Baekhyun (백현) – Candy: MV Review

We will gradually resume site operations (except YouTube) starting with this review.

For more than four months, we haven’t written any review on latest releases due to fewer reads and the pandemic. As these take toll on blogging, we now have to gradually resume this. We will start on our first review with EXO’s Baekhyun in his latest song Candy.

The storyline consists of him going to an old warehouse, which was then retrofitted to be a dressing room and arcade room for his friends. It then tells how he spends his time together with friends, eating and playing all the time. Later on, Baek will realize upon walking that these are now memories.

The music video tries to impart that life is also full of sweets, which is relevant now amidst widespread sadness and depression going on. Tangible side is apparent on features of softdrinks, candies, and juice dispensers. Intangible side focuses on sweetness experienced upon playing of arcade games and sharing of foods together.

While the mood of the music is slow, the beats is fast enough to elicit excitement. Other noticeable additions of the song is on bubbly tunes heard throughout, and on howling tunes which give an eerie feeling.

In comparison with his famous UN Village, Candy lacked any suspense factor for it to be drawn attention with.

A little bit of improvement would be on pausing the song as Baek walks with freezing cameos. This will give an added tenseness, and will emphasize how sweet his life was before.

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TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 88.00%
Grade: B+
Assessment: Good


Aspect Points Base
Storyline 5 5
Appearance 10 10
Music 4 5
Dance 5 5
Entertainment 20 25
Other Factors

Krabby Patty Recipe


Many of us have been intrigued by the secret formula of Krabby Patty, the most-sought recipe in Krusty Krabs. Would anyone dare to open the recipe inside the bottle? Fortunately, Spongebob shares to us this wonderful secret to the tasty dish.

I deem this recipe as fairly simple, and can be cooked right at your home. We are going to divulge this for our benefit, for you to taste it also. But don’t show this to Plankton! This is strictly confidential, and it is for our eyes only. Now, how do we cook it?


  1. Buns. This is a very important part in any patty recipe.
  2. Cheese. Any kind of solid cheese will do.
  3. Cooking oil.
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Love Advice No. 129

Author-constructed problem:

Nagkakagusto na po ako sa isang reviewer sa ReSA. Minsan na rin akong nag-request sa kanya na magpatasa ng lapis. Ang problema ko po, marami rin ang nagkakagusto sa kanya.

My Advice:

Assess mo muna ang sarili mo.

Gusto mo ba talaga siya? Baka crush mo lang siya, which in this case ay kailangan mong palipasin ang oras. Then assess yourself again, since it might take some time before love can be developed. Pag nag-iba na ang approach mo sa kanya, baka gusto mo na talaga si Prof.

Mahirap na kung crush mo pa lang, mahal na agad. Walang ganoon.

Huwag mo ring hintayin na siya ang gagawa ng first move. Sa dami ng mga nagkakagusto, maiiwanan ka pag ganyang ka-obsolete ang mindset mo.

Get yourself interacting with him. Take initiatives. Mas mabuti na rin na ikaw ang magyaya sa kanya – for the meantime. Kasi hindi rin natin masasabi kung ano ang feelings niya.

Mango Flute Recipe (Full English)


Good day, dear readers! Here we are for another series of cooking with the author. This time, we will cook another special dish for this day. This is none other than “Mango Flute.”

This post is just right, as we are now craving with sweets all over. But before we cook the recipe, here’s another interesting story behind this.

You might ask, “Why Mango Flute? Why not call it mango float?” An actual post of mango flute being prepared was documented. Here’s his post:

Senyora Santibanez: Does it make sounds?

A female netizen also posted her mango flute dish, but upon corrected, reacted with another tweet:


[1st post: Just got home from travelling. Mango flute is so tasty.]
[2nd post: Someone corrected me… MANGO FLOAT? Huh? Magic? Floating mango? Study first, please.]
[Facebook post: Woman renowned for MANGO FLUTE appeals for correction!]

It’s funny that she did not reviewed…

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K-Pop Resolutions: What Do I Want For K-Pop In 2020?

Even if a little bit late, hope K-Pop considers these points for improvement.

We all know that 2019 has been full of scandals and incidents, which the author also mentioned several times in this site. And as the year closed, netizens are expecting better things for this year. But these will be worthless if we don’t remind K-Pop to improve further. Hence, this article.

TheBiasList provided some resolutions agencies should follow for this year. We will rewrite it, but we will add some points that should not be neglected. These will help a lot for K-Pop to be on the right track. It will be our guide as we journey to K-Pop in 2020 and in the coming years:

  1. Stronger focus on mental health.

To some extent, agencies are responding now to this lingering issue. While the blogger focused on renewal of mental health, we need to emphasize this strongly. With Sulli and Goo Hara’s deaths, much improvement needs to be done.

Improvements include giving talents breaks, turning down malicious comments, personality development sessions, provision of psychological help, and having leeway over talents’ engagements outside like normal citizens. For benchmarking, K-Pop has to learn more on how BigHit Entertainment is managing this issue.

  1. Safety and health of talents

Wendy’s bad fall in Gayo Daejeon and Minari’s hiatus clearly stressed how important they are. Even if you ask international companies, they’ll tell you that safety and health is their utmost priority. Hopefully, we see more and more agencies responding to it for this year.

  1. Responsive agencies

Agencies being unresponsive contribute to list of sad events in K-Pop for 2019.

At a minimum, agencies need to provide immediate updates or clarifications everytime an issue pops out (dating, health, hiatus, or departure). Plus, correct responses need to be done on these incidents. RBW and BigHit are best examples.

K-Pop needs to seriously take lessons from utter mistakes made by MLD and FNC. It can be remembered that the two haven’t issued statements on Momoland and Cherry Bullet’s status for several months. This is despite their fandoms’ pleadings to do so.

And even if some of members departed, the two agencies still did not clarify what happened or issue apologies for delays they made. This costs less, but would’ve been a big help to maintain goodwill to customers.

As these incidents amount to unprofessional attitude, Japanese “zero-tolerance” approach will be used on this aspect. Even a slightest ignorance of this simple task will cast a permanent effect in dealings with most agencies*. This will be reflected as we rate groups’ performance in MV Reviews.

  1. Experiment on new concepts

This aspect is explained in detail by the blogger, but to cut it short, K-Pop should experiment further, or look back on tunes used ten years ago. Take the cases of tunes like Sorry Sorry, Fire, and I Got A Boy. Otherwise, they can borrow tunes from the 80s or 90s. 

To put it bluntly, international audiences like K-Pop due to its different take on music, and it being dynamic. But now that the genre is slowly succumbing to usual mainstream trends, K-Pop has to catch up.

  1. Bit leeway on dating scandals

As a love adviser for five years, the author recommends that no-dating policy be retained, but for a definite time (say, 3 – 5 years). The rationale is that no sensible guy will take risks during that time, if he is not serious in a relationship.

But if we see a repeat of Hyuna and Dawn, the agencies have to provide leeway. Sanctions may be enforced, but not too harsh. Cube made a terrible mistake on it, and MLD Ent did the same to Daisy. K-Pop should learn from the Big 3 + YG how they handle issues like this.

  1. No more Produce series

While Produce series helped some struggling groups like NU’EST and VICTON, the vote-rigging scandals substantially erased the trust over the series. We explained these in our previous article, and hope this continues till 2020 and beyond.

The scandals somehow stopped more heartbreaks for prospective fans, unlike that of I.O.I and Wanna One. And as of this writing, X1 disbanded. Again, creating temporary groups must be done by other shows, not by Produce.

  1. Another Queendom-style show

News circulated that another Queendom-style show for boy groups will be laid out. As Queendom helped underrated groups like Oh My Girl, AOA, and Lovelyz, it must be carried out on a continuous basis.

The show helped the groups to experiment on new concepts, shine further, develop potentials, and make new collaborations with other groups.

If you think additional resolutions need to be done, you may comment here below. We’ll consider including it next time.

* Due to outstanding attitude and/or attendance, some groups are exempt from this approach, namely BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, GFRIEND, and AOA.

Featured Image Credit: BTS concert in Seoul.