Love Advice No. 108 (GFRIEND and Honey Popcorn)

Missing out on my love advices? Well, here we go again!

For the first time, we are giving love advice to our fellow K-Pop reviewer. This is all about a guy, who upon being frustrated with GFRIEND, stumbled on another group called Honey Popcorn. As I am scanning MV Reviews of various artists, plus comments, I can’t help but be amused at his love predicament, which we will show later.

This is a way of helping fellow commenters as they’re undergoing various problems. And by the way, as you read it, this is just for fun, so never take these things seriously. This is not really a contest between two groups, but I do hope that you will learn some lessons here. Let’s start!

From a commenter in TheBiasList:

As you know, my GFRIEND and I are currently going through a trial separation. During this time, I met Honey Popcorn. She’s different from all the others. My friends are trying to convince me not to like her. They say she’s from a different neighborhood and she has a questionable past. I don’t care about that. I only know how I feel when I see and hear her.

Though we’ve only shared a couple of moments together, I feel that there’s a future for us. I want her to stay. I want my friends to realize she’s a real person with something to offer the world. Please stay, Honey Popcorn. Let us walk the flower path together.

Prior to that:

My GFRIEND and I are going to be spending some time apart during this release [of “Fever”].

My Advice:

Stick with GFRIEND.

As I see it, you and GFRIEND are on this trial stage. Your problem with GFRIEND is just temporary. Don’t feel bad about it. It’s just normal that all of us, like her, undergo some trials like this one.

I recommend that you stick with first love than find somewhere else. This is not a question of being purer among the two, but a question of commitment. In times of trials like this one, how willing are you to stick with her till the end? What if next time, she might make it up for all times she missed?

Now, what if Honey Popcorn later on made something you don’t like? Getting to know another girl again? Another scenario: Let’s say that your feelings with GFRIEND rebounded. More likely, she lost virtually all her love for you. Double brokenhearted for sure. Then, where will you go?

Plan B

If you eventually decide to leave GFRIEND in favor of Honey, some things must be remembered:

There’s a strong need for both of you to know each other. I’m afraid to admit that time will expose some of the problems that will be encountered on your new relationship, just like what you experienced in the past. Just look at Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun.

You just have to take more time. Take it easy. Time will tell if there will be a future for both of you, since we alone can’t tell the future.

Finally, you have to help Honey Popcorn redeem herself. Since as you say, she has a questionable past. Knowing more about her also helps you decide on giving her new look and character. Considering that neighbors already know her personality and attitude, she can’t redeem herself alone. Again, help her. This shows that you really care for her in her trials.

Taxation Straight Problem No. 10: GFRIEND

Since malapit na ang board exam, try ninyong i-solve ang problems para maassess kung handa ka nang mag-take ng CPA Board Exam this October. Solve these problems:

First Problem

Last August 23, GFRIEND held its 2019 tour called “Go Go GFRIEND” at Manila:

Discussion Questions

  1. For income tax purposes, what will be the taxability of GFRIEND?
    1. Resident citizens
    2. Resident aliens
    3. Non-resident aliens engaged in business
    4. Non-resident aliens not engaged in trade or business.
  2. On what type GFRIEND will be subject to income tax, and who will withhold the tax due (if applicable)?
    1. Graduated tax rate or 8%, at GFRIEND’s option; Source Music
    2. Graduated tax rate; local promotion agency
    3. 25% of gross income; local promotion agency
    4. 25% of gross income; Source Music

Second Problem

Assume that Eunha is engaged in business of selling height-growth products in Philippines. These products are sold in a continuous basis. She only visits the country monthly or quarterly to check on status of business.

Discussion Questions:

  1. For income tax purposes, what will be Eunha’s status? (Choose one)
    1. Resident citizen
    2. Resident alien
    3. Non-resident alien engaged in business
    4. Non-resident alien not engaged in trade or business.
  2. Assume that her products are VATable. Explain the tax effects of her products, assuming that she is VAT-registered:
    1. Input VAT
    2. Output VAT

Taxation Problem created by: TweetNewscaster

AFAR Straight Problem No. 8: BTS and GFRIEND

Prepare yourself for CPA Board Exam through these kind of problems, like this Advanced Fin. Acctg. and Reporting problem:

You may have heard of ARMYs and Buddies talking about BigHit’s purchase of Source Music. While some are excited on this, others are not happy with it. Let’s see what will happen afterwards, but expect a better future for these groups they manage.

If you are the lead Accountant of the company, what will you do? Use all concepts that you learned in Advanced Accounting. Solve this problem:

This last week, BigHit acquired Source Music and is planning to do the same with RBW. This has effect of the latter two agencies as being subsidiaries of BigHit. As a consequence, GFRIEND, ONEUS, MAMAMOO, and other groups under two labels will be indirectly managed by the parent group.

Source Music is on its way to relocate its headquarters to BigHit’s new building.

Discussion Questions

  1. Is BigHit exercising significant influence or control? Explain.
  2. Does this purchase fall under merger or consolidation? Explain.
  3. (Independent case) Assume that royalties on every comebacks are divided as follows: 60% to BigHit and 40% to Source Music. Explain and/or illustrate where will these portion/s of income go. (Hint: non-controlling interest in net income of subsidiary)

Advanced Fin. Acctg. and Reporting Problem prepared by: TweetNewscaster

Featured Image Credit: Logo of two agencies. For illustrative purposes only.

GFRIEND (여자친구) – Fever (열대야): MV Review

This will be the last MV Review for this month, as I have to focus more on Annual Report, and take a break from posting at the blogsite. All MV Reviews for select July releases after GFRIEND will be published next month, unless otherwise announced.

It has been long since we first reviewed GFRIEND’s opening track this year called Sunrise, where one by one we detail how we review and rate the group.

After Sunrise, they embarked on promotions in Japan, with their song Flower. Next was their soft comeback with their song named Zzan (Cheers), which was used as one of OST of Just One Bite, a K-Drama program. Meanwhile, Eunha collaborated with Ravi of VIXX in an advert project using the Spring theme.

Being a Buddy also, I tried to view their second teaser of the newest song Fever.  First expectation was that they will illustrate again the summer. But as I viewed it, including comments, I felt lost and puzzled. Let’s see in this review if GFRIEND performed well with their new concept:

The storyline revolves on them longing for themselves to spend summer together, and desire to go outside. Still unclear? That is. It also seems surprising that 1theK did not give any hint or storyline behind the song. This would help viewers give an idea what the MV is all about. Meanwhile, the summer theme is consistently present in the video.

GFRIEND portrays its maturity by wearing outfits we don’t see in previous tracks. On music, that was quite exciting, but the pumping music leads us up to that point and nothing else. Their moves can be easily learned, as they used simple steps and added dynamics to it.

The only funny scene was on Umji holding a clear umbrella. While this means things/people that can’t give enough shelter, and while many would not laugh at it, try yourself doing it on a sunny day. On the other hand, viewers would benefit from them, as they teach us to appreciate various plants, especially the cactuses. In fact, I liked also their feature of round cactus.

Review by other sites

KPopReviewed took on a candid approach to GFRIEND. Fever takes on the other side, staying away from conventional tunes that defines the group.

The blogger listed down some negative points for the song. This includes lack of luster needed as they are venturing in new genre for K-Pop. Added to that was the lack of outstanding vibe and facial expressions that will impress upon viewers’ minds. Also, he/she wanted to know the storyline. Meanwhile, positive notes include dance, which tells what GFRIEND will show in their next releases.

Though harsh, the blogger retracted a bit owing to “not-so-successful” releases of Summer Rain and Sunny Summer.

TheBiasList also felt that their recent song was wanting in many aspects. It lacked the tempo needed to regain the momentum it has from the start. The song also repeats itself on the refrain without building up, thereby making it “unsatisfying”.

The blogger stated that he did not want anymore summer themes from any group, except if it is “really good”.

It noted that with GFRIEND trying to change composers as they venture for new genres, they are ending up crossing the line made by usual, disappointing K-Pop tracks we hear. This is the case for the new song which did not keep up at par with its previous tracks.

Review as whole

GFRIEND took a break on drama-type MVs typical of Time for the Moon Night and Sunrise. Their MV can be seen as their experiment on a new concept, and it’s okay if they didn’t finish the performance with a bang, but some things must be considered.

First of all, the title “Fever” is quite misleading. If one will compare it with their previous happy tracks (like Sunny Summer), they embody excitement and joy, traits that are lacking in Fever. Second, they were pokerfaced most of the time. Finally, the neon sign used at end of video, which also implies that they are fully happy, when in fact, they are not.

While they were mature when it comes to concepts, outfits, and moves, the drama element present in the group still remains.

All members are my biases, but the ones caught my attention were Yerin, SinB, and Eunha. Particular interest was of Yerin, as she consistently “owns” the stage. As to SinB, she got the moves. On Eunha, that would be on her outfits.

(Erratum: It’s SinB, not Sowon, who got the moves. Sorry, as at that time I can’t distinguish between the two ladies. Also, apologies for mistake on title: Time For The Moon Night, not Moonlight.)

Other factors

Another criterion is added in favor of the group, for letting Sowon perform despite dating issues. It must be remembered again that she got involved in dating scandal with ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo, but still, Sowon was given the chance. This is to recognize their good move, and is given to be fair with them. I also assigned ten points for this as sign of gratitude for their wise move.

This is what Momoland’s agency must learn from Source Music, specially on handling issues like these. It made a fatal mistake on advising Daisy to retire first, and with recent scandal haunting Nancy, it won’t be long before the latter will experience the same.

One K-Pop

I also wrote this to share my observation with some fans towards that channel. This is precisely the reason: Provide unified, worldwide K-Pop content. 1theK somehow promotes other groups, even not part of the family. Consider their unboxing of TWICE’s recent album, and promotion of their dance moves.

Honestly, without this channel, imagine difficulty searching various groups in countless channels. Some Buddies reason that these will be deleted once the groups leave 1theK. But the question is, what about BTS? Till now, the Bangtan songs placed under the channel weren’t deleted (such as Boy In Luv and Fire). This will be discussed further in a separate article.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 80.87% (Updated)


Aspect   Criterion Points
Storyline 1 Storyline 4
Storyline 2 Consistent theme 5
Appearance 3 Colorful 4
Appearance 4 Good taste 5
Appearance 5 No Halloween, Easter, etc. 5
Appearance 6 No astrology featured 5
Appearance 7 Less horror featured 5
Appearance 8 Not too revealing outfits 5
Music 9 Exciting 4
Music 10 Not too deafening 5
Dance 11 Learned easily even by beginners 5
Dance 12 Not too sensual 5
Lessons 13 Moral lesson clearly stated 3
Lessons 14 Impart something beneficial for viewers 5
Other Matters 15 Sense of humor 4
Other Matters 16 Make it to mainstream media 2
Other Matters 17 Review by other sites 3
Other Matters 18 Review of MV as a whole 4
Other Matters 19 Uploads video to 1theK 5
Features 1theK logo 0
Completeness of members 10


GFRIEND (여자친구) – Sunrise(해야)(Misheard Lyrics)

For this year, we are featuring again GFRIEND, with their song “Sunrise”. This is their lead song in their album “Time for Us”.

Though I find this a bit awkward, I decided to do a misheard of the introduction. With this, I do sincerely hope that they could offer us their new comeback this year.

Considering the misheard lyrics below, the alternate title for this song is “Say Some Modern Victory“. Or alternatively, it may be called as “Super Buyer” or “Suga Shaked A Gag Car.”

Lyrics posted in the video are underlined here.

You may play this video while reading the following contents. Enjoy the misheard lyrics of “Sunrise” (해야) (GFRIEND/여자친구) from TweetNewscaster!

(Who ship bank who look on the
Hanky, so me shake honey.
The bus circle who reign on sorrow, two route
Joy, make a Ne-yo there)

See, Pa run. I know rain there
See Baygon. My, who mean there
Could rock a bone
Is she Anna? Anna, Anna!

Me? Give me one tanny car
Duck can know runner. Sarah, tell me
Magic, magic
I care who call magic

Say some modern victory, so that Jin call ya…
Could moose see merry hero doll?
She hide. Go, ship on there!

Joking. Hey, you!
Hey, your model buyer buy your make-up
Whole box here or may re-bottle
Suga shake a gag car, Hoseok!

Chopped food. You’re Hansel? Boo!
More who check who wheeze all
John, they’re coffee now
So Miss, I’ll cater a call.
Hey, Seulgi!

The known Shane shall keep
Put kiss. He moan there
No reason. Put the pony, get
Good. Hey, amiga,
To reason. Icky, hey you!

Two, he’s on color butter
I moor. He call a butter
Should goon there contact cop?
Share on John now

They saw essay. Cool, man
Go, mess up gay who now
A motor do more. Rain shop
I’ll see Mara’s show!

Missing gargle can know day
Tell me, “Tear a door!”
Cotton pee. I’m who? He’ll go here.
I’ll catch here or now!

Joking. Hey, you!
Hey, your model buy your, buy your make-up
Whole box here or may re-bottle
Suga shake a gag car, Hoseok!

Chopped food. You’re Hansel? Boo!
More who check who wheeze all
John, they’re coffee now
So Miss, I’ll cater a call.
Hey, Seulgi!

The known Shane shall keep
Put kiss. He moan there
No reason. Put the pony, get
Good. Hey, amiga,
To reason. Icky, hey!

Key on Suga. So, know gay you’ll care.
Time share money
Yeah, care it to roach what?

Me, got feel your hair
Power catch our love!
Pretend you’re there, or cops who go
Pause who know yeah
I go! Yeah!

Sad. Hitch on solar gun!

Hey you, hey your super buyer buy your doll kit!
Good, I got there. A Lego? Yeah!
Now rebottle the show (Shop at show)
Even she choked a deer! Hear car. He’ll go, he saw
Choco dome might cheer man
But, Jennie? Mommy, I’ll go. She bone, go!

GFRIEND (여자친구) – Memoria (Japanese ver.)(Full English Misheard Lyrics)

This time, we are now going to feature GFRIEND’s Memoria, in its original Japanese version.

The title itself tells of memories we cherish with the ones who had gone before us. While I am doing this misheard lyric, I did not stop crying. Nevertheless, I had to finish this just for you and for all Buddies out there. This will somehow help us listen it with less emotions.

Considering the misheard lyrics below, the alternate title for this song is “Stan A Curry“. While in the first Korean version we deal with memories and death, this time we will focus more on following Stephen Curry, a NBA basketball player. We may consider stanning basketball stars if we like.

Lyrics posted in the video are underlined here.

(We will first feature other misheard lyrics, as I find it difficult for me to finish MV reviews this April and May. Also, I have to release some of them to clear my workspace.)

You may play this video while reading the following contents. Enjoy the misheard lyrics of “Memoria” (Jap. version)(GFRIEND/여자친구) from TweetNewscaster!

Memoria, me more yeah!
Memoria, me more yeah!

He tore it. I hear you. Oh no, ship doll
Hear too. Me, you taught to tame a doll
So always, car owns a truck
Me, call more. He can come back to me

Though none, he gonna share cold pay
Mommy, the whole knocker shitty more
Give me too low doll. He hurry.
Coke who wrote me, kid, damn our movie!

Hear you gonna shine!
Wanna hearty shine?
May go rain here. Could root to care who call Monday?
Got there, car who eat air?
Give me no motto. Heat two dough, he dare

Pour she, eh?
Memoria, me more yeah!
Hack at Danny. Care you could dark? He’ll boo!
Tuck, is she motel?
Say hook, darn you.
I love you, I love you. Stan a Curry!

Memoria, Memoria,
He may cure a son of ducker. Kill bow.
Foot dart in Dara
So rock, I’ll dare
Are you gay? Are you car? Corner, the hell

We gonna fly in the blue sky
We gonna die!

Seek Harry car who harrow.
Song now, he could go row
None, they saw Joe. Shit, he meet her!
Cold otter or I awe? Soar up!
No far, shitty may auto silk gone

Put you in a sign! ITZY, mold a sign!
Though now rainy here, hit Dara in her knee!
Suitor, suitor
Give no couture my heart dare ooh
The car, ah!

Memoria, me more yeah!
Hack at Danny. Care you could dark? He’ll boo!
Tuck, is she motel?
Say hook, darn you.
I love you, I love you. Stan a Curry!

Memoria, Memoria,
He may cure a son of ducker. Kill bow.
Foot dart in Dara
So rock, I’ll dare
Are you gay? Are you car? Corner, the hell

Everyday, everyday…

It’s a mother. No!
Cow, I run die or…
Cook horror. No, my gonna story

Duck, he shame here
Dare eat here. Me give me cure or Memoria

Two do care

Me merry yeah. Me merry yeah
Hack at Danny. Care you could dark? He’ll boo!
Tuck, is she motel?
Say hook, darn you.
I love you, I love you. Stan a Curry!

Memoria, Memoria,
He may cure a son of ducker. Kill bow.
Foot dart in Dara
So rock, I’ll dare
Are you gay? Are you car? Corner, the hell

We gonna fly in the blue sky
We gonna die!

News and Tidbits (April 29, 2019)

For this year, we will introduce another feature to this site called Tidbits. This refers to pieces of news and opinions of the author it wishes to tell. Let’s start!

K-Pop in general

Last March, the industry suffered setbacks on sex scandals by some K-Pop stars (Hello, Seungri!). It was foretold that it will put an end to the industry, but events tell otherwise. This season was full of new groups and debut songs, and schedules are full of these. The biggest challenge for the newbies is on how to stand out.

Also, last March was full of comebacks like Heize, DreamNote, MAMAMOO, and KARD. As the saying goes, “The show must go on.”


Some Korean fans scoff at international fans who follow more than one group. They must know how to respect preferences from multi-fandomers, especially if the latter also purchases albums from different groups.

While their preference is respected, they are expected to do the same to multi-fandomers. They are not the only ones who stan their respective groups. We will discuss this in detail in a separate article.


Talk about groups

BTS and BLACKPINK topped the mainstream charts and became popular.

It helped that Rosé, Jennie, and Lisa have working knowledge of English, as many viewers of The Late Late Show With James Corden can relate with them. Funny moment is that Jisoo, though not fluent on English, told that “I’m not scary,” meaning she was not a horror character.


BTS, though not fluent on that language, used non-Korean staff to get their message across in their comeback song Boy With Luv. They were also featured on that show,and I have to watch it later.

The group is very popular in North Korea, such that fans there would devise a secret code for BTS. This is due to their government’s ban on K-Pop. But even this policy will not hinder the spread of Hallyu in the country.


TWICE will have their concert in Manila this June. Would they go to It’s Showtime? Definitely no. Consider: Many will go to the studio, and hence be crowded. Not to mention their sasaengs (though not Filipinos) who follow the group wherever they go. If at KMJS or Rated K, that would be possible.


It has been almost a month since IZ*ONE released their second lead song Violeta.

Seems that Produce series can’t make up its mind, especially on maintaining talents. Honestly, with the demise of other groups under Produce series like I.O.I and Wanna One, we can surely tell that this group will not last for long. We can actually project that they will last till next year or 2021. Is this possible? Yes.


Sunha left her group SATURDAY to focus more on her career. It was a sad day, since they now only gained enough popularity in their song WiFi.

Their agency afterwards named Minseo as her replacement and at the same time, new maknae of the group.

And since all of SATURDAY’s members are my biases, Minseo is now included in my bias list. As to Sunha, her being my bias will be suspended for now.

How about Chaerwon, their former member? No, unless she joins again with her group.


GFRIEND recently came with their “soft comeback.” Instead of uploading their song to 1theK, it did the same to Genie Music.

I felt uneasy on them uploading to a different video channel, not having enough rest, and not having a definite comeback. Their uploading might confuse Buddies (if they intend to use it as their new song), as not all their music make it to a single channel.


Fantagio Entertainment, the agency which also handles ASTRO, announced the disbandment of girl group Hello Venus. It was suprising, to say the least.


We may wonder on what happened to Daisy and Taeha of MOMOLAND since they were not included in I’m So Hot and Banana Chacha.


(G)I-DLE is supposed to have another comeback soon, but we don’t know when. Hope they consider some points for improvement.


On the other hand, AOA is planning to renew their contract with FNC Entertainment, after speculations that it might disband.

Since their last performance of Bingle Bangle about a year ago, we haven’t heard any news of them anymore, except for Jimin. Seems also that the group can’t live without Choa, who left the group due to depression. With the future renewal of contract, hope they can do another powerful comeback next month.

Eunha (은하 (여자친구)) and Ravi (라비) –BLOSSOM: MV Review

In this MV Review, we will for the first time feature a special production from various K-Pop artists. Represented are GFRIEND’s Eunha, VIXX’s Ravi, with participation of Groovyroom. This is produced with Pepsi, and we can consider it as a special project and/or commercial.

Since this involves K-Pop artists, it is but fitting to do a music video review on it. You may watch first their MV here before going to the review proper:



  1. Video must have a storyline – 5 points

The storyline narrates how a boy and a girl met each other and fell in love. The guy and the girl does their usual work of being an artist and a waiter, respectively. It came to a point that they felt empty and hopeless, till they met in a waiting shed. Upon falling, they both felt something strange.

Afterwards, the guy went to the restaurant. The girl, recalling the incident, avoided him throughout the visit, but had no choice. Deep inside, they separately recalled what happened a while ago. It took some time for them while communicating till time come that they desired to meet each other again.

1theK, in its official YouTube page, provided their storyline on Blossom:

Another spring song comes with warm sunshine and whispering wind.

The single album…will present a love song full of the freshness of the blooming spring flowers….

  1. Theme must be consistent and clear – 5 points

The whole video can be seen with its spring theme and cherry flowers consistent and clear throughout the video. Also, the romance theme is not only consistent, but can be also seen as progressive.


  1. The music video as a whole must be colorful – 5 points
  1. Must be done in good taste – 5 points
  1. Does not celebrate Halloween, Easter, or similar celebrations – 5 points

They only celebrate the love, and at the same time, the spring season.

  1. Does not feature astrology – 5 points
  1. Less horror is featured in the video – 5 points
  1. Not too revealing outfits – 5 points


  1. Ability of the music to excite the listener – 5 points

Although this is in a slow tempo, this is nevertheless exciting, particularly on the beat at 0:24 – 0:33.

  1. Music should not be deafening on the ears – 5 points


  1. Dance can be learned easily even by beginners – 5 points

They only featured the dance, starting at 3:25. If Pepsi wants to take it as a dance challenge, then they are in. Beginners can learn these dance steps with ease.

  1. Dance must not be too sensual – 5 points


  1. Moral lesson must be clearly stated – 5 points

The moral lesson that can only be viewed on it is on loving the other person. And on how to deal with love just in case it gets into you. It’s understandable that we might be shy if we face him/her, but are we ready to express our feelings or not?

  1. They must impart something beneficial for their viewers – 5 points

Hope this project awaken the consciousness of viewers, particularly on appreciating art. By featuring Ravi and his student painting, hope some people will be inspired to do the same.

At 3:05, this will tell the viewers to present themselves properly, if they will face an important person or someone they love.

Other Matters

  1. Inject sense of humor in the music video – 8 points

At 0:26, I find it funny how Eunha reacted upon knowing of an audition. Maybe she only once heard of it?

And at 2:02, it was also funny how she hid herself with a menu list.

  1. Ability of the song to make it to mainstream media – 3 points

Well, I don’t see that this will be widely accepted in mainstream media. Unless Pepsi will promote it to other countries. Add to the fact that this may be promoted only on temperate countries like Korea, where only viewers living there can relate to this.

  1. Review by other sites – 5 points

KPopReviewed noted Ravi’s big challenge on adjusting with the song. It viewed the MV and the song as one that goes one step away to the usual “cutesy” love songs. Instrumentals, according to the reviewer, were “light and calming.” Also, the beauty can be attributed to the project fully utilizing the season, which is also known for beautiful settings.

  1. Review of the music video as a whole – 4 points

Eunha, while not my ultimate bias in GFRIEND, acted in a way that makes me fell in love with her. Just look at her reactions.

Ravi’s strong vocals in the video blended well with the calm and sweet tunes of Eunha, thereby making one see easily compare and contrast their blended voices.

The video itself was very easy to understand. Regarding the music, this was appropriately set to emphasize the mood between the two.

Meanwhile, it’s sad that Groovyroom is not prominently featured here, though they are also part of this project. This is the only point they missed, and they have to improve on it next time.

  1. Other factors
  • Releases the video under 1theK label – 5 points

By featuring this under the said label, it is hoped that this will also be popular among K-Pop fans.

  • Features the 1theK logo – 0 points

Eunha, including GFRIEND, is part of 1theK group.

It’s pretty understandable if Pepsi will place their ads, as they are collaborating with their project. (This was the reason why I decided not to make it a pull-down factor for this, unlike (G)I-DLE’s Senorita.)

But how about 1theK, in consideration for the label promoting this video? So, no choice. They should have placed it as small picture inside a coffee shop.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 90.48%

Final Words

With Eunha embarking on her “solo” project, I am just curious if other members will follow suit. Hope Umji will.

This is a special project, different from other spring/love projects we know today. I sincerely hope Buddies will also appreciate this. Few people like Eunha are rarely given the chance to be part of it. As for Ravi, hope this will be the turning point for their group to be known.

GFRIEND (여자친구) – Sunrise (해야): MV Review

Good day, readers! As expected, January has seen a number of new groups and new music videos from K-Pop. This time, we will feature GFRIEND, with their freshly-baked song “Sunrise.”

I felt tensed and excited at the same time, as this is my first attempt to do a review on their MV, and first time to do it through a criteria. Pardon if I would be frank on these reviews like this.

Hope all Buddies will appreciate this. Hope also that content creators can consider this MV review helpful for them in GFRIEND’s next comeback. Before you read this review, you may watch their video here:


  1. Video must have a storyline – 5 points

The music video starts with different girls reminiscing their memories together. On the question how to express this feeling, they started to play with tools related to what they are feeling. Like that of preparing tea, birthday cake, playing with old CD, reading photo albums, and picking a piece of jigsaw puzzle.

They have to play these things till time come that their meet-up becomes real. That’s the point when they expressed happiness with each other.

Upon realizing that the time is running out, they decided to cherish these moments by blowing a cake. They then now wait for sunrise to come again, which implies that although memories spent are short, they are longing to meet each other again. The video ends with Sowon realizing that it was just a dream.

  1. Theme must be consistent and clear – 5 points

Their theme revolving on memory and gloominess is consistent. Different kinds of memories are featured, as illustrated by clock, photo album, jigsaw puzzle, birthday cake, and an old CD, which shall be explained further in Criterion No. 13.


  1. The music video as a whole must be colorful – 4 points

The video is quite colorful, but seems pale just to express a bit of sadness. The video paints the tension between happiness and sadness – not too colorful and not too gloomy.

  1. Must be done in good taste – 5 points

I see the music video as done in good taste. I did not find it awkward or gross looking at the whole video. I do not necessarily need to close my eyes or look at somewhere on some/all scenes.

  1. Does not celebrate Halloween, Easter, or similar celebrations – 5 points

This music video just merely celebrates their being together. And it celebrates the sunrise, which represents the warmth given to each other and readiness to meet next time.

  1. Does not feature astrology – 5 points

In the whole video, no traces of any kind of astrology were featured.

  1. As much as possible, less horror or soft horror is featured – 5 points

Less horror is involved, particularly from 3:32 – 3:34, where it implies that the ground is shaking. Actually, the music video (or some parts of it) was not scary enough, as it focuses on sadness.

  1. Not too revealing outfits – 5 points

The outfits presented are decent enough. Also, their long, white gowns they wear embodies the theme they want to show to us. They don’t reveal themselves, but reveal the essence of the song they are performing.


  1. Ability of the music to make one cry – 5 points (updated)

Recall that initially, the music must excite the listener. But since they set the mood into a sad one, I changed the criterion to involve passionate emotions.

Fortunately, if a K-Pop group wants to perform sad songs, the group can make me cry with these. The girls can really make me cry with “Memoria,” and “Time for the Moon Night.” And now, they did it again in their new song, though not as moving as the previous two.

In GFRIEND’s case, the few seconds of the video are played really slow. But in fairness to them, this was a little bit exciting. The tune starting at 3:05 would make the listener stop and think that the music would be a sad one.

  1. Music should not be deafening on the ears – 4 points

Even if I have to raise the volume, that was still not too deafening, except on one thing. I just want to point out that Eunha singing in highest note at 3:33 was distracting. She should have toned it a little lower.


  1. Dance can be learned easily even by beginners – 4 points

In fairness to the group, their dances that they show in the video can be learned easily even by beginners. Also, their dances are very synchronized, as what reviewers and netizens have noticed on the video.

One thing they missed is that they made it too simple, up to the point that it would no longer be exciting to dance with.

  1. Dance must not be too sensual – 5 points

The dances they portray are wholesome, and can be done even by minors. No express or implied sensual matters are seen in the whole length of the video.


  1. Moral lesson must be clearly stated – 5 points

Like in their previous MVs, they repeat the same lesson of valuing memories. But this time, they are giving it a different approach by featuring different things.

Their state of being incomplete without them is being illustrated in a jigsaw puzzle. The game tells of valuing every moment we share and every person we meet.

Photo albums illustrate what exactly happened in their meet-togethers. This shows how we give color and meaning to every snapshot of our lives together.

Blowing a birthday cake represents their celebration of once-in-a-while moments that needs to be cherished.

Old CD playing represents frozen moments that are preserved. This waits to be replayed to retell what happened in the past.

The telephone booth (as seen in US/UK streets) represents moments we call our friends when we are in need. This portrays the value of being dependable.

  1. They must impart something beneficial for their viewers – 5 points

Viewers could learn something beneficial from this group.

It is given that few people now will have interest in playing musical instruments or playing with mind games. These things sharpen the mind. Featuring the piano and how to play it, and completing the jigsaw puzzle will somehow spark the interest to play these instruments.

Other Matters

  1. Ability to express emotions through acting – 7 points

Recall that sense of humor is given greater weight, as this lifts up the mood and excites the listener. However, as this is a sad MV, I changed the standard to give greater emphasis on acting skills.

Since the music video is rendered between a happy one and sad one, being pokerfaced in the scene would be okay. What makes it outstanding is that the emotions between happiness and sadness are in a constant tug of war.

  1. Ability of the song to make it to mainstream media – 1 point

As of now, this might not make it to mainstream media (TV and radio) due to its nature as a sad song.

  1. Review by other sites – 5 points

Here are some comments by netizens:

“Maybe GFRIEND’s genre are not on the trendy one. But what makes them unique is their type of music.”

“The song sounds the same and have the same arrangement like any of their other song.”

“This song Sunrise is so amazing”

“Really perfect and amazing!”

A review commented about the different emotions played in the song, “ranging from cutesy to absolutely pained wails.” The blogger raised a very good point on the music not being so catchy, to the point that one might forgot the lyrics.

Another review had commented that GFRIEND had been doing great in vocals, music, the MV, and even in the minutest of details, as what I explained earlier. This, according to the blogger, surpassess expectations in several ways. The music alone will be a good start for them.

Meanwhile, KPopreviewed noted that unlike other groups who have unequal line distribution, “the song focuses squarely on the vocals of each member. No one sounds overshadowed and stands out all in their own way.” Emphasis is placed on Eunha who now hits high notes.

Finally, TheBiasList noted that the song shares sentimental value with “Rough,” and the lyrics on “Memoria.” It looks upon Yuju as taking the lead, though it can be seen otherwise.

  1. Review of the music video as a whole – 4 points

Honestly, the title itself “Sunrise” appears to lack emphasis on how frequent the sun rises. It just repeately showed the sunlight, but features the sunrise only once. Repeating the sun rising would be helpful for viewers to understand that the sun will shine again after the night.

  1. Other factors
  • Closeness to other songs: 5 points

The music nearest to their new song is “Time for the Moon Night”. We can tell that because of the song tempo. They both start in a slow tempo then gets faster as time progresses. It just so happened that other reviewers had seen “Sunrise” as prequel to the “Time” video.

The melody shares similar tune with “Time,” particularly on the chorus part. You may test this by singing “Sunrise” to the tune of “Time,” or vice versa. Here are the misheard lyrics:

SUNRISE (0:58 – 1:21)


Joking. Hey, you! Hey, you!

No, he buy your, buy your make-up

Whole box here or may re-bottle

Shook up. Seek a gag car who saw

The lower rid red bit, but I cannot. They know.

A Billy poor go. Hey, Nancy!

Come. Bang! Hear at all

Sarah, she call cartoon there

Chopped food. You’re Hansel? Boo!

More who check who wheeze all

John, they’re cofee now

So Miss, I’ll cater

He call, “Hey, Seulgi!”

Kate, are you dough? Shake an itch, and I’ll go

It’s a boner chicken!

I know, I’ll take good model

May bun, yeah, bun love on love congee?

Car go, she bone!

Meanwhile, the theme nearest would be “Memoria,” especially in terms of imparting lessons to viewers.

  • Other minute details expressed clearly: 3 points

A blogger-commenter explaining the story made me realize why Eunha was separated from other members. Reason is that “Sunrise” is supposed to be the prequel for “Time”. This has not been expressed clearly on the storyline (in relation with their another video), though the MV’s storyline by itself was clear enough.

While other members would play on puzzle, clock, and something memorable, only she has the piano. Theory is that Eunha died on the “Time”, to be seen only on “Sunrise.”

  • Uploads video to 1theK: 5 points (updated)

Recently included this criterion, so as to engage agencies to upload vids to the channel. This will be discussed shortly later.

  • Music video is featuring the 1theK Logo: 5 points

Why consider this little detail as another factor in rating the MV? 1theK was created to be the ultimate hub for K-Pop, and stepping stone for rise of more K-Pop groups. All groups who are part of 1theK, including GFRIEND, ideally have to feature the logo. This is to tell everyone that they are part of the team, and they share the same dream.

The logo may be noticed or not, depending on where it is placed. The logo is seen on 0:46 where Sowon picks her most memorable picture. I don’t know if this can be seen on other times.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 88.70% (Updated)

Final Words

Only one thing may be considered. For their next comeback, I suggest they use the concept of “Sunset” to explain further what happened to Eunha between the time spent on “Time” and the events leading to “Sunrise.” Look, if we are going to take this further, they are featuring first the “Moonlight,” then “Sunrise,” and finally the “Sunset,” thereby completing their series of memory-telling stories.