Information Use Policy

How does the author use your information?

TweetNewscaster (hereinafter referred to as “Blogger”) uses every information in its hand to create articles that serve its mission. Utmost care is being taken to avoid any problems associated in using the information. With this in mind, the reader is expected that:

  1. The Blogger, as much as possible, cites most of the articles in the books or in the internet that it uses in creating an article.
  2. In citing the credits for most of the pictures, the Blogger inserts the source of the picture for easy reference.
  3. The Blogger will not disclose any references or sources if in its opinion this will put the privacy of any person at risk, or if it will cause contempt, ridicule, or injury to other person/s, especially in social media aspect.
  4. For purposes of entertaining the readers, the Blogger may distort the information. In this case, the reader should not read it in a serious way.
  5. Not all information contained in an article may be cited due to the selective memory possessed by the Blogger.
  6. Due to the limitation discussed in number 5, any information which needs citation should be addressed immediately to Any prompt notification will be very much appreciated.

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