Reminders and Announcements

Dear Reader:

Because the main and major aim of this site is to give fun to the readers, TweetNewscaster wants you to have a comfortable day reading the contents of this site.


This site is published generally in English and Filipino. For categories marked as “Funny Trivia”, “Entertainment”, “Renditions”, “Recipes”, and “Love Advice”, posts from these categories are published with mixed English and Filipino words. Meanwhile, the category called “Gender Equality” and “Ibang Balita Naman” uses English.

However, posts not assigned to these categories may or may not have mixed words or use most of Filipino words. This will be updated as the author will add new categories.

If You’re So Serious, Read This:

Since it is our aim to give fun and entertainment to other people through these articles, TweetNewscaster strongly advises you not to take these articles too seriously (except for “Love Advice” category).

Guidelines for Love Advice

Click here for the guidelines on how you could seek answers and love advice from the TweetNewscaster. For English versions, please follow the rules on obtaining an English version of article/s.


Aside from the usual trivia that TweetNewscaster is delivering, it will release another modified form of trivia. Each article will consist of five trivias. Proofs may or may not be delivered to you, since these are very obvious. In creating modified trivia, the author will create own trivias and use a “trivial” Facebook page as its authority.


Renditions of K-Pop songs are under way. The renditions refers to songs being rendered in mixed English and Tagalog words that have the same sounds as the original song. A K-Pop song being rendered in this way would make a Korean look like as if he/speaks these mixed languages. Sample of a rendition of K-Pop song may be viewed here below:

Well, if you want TweetNewscaster to do it for you, you may send a request for rendition of your favorite K-Pop song to and using the following format:

For Subject:

Request Re: Renditions from TweetNewscaster

For Message:


I would like to request to render my favorite K-Pop songs:

[Specify the songs you would like the author to render.]

I understand that depending on the complexity of the song, it may take days or weeks to be completed.



To serve you better, TweetNewscaster regularly updates its articles. For example, it has regularly updated its articles in the Renditions category and the article named “Nadine Lustre vs. Kathryn Bernardo.” Updating articles will be done in order to remain competitive, and to enhance further the readability and value of the articles being posted here. For further updates on the articles in this site, please refer to the Updates section on the right side of your screen.

Alternative News

In line with the mission of the site to serve readers better through giving contents that are full of fun and the other side of the news, the new category called “Ibang Balita Naman” (English, “Other News, Please”) had been released at the time the article “Kapamilya Network to Launch KathNielTV Station” was published.

The said category will feature fictional news based on real and stereotypical news. Readers are strongly reminded and warned that the articles are jokes, are intended to be read for enjoyment, are intended for fun, and these should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that these articles are very real. The well-known satirical and fictional website and our fellow blog So What’s News shall be the authority and reference in creating the said articles.

Final Remarks

With these rules, we hope that you might enjoy visiting and reading here. Let’s spread the fun and the other side of news to the world!

From the writer who loves you most,


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