibility that you be given love advice that doesn’t suit your needs.

TweetNewscaster wants to give love advices that suit your needs. In giving love advice, giving justice to the brokenhearted is always considered. The author wants to enjoy in helping others through these love advices:

TweetNewscaster only requests cooperation from every one who seeks love advice, by following these guidelines:

  1. If you want to send a love problem to the author, please enter any information to the best of your knowledge. In short, give complete details as much as possible. Any love problem, whether detailed or not, will be the basis of the author in giving any love advice to you.

As much as possible, don’t hesitate to send your love problem EVEN IF IT IS VERY LONG via e-mail at You can send here all the details that you know regarding your love problems. This is suggested than for me to find the answers in Search Box: TweetNewscaster will notice your message even if it is buried in its inbox, while in Search Box, normally when these questions are buried in the author’s Dashboard, it will not be noticed by the author.

  1. It is understood that the author will give love advice to couples where the first half is a male and the second half is a female. (This includes a gay and a lesbian who are both in a relationship.) It is difficult to give advice to sweethearts who are of the same gender due to moral and ethical considerations. However, the last couples mentioned may find the love advices in this site that suits them if they want to.
  2. Love problems may be sent in English or in Filipino only.
  3. Of course, TweetNewscaster is not alone in giving love advice. There are times that it might need help from other love advisers or from Twitter people. They will be the authorities in the said category.
  4. TweetNewscaster reserves the right to publish any form of love advice as it may deem appropriate. The author can talk from the start, and give love advice in the end. What matters is that the author wants to help people with love problems.
  5. By the way, you can send to the author love problems outside of the romantic aspect. It can be love problems in your family, friends, or your classmate and teacher. The author specializes in romantic love advice, but will try to answer these as soon as possible.
  6. Your name will not be published, unless you explicitly state that you want your name to be published in this site. This is for you to give details that you know, regardless of how many details, without intimidation.
  7. The author reserves to change the love advice as it may deem fit, to raise the quality of love advice that is worthy to be received by anyone.
  8. How does TweetNewscaster determine if the love problem you give is insufficient? Professional judgment will determine if this is insufficient. If this happens, the author will give reasons why.
  9. Your feedbacks are much welcome. Every feedback will be given consideration, and this will appear in some or all of the articles under Love Advice category.
  10. Please be patient. With many requests for love advice in Search Box, and because of insufficient time to answer these, it might take time before the author will reply to your queries.

TIP: If you can’t see the answer to your love problem even if you searched it in Search Box, send your love problem to the e-mail mentioned above.

Thank you very much for reading the guidelines in asking for love advice. Hope we might help each other, so that in the end, you will be helped by the author, and consequently, be given love advice that suits your needs.

Author’s Note:

  1. TweetNewscaster has frequently noted instances wherein some readers had entered their queries in Search Box. Every term or word they search is being recorded in Search Terms under the author’s Dashboard. Due to voluminous search terms, some of their queries are being buried for a long time. Even if they are really recorded by WordPress, most of these had not been noticed by author.

Love Advice No. 52 (Full English)

This is my way of saying “thank you” for those who appreciate and read this site, especially non-Filipinos.

It has been more than a year since I wrote this article. Times have changed, but still, studying accounting in the Philippines is a very difficult task. I had told that guy that their situation will be difficult in case his girlfriend will take another examination due last month, which I myself had taken.

That guy has a dilemma: He has a girlfriend, who is pursuing an Accountancy course. And yes, her dream is to be a Certified Public Accountant (or a Chartered Accountant)[1]. As she pursues her dream, she spends less time with him, which puzzles the guy. To understand what this is all about, let’s take a look at this love advice:

From the UST Files:

My Girl is from AMV

Hello. I am not from UST (University of Santo Tomas in Manila). My girlfriend is from UST-AMV College of Accountancy.[2]

I just want to ask if this is really normal for them. I and my girlfriend had been together for so long, for almost six years. She was my classmate when we were in high school. Yes, she’s industrious and she’s smart. But even with that attitude, she has time for me. Now, matters became worse.

When she was in first year college (Grade 11), our situation’s a little bit okay because she frequently went home (in our province). So, we have no problem in our relationship then.

Our problem started when she was in her second year (Grade 12). She almost never went home to our province due to studies. She needs to be exempted from the retention examination. It seems that thing is so important for her. For two semester, she goes home for only once a month. But, it’s okay. She had reached that goal, and I love her so much, so I understand the situation even if that accounting course had stolen her from me and all that she is doing is for her future.

Now that she is in third year, I do not know what really happened. I can understand her. However, our relationship had affected. I am concerned too for her. She always come home late. That thing whenever she comes home before 8 p.m. from the library and then take a short nap. Afterwards, she will go to the coffee shop to study till midnight. And if we go on a date, she always bring study materials. It’s difficult for her to go home in our province since she has a Saturday class and she needs to attend classes every Monday at 7 a.m. For her, she’s tired of going back home for she will travel back to school the next day.

Are they like that? Is this normal? It hurts to think that in just a few days, their classes will start. She will leave me again.

Highschool Love

My Advice:

Don’t be surprised anymore. Why? You said a while ago, “she’s industrious and she’s smart.” These are the traits we want in a girl, aren’t they? We want those girls who think of their future and our future, isn’t it?

Question: Is your girlfriend in her fifth year in college?

Find Out Why She’s Like That

It’s better to look at the prospectus (or list of subjects she takes) of her course in AMV and ask its dean about it for you to see and think why she rarely goes home to the province:

In the first years of her course, since the subjects she took were very light, it’s almost not a problem for her to go home. But as the years go on, her subjects become increasingly difficult, so her visit becomes less frequent. In the first years of her course, since the subjects she took were very light, she has more free time in the University of Santo Tomas. But as the years go on, her subjects become increasingly difficult, therefore the free time she spents becomes lesser and lesser. She must think of studies first.

For Her and Your Future

Bro, she needs to focus more on her studies. Don’t you know that she is doing all of these for her future and for your future?

If you’ll look at it closely, you’re lucky, and “you should be glad because she does it for her future (or ‘future for both of you’ if ever you and that girl are together)”. If your girlfriend can digest what she learned in those accounting subjects, it’s possible that your relationship will last. Why do I say this? We know that many relationships become a failure later on because of money. Figuratively stated, love is thrown outside the window if financial problems enter your relationship. In accounting, both of you will overcome these financial problems, and therefore, this might save your relationship.

Of course, she wanted to fulfill her dreams. This has no adverse effect on your relationship. This course is not a person (or in legal parlance, a natural person) to get jealous with. What you only need to do is to support her in her dreams. Someday, she might propose to you (for a wedding) in an instant instead of you doing this. (Just ask the accounting professors, CPAs, or Chartered Accountants why I am saying this.)

Normal for Accountancy Students

Are they like that? Yes.

Is this normal? Absolutely yes.

Bro, it is normal for accountancy students to study very hard, especially if they attend in schools with good reputation or with strict retention requirements for students. This is regardless if she is studying with UST or a university offering that course. In short, many schools are strict in choosing accountancy students.

They need to study well to attain their dream of being a CPA or a Chartered Accountant. It is normal for accountancy students, whether they are under internship, studies, or in actual field to study and experience this kind of stress. It is normal for accountancy students to have no time for themselves, for their boyfriend/girlfriend, for their friends, for their parents, and others, especially if they will not manage their time properly.

By the way, what are your strong bases for you to say that she will leave you? Did she say to you, “Babe, it’s better for us to part ways”? At that time you visited her once, did you saw her clinging with other boys? Maybe, the truth is that as she’s studying, she thinks of you just to overcome the challenges she face. Maybe, the truth is that you are her energy booster.

Another thing: You need to focus on your studies too. You must learn that not at all times you need to be with her. Another told you, “Learn to be independent,” because it would be difficult for you if you are always dependent on her, while you have done nothing for yourself.

May I quote another who said: “If you don’t have the capacity to understand her, if her study is an issue for you, sorry, but you are just a big obstacle for her future.” If you are impatient, I am really very sorry. You have no choice but to let her go.

What to Do

You must make an effort too. Otherwise, there’s a big chance that you and that girl will part ways.

Love is like accounting. It is not good if your girlfriend debits his love to you, while you do not credit your love to her. She finds it difficult to adjust and adjust to your situation, while you do not adjust to your situation also. This means that your relationship is out of balance. The ending is that the CPA or the Chartered Accountant will give you an audit report which states that “Your love to her is not fairly presented, in all material respects…”

What you will only do is to let her feel that you are there for her. You need to guide her while she’s studying at UST. You must encourage her. You must help her. You must need to understand her situation.

A netizen had told, “You must travel to see her. What are you expecting: Send her home? She’s tired of studying, and she’s exhausted in travelling! You are a man. You are suffering but you have done nothing to ease that.” Please, make her sacrifices worth it. Make her happy by doing this even just once. By going to Manila, you will make her feel that you are there for her. Aside from this, this will clear the issues haunting you.

Why not help her too? It would be a big thing for her to carry her grossly-thick textbooks (in which  authors Valix, Dayag, and Cabrera, etc. are to blame for this)[3]. This will lessen the stress she carries.

Why not give her scholarships, too? We know that as much as possible, we will give financial assistance just to make our girlfriends happy. This might be your chance, and by giving these, you can help to lessen your girlfriend’s stress when it comes to financial problems. Someday, your girlfriend will tell you, “I’m proud to be a boyfriend’s scholar.” Isn’t it pleasant to hear that?

Accounting Is Not A Joke

To tell you frankly, accounting is not a joke. If she finds it difficult in UST, “did you know that even if you take the accountancy course in your province, it is really not a joke?” If her foundations in basic accounting and theories in all accounting subjects are weak, it would be more difficult for her to understand financial and advanced accounting. Maybe these last two subjects mentioned were the reasons why she rarely gets home to your province.

She needs to pass these subjects and the requirements assigned to her so that her standing in that course will be maintained. She needs to study and study so that she will understand the concepts and strategies taught in the course.

And if she is experiencing the stress at the time you had shared this problem in the UST Files, she will experience more stress now, especially if she will take the board exam starting October 2017. It is because she has more things to learn in her course.[4]

Final Words

In your situation, this will test how much you love her – from the time you feel your love for her. Take this situation as a challenge for you.

I know that you really worry about her. A netizen had told you, “You worry more on your girlfriend than her parents’ worry to her.” But limit your worries to that gal, for you have actually no reason to feel that way.

Lastly, I want to emphasize that your girlfriend will not be locked forever in UST-AMV. If she is still your girlfriend till now, you’re lucky. Just wait a little bit and you will see the good results of waiting for her.

Author’s Notes:

  1. In this article, we will use the term Certified Public Accountant (as used in the Philippines and in the United States) or the Chartered Accountant (as used in Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the United Kingdom) to refer to professional accountants. This hopes that this article will reach to all the people in the world as much as possible.
  2. UST-AMV College of Accountancy. The University of Santo Tomas is the oldest university in Southeast Asia, established on 1611 (or 406 years later), much older than Harvard University in the United States. The AMV College of Accountancy, also known as the Alfredo M. Velayo College of Accountancy is a department under the university offering the said course. Its accountancy course is recognized as one of the most prestigious and most advanced schools offering this course in the Philippines.
  3. Valix, Dayag, and Cabrera are one of the leading authors of accounting textbooks. They are also known for notoriously bulky books.
  4. This was written more than a year ago. Just recently, the author had rarely wrote articles due to preparations for this exam. Arguably, the October 2017 examination was the most difficult examination to date due to the following: (1) The Taxation subject was the most difficult subject encountered by most examinees, (2) addition of more recent topics for the first time, particularly on Taxation and Law subjects, (3) low passing rate (about 30% of those who took the examination), and (4) long delay of releasing the exam results caused by jeepney strike pervading Manila and nearby provinces at that time.

Love Advice No. 7 (Full English)

As part of our celebration of our third anniversary in this site, another article is now available in full English.

This was one of the firsts love advices I have made since I ran this site in 2014. At that time, I had been reliant on love advices shared by some Facebook users in Papa Jack’s page.[1]  They believe that it was the official page of Papa Jack, while in fact, it is not; instead it was used to collect some thoughts on love advice he shared with his listeners.

From there, I picked some love problems which will become the firsts articles – or the nucleus – behind the articles I wrote under Love Advice category. These firsts articles become my guiding principles in writing subsequent articles.

I am hereby giving you the full English version of this article. There was a story behind this: A blogger had commented on this article and told me, “What language is that? And why are there so many English words mixed in to it?” I replied that I am publishing this in both English and Filipino languages, and I am requesting an e-mail to be sent to her. As of this writing, she did not reply to my request.

It has been more than two years since she wrote that comment to my article, and I am translating this as I am tired of waiting for her reply. Okay, let’s start!

From Papa Jack Advice Facebook Page:

Papa Jack, I need an advice. 😦

What can I do? I am very angry to the ex-girlfriend of my boyfriend even if we were together for six years. They have not contacted each other for so long, and they had cut off their lines of communication when we were on our first year.

His past has a new boyfriend too. But I cannot move on with that ex of my boyfriend because I know that she loved him so much. When they were together in the past, he was his first girlfriend and they had a relationship for so long.

But my boyfriend had made me feel that I am the only girl he loves. Why I am experiencing this feeling? I am still going crazy even if they weren’t together for long. Please advise me. Thanks a lot.

My Advice:

It’s simple: Forget his ex-girlfriend.

You’re very lucky. If other boyfriends or girlfriends still open their lines of communication with their ex, your case is different – his contacts with the past has been cut off. If their lines of communication are still open, most likely you’ll panic. Because this is open, there’s a big possibility that he and his ex will be together again. But in your case with your bf, his contacts with that girl are already broken. If they did not use anymore these lines of communication, most likely their relationship will deteriorate, so there’s no reason for you to worry.

It’s regrettable that you did not explain why you are angry to his ex-girlfriend. But regardless of your bad feelings toward his ex-girlfriend, remember that you need to forgive her. And remove the anger in your heart. Why?

  • If you are still angry to that gal, you will not truly enjoy your moments with your boyfriend if this is still your main concern.
  • Keeping so much anger inside is also bad for your health.
  • Instead of focusing your attention to your boyfriend, you are focusing your attention to his ex, even if she’s not your boyfriend.
  • Now that he’s yours, now is the time to prove to him that you are more worthy of his heart than to his ex.
  • That guy had made every effort and ensured his love for you.

How will you lessen your anger towards the ex of your boyfriend? This was taken from my post written a long time ago, but I will interpret these tips for you to understand:

  1. For a while, ignore her or never talk to her. Especially if you have a bad feeling towards her or if you don’t really like her. If you will talk to her and if you will pay attention to her, your battle with her will get worse.
  2. Just have activities that enjoys you the most. And if you do that, you must enjoy what you are doing and make the most out of it. And to enjoy it well, you must be focused on what you are doing.

Just focus on caring your boyfriend, especially that you are enjoying this thing right now.

  1. Delete all pictures of him with his ex together. To do this, you need to seek help from your boyfriend.

It does not make sense if you stare at their pictures while you are forgetting your anger towards the ex of your boyfriend. Otherwise, your efforts to move on are wasted, and worse, you might end up hating her more.

  1. Hangout with your parents, your friends, or your boyfriend. Try to spend some time with them. Promise. This will be a big help for you not to focus only on the hatred that you feel to that gal. Invest or add more time for them until you feel that anger has subsided already.
  2. Learn from his ex’s mistakes. Why? Sometimes in a relationship, mistakes cannot be avoided. Sometimes, with many mistakes, it reaches the point that we part ways even if this is hurting for us.

It’s likely that you have hatred towards her because she made a mistake or you don’t like something from her. In that case, you should have to learn from her so that you will never repeat these things in the future.

  1. If you still can’t move on because you have a bad feeling or because you are still in pain, you can release your feelings in Tacsiapo. What you will do is to throw plates, cups, and others into the Wall over and over again.[2]

If you will do this, the pain that you feel inside will be released. Afterwards, you will feel better after throwing these stuff.

  1. You’ll just have to push yourself. Nobody will push you to move on except you. Still, even if your parents, your friends, or your boyfriend are pushing you to move on, it’s still up to your decision. If you will not move on and wake up, you’ll become a pitiful person. Think that you’re doing this not only for yourself but also for your family, your boyfriend, and your friends.

Don’t panic. Your boyfriend loves you: He left the past, and he makes efforts to make you feel that he loves you. He has moved on. Now is your time to move on too.

Never make it to the point that when the time comes that he breaks up with you due to your refusal to move on, you might realize that you should not sow anymore seeds of hatred to his ex.

Six years is a reasonable, enough time to forgive her, remove the hate you feel to her, and move on. You should have done it in the past, but don’t worry. Start it now.

Author’s Notes:

  1. Papa Jack is one of the FM radio disc jockeys of 90.7 FM Love Radio. He is becoming one of the popular radio personalities in the Philippines due to his love advice to his avid listeners.
  2. Tacsiapo refers to Tacsiapo Wall at Isdaan Restaurant. The said restaurant is located in the town of Gerona, province of Tarlac. It can be accessed from Clark International Airport, just north of Metro Manila. The wall became famous as the wall where angry and frustated guests can throw cups, plates, mugs, and even television sets as part of anger therapy after eating in the restaurant. The word Tacsiapo in the Kapampangan language means “unlucky”.

Love Advice No. 20 (Full English)

As part of saying “thank you” to all the bloggers who liked my articles under category “Love Advice,” especially non-Filipino bloggers, the author releases series of these articles in full English.

In this article, I believe this deserves recognition by our fellow bloggers and by more people in the world. This is an extreme case of love problem which had been dealt before by TweetNewscaster.

The girl who sent this problem does not want to be judged – at first. But seeing the gravity of the problem, this necessitates judgment. I must judge her  act so that the girl might reflect and see if she really value the true meaning of love. This is my way of rebuking her for not giving the same love to her present boyfriend who maybe had valued her more and respected her more. This is also to chastise her for wasting so much love to a guy who does not deserve her love.

Three points were emphasized in this article. (1) Love from the opposite sex needs respect. This is one important point that she missed. (Actually, her acts as we see later makes me think that she must not be given respect that she wants when it comes to romantic love.) (2) Love needs sacrifice. That’s another point missed. (3) Finally, true love makes one do anything to make that partner happy. That’s not her problem anyway, but her ex-boyfriend had missed that point. Okay, let’s start!

From Pag-ibig Problems Facebook Page:

Hi! I’m Sharmaine. I just need an advice from you. Hoping you can help me about this. This is what happened:

My boyfriend and I were in a relationship for two years and I know to myself that I still love my ex. Please don’t judge me first.

My ex was my first love. After our break-up, I had another boyfriend and there were times that I think and miss my ex even if I am in a new relationship and I’m just ignoring that thought because I have a boyfriend but then at the end, I realize that I still love my ex.

I and my ex-boyfriend parted ways because he insisted that something must be happened between the two of us, and I did not give up my virginity, which I told him from the very start. I loved him, but he made a big mistake which for me does not deserve a second chance.

And then we established communication and I felt brokenhearted because I feel that he gave me false hopes, and I feel that he took revenge against me because of that break-up which I regret later. I decided to break up with him because I thought that was the solution for the two of us. I was not capable of handling our relationship at that time.

By the way, when we established communication, he also insisted that something must be happened between us, which caused me trauma. But thanks God, it did not happen. And after that event, I still love him. I still accept him as he is. I tried my best to move on, then I got a new bf, and he is now my boyfriend.

After what happened, we did not communicate and he did not say sorry or something for the things he had done. In fact, he did not make his presence felt for me after that time. Just August of this year (2014), we have established our lines again. We met last September (2014), the first time we met after what happened last two years ago. He’s very sweet but it’s very hard for me to believe all his words and deeds, maybe because of what happened before.

I broke up with my boyfriend because I still love my ex and I don’t want to be unfair to my boyfriend, but he did not approve the break-up, and he is still important for me. I’m sorry, I know this is confusing but that’s what I feel. Even I was confused. What I know is that I still love my ex.

After all not-so-good things he had done for me and not-so-good facts I know about him, I still accept him totally and actually I see him as my future partner. According to my friends, they see that my ex still has feelings for me. What shall I do?

My present boyfriend is still important for me, but I know that I can let him go for my ex-boyfriend, if the latter proves that he will change his ways and prove that he still loves me. However, it’s very hard for me to do that and I don’t know how to start. Hope you might understand my situation. And by the way, I love my ex for more than six years. I wish you might help me to decide what’s best. Thank you.

My Advice:

The admin’s words were right: “Break-up with both of them to be fair.”

In the first place, why should you pick a new one when you know by yourself that the ex is still in your heart? In the first place, what’s the reason in saying “yes” to your new boyfriend? Are you rushing? Will you run out of boys? You did not love your boyfriend, even though I feel that he is more serious in loving you. Why say “yes” to your boyfriend? This is obvious, especially when you said that “I know that I can let him go for my ex-boyfriend.”

Your heart is needed to love your ex. It is okay, but this is used so much. At that time that you love him, you used your heart too much. Why do I say this? You still have learned nothing, even if your ex had fooled you so much. You make yourself stupid just for him. This must not happen. Use your head. Think of possible consequences if you continue your relationship with that ex.

Fake Move-on

In the first place, you must make sure that you have moved on completely from the past: Even if you remember that ex-boyfriend, you will not get hurt, you will not desire the comeback to happen between both of you, and you will not expect the reunion to happen again. But in your case, your move-on is incomplete, and yet you pick a new boyfriend immediately.

I’ll give you reasons not to go back to your ex-boyfriend:

  • He insisted that something happens to both of you.
  • When communication was established between him and you, he also insisted that something happens (again!) to both of you.
  • What? Even if you warned him, and even with your endless requests to him not to give up your virginity, he still did not listen to you, and he did not control his desires of the flesh.
  • Instead of he himself initiating ways to be with you again, instead of seeking forgiveness from his stupid acts, and instead of changing his attitude, it is you who wanted to bring the relationship back.
  • You yourself had told us that “he made a big mistake which for me does not deserve a second chance.” If you’ll think of it, he had made many mistakes. You gave him a second chance, but he said that you should give up your virginity. Why will you give him another chance?
  • That ex-boyfriend only thinks of himself. He did not think that in a relationship, he needs to sacrifice his desires just to make you happy. If you will come back to him, and if he does not change his attitude, it is a big mistake to come back to him.
  • Lastly, he’s irresponsible. When the break-up happened, he took revenge, instead of assuming the fault he made that became the reason for your break-up. Let’s say that his desires were followed. If you became pregnant due to his desire, is he ready to assume his role as a father for your son? Is he ready to become a responsible boyfriend for you? It seems that the answer is no.

I’ll ask you:

  • Is your ex the only man in this world, and you are very desperate to have a relationship again with him?
  • At that time that your new boyfriend had courted you, did you make sure that he is the only one you will love and nobody else?
  • At that time that your new boyfriend had courted you, did you ask yourself why you loved him? It would be difficult for you to say “yes” to him, then afterwards you will say, “I have no more feelings for my present boyfriend.”
  • If you are not skilled in handling relationships like this, did you ask for help from your parents and friends? It is important to seek help from them, to guide you in handling these relationships correctly.

Once you have a new boyfriend, apply quickly the Let It Go Theory. Past is past. You must have thought and must have concern over your new boyfriend, but no. That ex is still on your mind.

You must remember that courting a person is not a joke, especially on men’s part. You must understand that this is true before saying that you are ready to let him go just for the sake of your ex. Some girls, especially you, have taken this unmistakable fact for granted. That must not be your mindset. You must not play on the feelings of your boyfriend, for he invested so much effort for you. They are not barbecue where you can pierce them both in a stick. You must not waste the love being given to you by your present boyfriend, but no. You did not realize that your present boyfriend loves you more than your ex. You just made your present boyfriend a pitiful and a foolish guy.

He had courted you. You said “yes” to him real quick. And then you will hurt him? What’s this, fooling each other? Actually, your relationship with your present boyfriend is plain stupidity. His love for you is wasted already.

Many Fishes in the Sea

Don’t worry. You will not run out of boys who will be serious to you and will respect you as a woman. Why do I say this? Let me tell the reason:

The population of the Philippines has reached to more than 100 million. Most of the population is composed of youths like you.

According to the National Statistics Office (now merged with Philippine Statistics Authority), for every 100 females, there are 102 males in the whole Philippines. If you are aged 14 years old and below, there are 107 males for every 100 females. If you are 15-64 years old, there are 102 males for every 100 females. If you look closely at the statistics, a little bit of excess will remain, as illustrated by NSO:

The general rule for us is “stick to one.” Meanwhile, for every female, there are more than one male in the Philippines. This means that you will not run out of boys.

You must set free your ex and your present bf. I had told you the reasons why you should not go back with ex. You must set free your present boyfriend too. Why? You make things difficult for yourself. You make things difficult for your present bf, and you also hurt his heart too! If you continue your relationship with him, you will even hurt him, for in the first place you do not really love him. Let some girl do the job of giving genuine love to him.

It does not matter if you just “hurt” your ex and let him go, so that he might be a mature person and learn from this the hard way. This is the disciplinary action that you can do to your ex.

Sorry and Thank You

Forgive me if I am very frank in giving advice to you, but I must tell these things for you to realize what you should really do. Hope I guided you when it comes to romantic love. I wish that next time you fall in love, you must not repeat these kind of mistakes. Even if you yourself did not seek love advice from me, thank you for sharing your love problem. It feels good for me to give love advice to persons like you who gives enough details of their problems.