Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) – 2YA2YAO!: MV Review

For another review, we will touch on Super Junior in their newest track. It seems that SM Entertainment is now making up for missed times. This is done by releasing lead tracks in short span of time.

2YAYAO is their lead track in Timeless repackaged album. With SuJu’s newest release, would they still sustain their old performance? How would an Elf review this? Let’s see.

In this video, they are trying to be at par with modern groups, considering their limited capacities. This is noted with their sceneries shared with underrated boy groups like IN2IT or D1CE. To a lesser extent I find it as a lesser sequel for EXO’s Obsession.

High-noted vocals are being sustained, especially in the chorus. While not being fully utilized, they emphasized individuality in the second verse. This also helps to be in sync with the background music.

When it comes to instrumentals, it seems that they find it sensible to simplify the same. Its structure is somewhat similar to Chungha’s Snapping, which they defined right at the start. The most noticeable part of it is on synths at the bridge.

As we pronounce the title itself (as 일오일야오), it sounds like “E-I-E-I-O” from “McDonald Had A Farm”. Kinda funny.

Super Junior is attempting to show their different side. However, as a whole, it lacked energy necessary to bring excitement to listeners. Monotony, to say the least. This is noticed as compared to Super Clap and I Think I.

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TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 85.71%
Grade: B-
Assessment: Satisfactory


Aspect Criterion Points Base
Storyline   9 10
Appearance   29 30
Music   8 10
Dance   10 10
Lessons   7 10
Entertainment   17 25
Other Factors Longevity of Super Junior 10 10

Goo Hara – Hello: Special MV Review

Dedicated to Goo Hara, her fans, and her friends.

The author decided to include her in this review, since few actually know this stuff.

As this is the second time we will review a MV in Japanese, and since this is Goo Hara’s last work, we will do it for the love of her. Let’s start!

She starts her music by greeting us with a hello. Most of the time she holds her flowers. This she does as she waits for favorable weather or sunrise. The dark settings became colorful as the snow falls.

With regards to musicality, rock is being toned down to let her voice stand out. Added point was on violin tunes placed in the chorus.

For purposes of review, this MV is interpreted in the context of her demise. Through limited imageries presented, Goo Hara supposedly wants to tell us this message:

We are in the midst of nowhere, and everywhere we look everything as dark. But as we hold on and to every little beautiful moment/things we have, everything’s going to be fine around us.

With my last greeting, I hope that I left the world a more colorful place.

The music video being at night (and dark) for most of the time symbolizes the future being unsure.

Final Notes

It is an honor for me to review her last work. As such, we will now close this bitter chapter in K-Pop. But we will start over and use this as our guide in K-Pop for the coming years.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 93.33%
Grade: A+
Assessment: Excellent


Aspect Criterion Points Base
Storyline   8 10
Appearance   28 30
Music   10 10
Lessons   5 5
Entertainment   14 20
Other Factors Bonus points 5  

ANS – Say My Name: MV Review

As Taeyeon’s “Spark” has no views, I will not review anymore Taeyeon’s “Dear Me”.

Also, this will be the last time we give incentives for vids uploaded to 1theK.

As a way of helping underrated groups, we will touch again on ANS, with their song Say My Name. For a bit of info, after releasing their oft-repeated song Boom Boom, they added two additional members.

At a first glance, this reminds us of ATEEZ with the same title. And by the way, we have included their two songs in our misheard lyrics. Would they have considered points for improvement? We’ll see here.

Their reference to the debut track is still there at the song’s onset. Structure of song holds some similarities with Everglow’s Adios.

A considerable improvement can be gleaned on dances, which they got it simple and mature. As for music, Say My Name starts with whistling tune. Outfits (at 0:05) are also being given emphasis. These things ANS shares similarities with Everglow. To add, they got it further with their double raps, which sustain the song throughout.

At the end of the MV, another member steps in. It seems that ANS is still giving us surprise new members. This is something you won’t see in other groups.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 89.52%
Grade: B+
Assessment: Good


Aspect Criterion Points Base
Storyline   8 10
Appearance   29 30
Music   8 10
Dance   10 10
Lessons   7 10
Entertainment   17 25
Other Factors Uploads videos to 1theK 10 10
  Features prominently 1theK vid 5  

K-Pop Groups’ Longest Hiatus (January 2020)

You may wonder how long some groups take very long rest. With Flovers increasingly became restless on OTR‘s inaction re fromis_9‘s next comeback, the author decided to research groups on long hiatus.

This essentially follows that of TheBiasList, but some factors are changed. Points to be noted:

  1. Groups at a minimum should be given comebacks not more than six (6) months from last release date.
  2. Groups with members under military service are included too.
  3. Length of hiatus is counted as of this date.
  4. Girls’ Generation’s Oh! GG is included (though not mentioned), as they are not officially disbanded.

The table below shows 35 groups evaluated and identified as such. While this is due to various reasons (like vacation breaks, concerts, and promotions), the most frequently-cited reasons are on (1) lack of funds and promotions, (2) internal issues, and/or (3) mismanagement.

We will also use this to assess how their agencies are performing at year-end.

Here are the groups with the longest hiatus, arranged in ascending order. Count the days, and see for yourself, if you are willing to wait:

Group No. of Days Months
1 GWSN 186 6
2 PENTAGON 192 6
3 KNK 194 6
4 Honey Popcorn 204 7
5 GFRIEND 208 7
6 fromis_9 235 8
7 Chic Angel 242 8
8 Berry Good 245 8
9 Lovelyz 250 8
10 HASHTAG 284 9
11 BLACKPINK 296 10
12 IZ*ONE 299 10
13 NeonPunch 299 10
14 HOTPLACE 302 10
15 DIA 312 10
16 S.I.S 325 11
17 INFINITE 346 12
18 VIXX 357 12
19 IMFACT 366 12
20 FAVORITE 375 13
21 iKON 383 13
22 Apink 383 13
23 TVXQ 395 13
24 Highlight 431 14
25 HOTSHOT 436 15
26 BTOB 439 15
27 gugudan 445 15
28 APRIL 466 16
29 SHINee 502 17
30 Girls’ Generation 507 17
31 Shinhwa 515 17
32 24K 610 20
33 SONAMOO 810 27
34 CNBLUE 1041 35
35 BIGBANG 1139 38


K-Pop Write-ups: 1theK

As promised, we will discuss what’s in 1theK.


Some positive aspects are noted. The channel has become instrumental in streamlining content of various groups to a wider audience. In some instances, it helped few debut and underrated groups to obtain popularity (which might not be done if promoted individually).

Unfavorable changes

At any rate, they failed to sustain what they have attained for 2018. 1theK once reached the point where they promoted groups for every comeback uploaded. Last year, their considerable improvement was on providing descriptions of songs in their MVs. This helped viewers understand what’s inside it.

But with promotions of another channel called “1theK Originals,” these things were gradually stopped. It also changed the logo – for worse. Their previous logo was easily recognizable and is full of colors. Now it was less colorful. Plus, while the logo was prevalent in the past, it featured less and less later on.

Major changes

The author is sensing that its status as a leading K-Pop channel is shaking. It’s apparent that some agencies pulled out distribution rights to 1theK. This is the case with Pledis. In other cases, agencies made also their separate MVs, as is the case with Starship, Woolim, FNC, and Cube. This is not to mention fans’ suspicions over 1theK’s profit sharing (and deletion of MVs if the contract ends). How will 1theK respond?

In our previous reviews, we give incentives to every comeback that’s being uploaded to 1theK. These incentives are intended as reward for improvement, and to support the advocacy of being a “one-stop K-Pop channel”. But with unfavorable changes, and if GFRIEND decided not to upload it to 1theK in their next comeback, we have to remove these incentives. These will be reflected on our subsequent reviews.

Love Advice No. 118 (EXO’s Chen)

We have been bombarded now with celebrities engaging on dates. First instance is on Momo and Heechul.

EXO’s Chen gained attention with his announcement of marriage. As this news startled the fandom, some Knetz are still not happy over it.

Sadly, some Korean fans demonstrated total disrespect towards him by holding hate parties and throwing hate remarks. And still, with this kind of incident becoming more intense, SM Entertainment is still silent towards it.

My Advice:

As fans, we have to prepare eventually for life-changing events. Time will come where one by one, they leave the group, and/or venture on other business, marry, and have a family. Even us fans have no choice over these things.

These celebrities are humans too. As what the author emphasized in previous review, they have the innate right to love and be loved. As they make us happy for various reasons, this time, we have to let them be happy on decisions like this. EXO-Ls, especially Korean fans, should accept this unmistakable fact.


We wish to point out how ridiculous dating is being considered a scandal. This has been a major issue with HyunA and Dawn. While this might be quite correct, as this tests how he/she can be more committed in choosing a partner, this also prevents them from experiencing how to love and be loved, and be hurt also.

Fans’ jealousness on their celebrities reached to a point where the latter are “prohibited” to marry. Take the case of Super Junior’s Sungmin, where some fans demanded to be kicked for the same reason. SM Ent nevertheless provided engagements for him. In this precedent, some K-ELFs themselves are trying to destroy the group.

So it’s not surprising that BTS’ Jin and V (Taehyung) wanted to live normal lives.

With all the incidents happening in K-Pop, respect is the least we can do to prevent it from happening again.

Featured Image credit: AllKPop

ATEEZ (에이티즈) – Answer: MV Review

For our second review this year, it’s exciting to review another rising boy group ATEEZ, with their song Answer. This is the lead track in their ending album Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer.

(Side Note: As I’m starting this review, Answer is played twice: as an ad and MV at the same time. Very amusing indeed. See screenshot of it below the Scoreboard.)

The start and end of the MV was quite eerie. It may be suggested that the talks between the members in the banquet had been not good enough. And as implied by their abstractions, they felt lost and broken searching for answers in life.

The tunes employed were radically different from previous tracks the author heard, starting with Say My Name. It lacked the thumping beats from Wonderland, or the calm approaches with 2 lead summer tracks.

The music fully uses the climactic tunes throughout. Even if the same employs slower beats, nevertheless it was equally exciting. Meanwhile, Mingi’s raps, which was hidden in previous comeback, is now featured in the first verse and second verse.

Let’s talk a bit on dance and visuals. I find the featured dance steps a bit simpler, which I highly appreciate. ATEEZ may promote this as part of dance challenge like BTS’ Idol. Finally, the banquet hall shares concepts with ONEUS’ Twilight.

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TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 91.58%
Grade: A-
Assessment: Very Good


Aspect Criterion Points Base
Storyline 10 10
Appearance 30 30
Music 9 10
Dance 10 10
Lessons 8 10
Entertainment 20 25
Other Factors

Here’s an amusing screenshot:

DreamNote (드림노트) – Wish (바라다): MV Review

Due to scarce time and few reads, we will limit reviews for this year.

For our first MV review for 2020, we will touch on DreamNote, with their song Wish. It has been at least ten months since we reviewed the group in their previous lead song Hakuna Matata. Being a new Page, how will the author review the group? Let’s see:

(Side Note: As of this point, I picked DreamNote to replace Momoland in My Bias List. Sumin is now my ultimate bias, and Miso and Youi as bias wreckers.)


The story tells of the girls describing their wish to grow, which they embody in planting, doing experiments, and collecting pearls. It ends with the girls opening the door, going through the brighter future.

From the symbolisms, they are pulling up this message:

We are aiming for excellence and growth in what we do (plants and feathers), individually and as a group (pearls). As we go on, we want to experiment more and express ourselves (painting and chemistry).

The music starts with sparkling xylophonic tunes, then proceeds to faster beats. It uses less synths in the choruses, and then precedes with bubbly tune at the end. While the opening music elicits attention, the rest of the music did not justify well the good intro.

The English title “Wish” has its Korean equivalent (바라다), which is termed as “hope.” Better yet, DreamNote should’ve chosen the word 소원, as it is more suitable (even if it refers to GFRIEND’s Sowon or Ailee’s Wish).

This is also viewed in context of Habin and Hanbyeol’s departures. In fact, their regard for Habin and Hanbyeol is also shown in this video, which I find it commendable. A user explained that:

The broken key is Hanbyeol. It is being planted and represents her growing and starting out new.

The horse is Habin. It is tied up and represents her injury. The ribbon being removed represents [wishing her the best of health].

Side notes

It seems that DreamNote is maturing at this point. The colors and themes recall that of Lovelyz’s Lost and Found, the music arrangement with WJSN’s Stay, and the suits with IZ*ONE’s Violeta. Or it may be deemed as their mature version of Hakuna Matata.

However, as compared to their previous work, I find it a bit lacking on several aspects. First is on music itself, which was slower, though a bit exciting. Second is on its performance-focused MV, which is not the usual case with other groups. Finally, their storyline is not cohesive enough, which would’ve tell a definite story from start to finish.

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TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 94.29%
Grade: A+
Assessment: Excellent


Aspect Criterion Points Base
Storyline   10 10
Appearance   30 30
Music   8 10
Dance   10 10
Lessons   9 10
Entertainment   17 25
Other Factors Uploads vids to 1theK 10 10
  Prominently features 1theK vid (Bonus) 5  

The Best of BTS (Boy With Luv) Misheard Lyrics for 2019

This time, we are now picking BTS’ Boy With Luv for our choice of misheard lyrics for 2019!

After several months of pondering over this project, the author decided to give it a go. It was due to the fact that the author heard and comprehended most of misheard lyrics in the song.

You may play this video with less stress. Enjoy the best of misheard lyrics of BTS from TweetNewscaster!