K-Pop Resolutions: What Do I Want For K-Pop In 2020?

Even if a little bit late, hope K-Pop considers these points for improvement.

We all know that 2019 has been full of scandals and incidents, which the author also mentioned several times in this site. And as the year closed, netizens are expecting better things for this year. But these will be worthless if we don’t remind K-Pop to improve further. Hence, this article.

TheBiasList provided some resolutions agencies should follow for this year. We will rewrite it, but we will add some points that should not be neglected. These will help a lot for K-Pop to be on the right track. It will be our guide as we journey to K-Pop in 2020 and in the coming years:

  1. Stronger focus on mental health.

To some extent, agencies are responding now to this lingering issue. While the blogger focused on renewal of mental health, we need to emphasize this strongly. With Sulli and Goo Hara’s deaths, much improvement needs to be done.

Improvements include giving talents breaks, turning down malicious comments, personality development sessions, provision of psychological help, and having leeway over talents’ engagements outside like normal citizens. For benchmarking, K-Pop has to learn more on how BigHit Entertainment is managing this issue.

  1. Safety and health of talents

Wendy’s bad fall in Gayo Daejeon and Minari’s hiatus clearly stressed how important they are. Even if you ask international companies, they’ll tell you that safety and health is their utmost priority. Hopefully, we see more and more agencies responding to it for this year.

  1. Responsive agencies

Agencies being unresponsive contribute to list of sad events in K-Pop for 2019.

At a minimum, agencies need to provide immediate updates or clarifications everytime an issue pops out (dating, health, hiatus, or departure). Plus, correct responses need to be done on these incidents. RBW and BigHit are best examples.

K-Pop needs to seriously take lessons from utter mistakes made by MLD and FNC. It can be remembered that the two haven’t issued statements on Momoland and Cherry Bullet’s status for several months. This is despite their fandoms’ pleadings to do so.

And even if some of members departed, the two agencies still did not clarify what happened or issue apologies for delays they made. This costs less, but would’ve been a big help to maintain goodwill to customers.

As these incidents amount to unprofessional attitude, Japanese “zero-tolerance” approach will be used on this aspect. Even a slightest ignorance of this simple task will cast a permanent effect in dealings with most agencies*. This will be reflected as we rate groups’ performance in MV Reviews.

  1. Experiment on new concepts

This aspect is explained in detail by the blogger, but to cut it short, K-Pop should experiment further, or look back on tunes used ten years ago. Take the cases of tunes like Sorry Sorry, Fire, and I Got A Boy. Otherwise, they can borrow tunes from the 80s or 90s. 

To put it bluntly, international audiences like K-Pop due to its different take on music, and it being dynamic. But now that the genre is slowly succumbing to usual mainstream trends, K-Pop has to catch up.

  1. Bit leeway on dating scandals

As a love adviser for five years, the author recommends that no-dating policy be retained, but for a definite time (say, 3 – 5 years). The rationale is that no sensible guy will take risks during that time, if he is not serious in a relationship.

But if we see a repeat of Hyuna and Dawn, the agencies have to provide leeway. Sanctions may be enforced, but not too harsh. Cube made a terrible mistake on it, and MLD Ent did the same to Daisy. K-Pop should learn from the Big 3 + YG how they handle issues like this.

  1. No more Produce series

While Produce series helped some struggling groups like NU’EST and VICTON, the vote-rigging scandals substantially erased the trust over the series. We explained these in our previous article, and hope this continues till 2020 and beyond.

The scandals somehow stopped more heartbreaks for prospective fans, unlike that of I.O.I and Wanna One. And as of this writing, X1 disbanded. Again, creating temporary groups must be done by other shows, not by Produce.

  1. Another Queendom-style show

News circulated that another Queendom-style show for boy groups will be laid out. As Queendom helped underrated groups like Oh My Girl, AOA, and Lovelyz, it must be carried out on a continuous basis.

The show helped the groups to experiment on new concepts, shine further, develop potentials, and make new collaborations with other groups.

If you think additional resolutions need to be done, you may comment here below. We’ll consider including it next time.

* Due to outstanding attitude and/or attendance, some groups are exempt from this approach, namely BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, GFRIEND, and AOA.

Featured Image Credit: BTS concert in Seoul.

MAMAMOO (마마무)– Wind Flower (Full English Misheard Lyrics)

Let’s have time for MAMAMOO again, with their song Wind Flower.

This is their final act for last year, and final act for the group before they embark on solo debuts. I find this as a parting act before they “part ways”, as noticed by their slow tempo.

In this case, they take it slow, and enjoy what they are doing as if there’s no tomorrow, as noticed by them drinking and partying all night.

Considering the misheard lyrics below, the alternate title for this song is “Get Parrot Day By Day”. If that’s the case, then all parrots would be gone.

Lyrics posted in the video are underlined here.

You may play this video while reading the following contents. Enjoy the misheard lyrics of “Wind Flower (MAMAMOO/마마무) from TweetNewscaster!

Bar a day banner. Get Sarah yeah gay, huh?
Hone now the honor, if you’ll dip her. Me, huh?
If me, I get Chen. My, no man tone her
Funny. Where hook her? He do lay my song

Oh, why he suit her red all tarry? Shoot your motor, Nancy
He has sold your wreck. Cool man, my good. He mentor bungee
My funny, yeah yeah yeah. He wear man, honey I yay
Check all the manner. More yeah bar

Wind flower, flay wind flower
I call him, call him, who ray him hockey
Wind flower, oh wind flower

Ooh ooh ooh ooh!
A mile nibble, he’ll bum. Oh wow why?
Ddu-du Ddu-du may mile. Nap a hike, aye
Cash he do pillow. I go, me, only show room here
Get parrot day by day. Get parrot day by day.

Got a furrow. He bone straw. Oh my, don’t know all day
Shot a day on ball. Car phone on my sold car. Bone, I ban
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Who dang my room carpool? Oh wow wow hair
Get parrot day by day. Get parrot day by day.

Yeah, you’re my hefty bread. I’m Bom!
Bone, I keep your late zero, Sir. I knock on boner naked honey there
Need you. He’ll gone cheetah. He shall yawn.
Do not share boot. Shut up the pizza. Do the zigzag

Movie shop, come up! Me roam your Nash. She could not give up
Down there, make her motor want. Not he observe
Motor can cause her your way

Hunk here. He suit her red all. I don’t butt your motor, Nancy
Two low man. No, ready Bianca’s harrow. Tell Nancy:
“I’ll pie yeah yeah yay.” Oh when a money I yay
Should call them? I mow more your bar!

Wind flower, where wind flower
To lodge your body, done. I know better
Wind flower, where wind flower ooh

Ooh ooh ooh ooh!
Me, my! Maybe, he’ll come. Ooh wow why?
Ddu-du Ddu-du. Here mom, mop pie. Hi, Kai
Does he do pillow? I go, me, should I show room here
Get better day by day. Get bed or day by day.

Got a furrow. Even straw. Oh my, don’t know all day
Shot a day on ball. Car phone on my sold car. Bone, I ban
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Who dang my rain goggle? Oh wow wow hair
Get parrot day by day. Get parrot day by day.

Go, told no show. What? She, Anna to Rome eh
He heard now call, who? None heap. You’ll do hoop, so get sure
Knock now. None a boar. I null good chore. I’ll be a nearer. Noon show Nina moon. Shitty yawn
Bell, go a none. Good, ooh new row Sarah!

[Long interlude]

Ooh ooh ooh ooh
A mile, nibble. He’ll bum
Ddu-du Ddu-du. He’ll mile. Mop her. Hi, Kai!
Does she do feel only good? Me, show room, show room there
Get better day by day. Get better day by day.

Go, run. Go, root. Give him straw on night. Don’t know all day
I’m sick on Twitter. Quick, her all the bite. Book a bone a bun
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Boot a maroon cuckoo. Oh, wow wow yeah
Get better day by day. Get better day by day.

Go, run. Go, root. Give him straw on night. Don’t know all day
I’m sick on Twitter. Quick, her all the bite. Book a bone a bun
Ooh ooh ooh ooh!

Chunsa Facts and Profile


Stage Name: Chunsa (춘사)
Birth Name: Jung Chun Sa (중춘사)
Nationality: Filipino
Birthday: September 18, 2008

Chunsa Facts:

Do you know more facts about Chunsa? Feel free to comment below. We’ll update it to let more people know about her.

Featured Image Credit: Chunsa wearing Hanbok (Korean dress)

MOMOLAND (모모랜드) – Baam (Rendition)

After their success on their song “Bboom Bboom,” Momoland has released another song called “Baam”. This was their sequel just to eliminate boredom among their fans on their first song.

With this, I felt the urgent need to create a misheard lyrics of this song, since as of now, no one had rendered this song.

You may play this video while reading the following contents. Enjoy the rendition of “Baam” (Momoland) by TweetNewscaster!



Ba ba ba
Bam! Bam!
Ba ba ba
Bam! Bam!

Sagu o sa iyo
Single Tsino muta Mika
Hoop, hoop, hoop to Row One (Baam, Baam)
Nadine Fundador
Ooh, si mare. Done two many
Pick, pick, pick zero Joe (Baam, Baam)

Saan ka Monday? Siya, kamote
Ikaw muna, Susana, lalo na ikaw
Sunod ang Monday, Cappucino (Chika, chika)
Kayo, Mika, auto care
Amiga, auto care pa

Looney, sundan monay muna. May maganda, ooh ooh ooh
Paduling na paduling ka na. Ooh ooh ooh
Movie camera o check ko mamaya, ha?
Auto care, baby, tell me why?

Nang dumating Bam, Bam, Bam
Single na me, Bam, Bam, Bam!
Check ko o maya-maya, baby
Kung sunog thousand years, so wrong, Bam, Bam, Bam
Ampunan Jack uwi na kita
Ah, maya-maya, baby, baby, babbah

Ba ba ba
Bam! Bam!
Ba ba ba
Bam! Bam!

Mika, may buni ka
Nandoon ang pusa na
Tour two be-baby
Single bungi ka na, eh-eh
Tsonggo, i-hang two doon
Simbang ipala doon
Mika, may buni ka. Baam…

Kung sinuman, teh
Sako ni man two
Kathang ibon, beginning sa Malate
Itchy Mandy sa may goto
Kayamanan, auto care
O Nanay auto care pa

Looney, sundan monay muna. May maganda, ooh ooh ooh
Paduling na paduling ka na. Ooh ooh ooh
Come, sige Sogo o check ko mamaya, ha?
Auto care, baby, tell me why?

Nang dumating Bam, Bam, Bam
Single na me, Bam, Bam, Bam!
Check ko o maya-maya, baby
Kung sunog thousand years, so wrong, Bam, Bam, Bam
Ampunan Jack uwi na kita
Ah, maya-maya, baby, baby, babbah

Uso coming Bam
May Nene, looking Hannah baby.
Kasakit, Bam
Tocino kanin boodle tenant

Nang dumating Bam, Bam, Bam
Single na me, Bam, Bam, Bam
Check ko o maya-maya, baby
Kung sunog thousand years, so wrong, Bam, Bam, Bam
Ampunan Jack uwi na kita
Ah, maya-maya, baby, baby, babbah

Ba ba ba
Bam! Bam!
Ba ba ba
Bam! Bam!

Batangas town builds chicken monument after laying egg statue

Photo of egg and chicken monuments, both located at San Jose, Batangas.

SAN JOSE, Batangas, Philippines – “Which comes first, egg or chicken?”

The search for the correct response to the endless query had been resolved by the erection of a chicken monument at the town of San Jose in Batangas province. The statue was built as a testimonial to the chickens who provided much of the needed eggs in the town that qualified the latter to be the leading producer of eggs in the country.

Comments from some netizens revealed that the egg was placed near the hospital, while the chicken was installed near funeral parlors, firing their thinking that the egg was being laid in the hospital, while the chicken, being full-grown, would look like as if it is going to be slaughtered.

Laying the monument

A local official of San Jose who refused to reveal his name had something to share regarding the erection of the statue:

Tuwi nang mapapasinsay ako sa bayan, laging tinatanong sa akin ng mga dayo, ‘Pagkagaganda naman naréng itlog. Ay nasaan ga ang manok? Nangingitlog pa ga?’ Lagi kong sinasabi na nakawala laang iyon. Pagka nagtanong ang Mamay, lagi kong sinasabi na inaalagaan namin iyon.”

(Everytime I pass through the town proper, those strangers always ask me, “How beautiful is that egg. Where’s the chicken? Is it still laying?” I always tell that it had escaped. Everytime this question is asked by our grandfather, I always tell that we take care of it.)

Pinagbigyé natin ang hiling nila. Kaya nagpatayo na tayo ng gay-ang kalaking istatwa nito lang Setyembre o Oktubre. Ala, ay tuwang-tuwa ang mga tawo diné pagkakita niyaan.”

(We had granted their wish. So we built that huge statue this September or October. The people were full of joy when they saw that.)

The official further explained that for many years, San Jose, Batangas was dubbed as the “Egg Basket of the Philippines,” and as such, an egg monument was placed to signify the role of the town as the main source of egg production for the country. However, no monument for the chickens was installed at the town despite the fact that the broilers have contributed a big role for the eggs industry.

Cracking the answer

The monument had egged the netizens to give their best answers:

Nauna ang itlog. Yun ang unang nakatayo. Ngay-on laang natapos yung manok eh.

(The egg comes first. This was first erected [in that town]. The chicken [monument] was recently built.)

Diné po sa amin ay una ang manok, sapagkat sa tuwing magluluto ako ng pagkain, pag may itlog at manok, ang unang kinukuha ng mga anak ko ay manok, kaya una po ang manok.

(Here in our place, chicken comes first. It is because everytime I cook our food, if there were egg and chicken, the first one my sons would pick would be the latter. Therefore, the chicken comes first.)

Ala, hoy naman, kung ang sagot ay dipende sa tanong, eh itlog ang una. Pero kung sa tama ay palagay ko ay manuk. Papaano ga magkakaitlog kung walang manok. Ay, naku, sa tagal ko nang magmamanuk ako ga ay mauuto pa?

(Hey, if the answer depends on the question, egg comes first. But I think chicken is the right answer. How would the eggs exist if there’s no chicken. Oh, my, will they fool me when I am raising chickens for so long?)

Ay siya, hinahon laang, mga irog at paggulungin ko pariyan sa San Jose ang magic itlog. Pihadong balahibuhin na aré pag nakarating diyaan! Hehehe.

(Well, relax, darlings, and I will roll the magic egg down there to San Jose. Surely it will be feathery when it goes there! Hehehe.)

A fellow netizen had finally guessed the answer to the never-ending question:

“Ala’y diné sa amén sa San Jose ay depende kung saan ka magmumula. Pagka galing kang Batangas, ay MANOK. Pagka galing Lipa naman, ay di ITLOG.

Wari ko nama’y!”

(Here in our town in San Jose, it depends where you start your travel. If you’re from Batangas City, the answer is CHICKEN. But if you’re from Lipa City, the answer is EGG.

I guess so!)

To secure the correct answer, another netizen suggested:

“Bantayan mo ang dalwang aré at baka magpalit, ay malilito ang papanhik ng San Jose.”

(Guard these two monuments for they might swap positions. People going to San Jose might be confused if this happens.)

To which the page replied:

“Karibok iyan kapag nagpalit.”

(There might be trouble if they swapped positions.)

And for those who can’t get over to the question:

“Siguro kailangan ang referendum sa San Jose para malutas ang issue sa pagitan ng itlog at manok.”

(Maybe referendum is needed in San Jose to solve the issue between the chicken and egg.)

“Sabi na nga na depende kung saan kayo nanggaling eh. Pagkakulit niyo din nga eh. Tawarin naman kayo.”

(It is already told that the answer depends on where you start travelling. You’re way too insistent. May God forgive you.)

Hatching reactions

The laying of the chicken monument had not only tickled the various answers on the chicken-or-egg question, but also reminds them of everyday life with the chickens in Batangas.

Their reactions follow:

A: Wag na ninyong pagtalunan ang manok at itlog kasi diné sa dapdapan, mas nauna ang bibe kisa manok.

B: ‘Yaan mo na…, mapapalo iyang mga iyan ng mamay.

(A: Don’t argue over chicken and egg because here in the Indian coral tree, the duck comes first and not the chicken.

B: Don’t mind them,… they will be beaten by Grandpa.)

“Lasa ko naman eh ako’y liyo na, at lasa ko’y patas ang laban diné. Pero ako’y hanga eh. Ay pagkakalaki ng itlog at manok diyaan. Ay pihong mangangailangan ako ng malaki-laking kawa at ang Tatay Igme ay gutom na! Hahahaha :P”

(I feel dizzy, and I feel that they both won here. But I am amazed. The chicken and the egg are so huge. Surely I will need a very big pan for Father Igme is hungry now. Hahahaha. 😛 )

“Di ga’y merong 45 days na tinatawag? Baka iyan ay 365 days na manok eh pagkakalaki eh. Di na yata pellets pakain diyan, baka isang sakong bigas ay kawawa ang kaka.”

(There are 45-day chickens, aren’t they? That might be the 365-day chicken for that is huge. Pellets might not be feeded for the chicken, instead they are feeded with rice grains. Pity the aunt/uncle. )

Since the play between the chicken and egg in the town would be discussed especially in public and private schools, another commented:

“Pag may dyaryo ang mga iyan, ang nameplate dapat ay ANG ITLOG. Hahaha. O pag may English campus paper, eh THE EGG”

(If they have their campus paper, the nameplate of the schoolpaper should be THE EGG.)

Another had told that the chicken in San Jose must be related to the one seen in Magallanes near EDSA:

Huwag pipiho kasi pag diné galing Maynila eh aré ang makikita mo sa Magallanes… Hahahaha

(Don’t be so sure because if you’re coming from Manila, this is what you will see in Magallanes. Hahahaha.)


To which the page replied:

…. Andiné pa din ang Egg Basket of the Philippines. 🙂 Baka iya’y nakawala laang sa mamay nuon.

(The Egg Basket of the Philippines is still here. 🙂 It might be the one escaped from grandfather’s coop in the past.)

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Lucky Me Pancit Canton Recipe

Good day, readers! Ngayong araw na ito, magluluto na naman tayo ng katakam-takam na recipes mula sa isang netizen. Sa araw na ito, magluluto tayo ng Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton. Yup, you read it right. Madali lang lutuin ito. 😀

So, handa na ba tayo? Kung oo, eh di sige! Magluto na nga tayo! 😀

Ito ang mga ingredients na dapat mong paghandaan bago tayo magluto:

  • Tubig. Preferred ang pinakuluang tubig para mas madali tayong makaluto.
    Sa totoo lang, puwede ang all types of water. Tatanungin mo naman sa akin, “Anong klaseng tubig?” Kahit ano. Gusto mo, pati yung tubig sa swimming pool, gamitin natin?
  • Dalawang totoong kalamansi. Hindi puwede ang fake na kalamansi na mabibili sa Recto. Otherwise, hindi magiging malasa ang dish natin. Kung walang kalamansi sa bakuran, puwede na ang dalandan, orange, o lemon. Try mo lang din, baka mas masarap pa ang lulutin nating pancit pag ginamit natin iyon.
  • Dalawang pack ng Lucky Me Pancit Canton. Piliin ang green version nito na kung tawagin ay Kalamansi Flavor.

Handa na ba ang ating mga ingredients? Kung oo, simulan na natin!

  1. Kumuha ng dalawang pack at isalang sa kaserola.
  2. Pakuluan ang dalawang pack ng noodles sa isang kaserola sa loob ng dalawang minuto. Bakit ko ito nasabi? Ngayon, ano ang mangyayari kung ibababad mo sa tubig? Eh di wala rin. 😡
  3. Pagkatapos ng dalawang minuto, patayin ang apoy. Kung hindi mo magagawa iyan, at gusto mong kainin ang napakalambot nang noodles, eh di magaling!
  4. Hanguin ang noodles sa tubig at isabak sa hinandang sauce na kasama sa pack.
  5. Lagyan ng isa o dalawang kutsarang tubig sa noodles para kumalat ang lasa.
  6. Paghaluin ang noodle mix at pigaan ng dalawang totoong kalamansi. I repeat, dalawang totoong kalamansi. Kung gusto mo naman ng fake na kalamansi, go ahead. 🙂 At huwag isasama ang buto ng kalamansi, unless gusto mo ring kainin iyan. Haluin nang mabuti. Your Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton is now ready to be served.

Well, salamat sa inyong pagbabasa ng recipeng ito. Sana nagustuhan ninyo ang paraan natin ng pagluluto nito. Now, enjoy the saucy pancit canton na maasim-asim at maalat-alat. Perfect combo ito sa tirang malamig na kanin. Have a good appetite and happy cooking! 🙂

Featured Image Credit: Pancit Canton