Momoland (모모랜드) – Thumbs Up: MV Review

With various unfortunate incidents in K-Pop, we will be strict in MV reviews and dealings in this site.

In cases like this, the Japanese “zero-tolerance” approach will be implemented to our K-Pop activities starting this year.

For our select reviews of December releases, we will review Momoland in their song Thumbs Up.

Still, wrong decisions are being pursued. It only provided comeback after all the issues, hiatus, and lost opportunities. And after making a comeback like nothing’s happened, what’s next? Let’s start!

(Side Note: The author removed Momoland in its bias list, and replaces it with DreamNote. Not a Merry anymore, but a new Page.)


Thumbs Up tells a story of girls having a delivery, consistently excelling themselves to meet the demands of their customers. For every parcel delivered, they do thumbs up. Since demands are incessant, they use various vehicles (like rocket ship) and strategies (like breaking a wall) to accomplish deliveries.

The music uses melody different from its previous tracks, even with same basic structure. As is with I’m So Hot, they still utilize the Thumbs Up hook at the chorus. While the hook reminds us of T-ara’s music, it basically ruined what’s memorable in this song. This therefore puts Bboom Bboom’s success in vain.

Some featured bits need to be considered. 1theK logo is still seen, though it has a new look. Furthermore, the music video looks back to Pororo, which somehow reminds us of their soft comeback Banana Chacha. Funny scene points out to 0:56 where co-workers get surprised by a hard stamp.

Complaints list

With Daisy still not included, we can surmise that she is deemed out of the group.

Felt absolutely disgusted on the group and agency not taking appropriate responses. These involve lack of transparency on agency’s part for several months, Dabin’s priorities, response to dating issues (like JooE not being careful which made her entangled in “dating scandal”), incomplete attendance overseas, and giving headaches to Merries. That’s gross negligence on their part.

Permanent change

While I do forgive the group and agency, we have to do something to prevent a repeat of these incidents. Hence, the pull-down factors on our year-end ratings and MV Reviews. (This will amount to 20 points.)

Plus, we will not give any considerations to the group if they be absent overseas, regardless of reasons.

Why? The agency and the group still continues to be shady, despite releasing the music. They haven’t still released apologies for the delays they made. These kinds of unprofessional attitude spilled well onto Cherry Bullet and FNC, and that’s something we should not tolerate.

These changes will be a permanent feature in every MV Review till their disbandment. Same goes for other groups who might experience these scenarios. It is a simple but strong reminder for K-Pop to take these issues seriously.

Further readings: TheBiasList | KPopReviewed

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 76.80%
Grade: F
Assessment: Failed


Aspect Criterion Points Base
Storyline 10 10
Appearance 28 30
Music 9 10
Dance 9 10
Lessons 7 10
Entertainment 13 25
Other Factors Uploads vids to 1theK 10 10
Features 1theK logo (Bonus) 5
Prominently features 1theK vid (Bonus) 5
Completeness of members 0 20

Rating K-Pop Groups 2019: Other Groups (CLC, AOA, MAMAMOO, Momoland, SATURDAY)

(Side Note: In rating select groups, primary objective is to assess the groups’ responses and attitude of its members. These are crucial also for their survival, profitability, and reputation.

Groups who are not mentioned here and in related articles are presumed to garner 85.00% rating, or “Satisfactory”, unless otherwise stated.)


They are giving their best when it comes to lyric making. In fact, Yeeun took part in writing songs for their group, notably No, Me, and Devil. With regards to other projects, Yeeun tried her stint as MC in The Show, and that’s okay.

Seungyeon’s response over an issue with her is quite amazing. After news that she was beaten broke out, she immediately clarified what actually happened.

As for Sorn, since the racism issue broke out on her livecast, she instantly apologized to fans and viewers who’ve might hurt on the video. Immediate responses are important so as to clarify issues that might be misinterpreted.

Rating: 92.50%
Grade: A+
Assessment: Very Good


  Criterion Points
1 Health issues 5
2 Dating issues 5
3 Other issues (internal) 4
4 Attitude 8
5 Attendance in concerts, meet-ups, and overseas TV shows. 10
6 Review as whole 5
7 Other factors  


Very pleased with Seolhyun’s attitude of handling commitments. Despite being in drama, still she manages to perform with the group in Queendom and in their recent New Moon comeback. This shows how special AOA is for her.

Jimin’s love and commitment with the group is equally notable. In fact, this attitude spilled towards Celeb Five’s members, helping them till 4:00 in morning for the latter’s debut.

Meanwhile, I am not happy with Mina leaving the group to focus on her own career. Think of a member who left the group during times of crisis. She should’ve looked at Seolhyun, who remained even if she ventured in acting.

While the future of the group remains unsure, the remaining five are working to solve this dilemma by joining Queendom. To add, they still retain the trust and mutual respect. Hope this will be a good start.

Because of their outstanding attitude, they will also be given five extra points for every comeback they made, regardless of their absences or hiatus.

Rating: 90.00%
Grade: A-
Assessment: Very Good


  Criterion Points
1 Health issues 5
2 Dating issues 5
3 Other issues (internal) 4
4 Attitude 8
5 Attendance in concerts, meet-ups, and overseas TV shows.  
6 Review as whole 5
7 Other factors  


On attitude, Moonbyul plays it the best. She was considerate in putting up (G)I-DLE’s name when no one dared to do so, saving the latter from penalty of not attending. To add, she complimented AOA on their Queendom performance.

Rating: 95.00%
Grade: A+
Assessment: Excellent


  Criterion Points
1 Health issues 4
2 Dating issues 5
3 Other issues (internal) 5
4 Attitude 10
5 Attendance in concerts, meet-ups, and overseas TV shows. 9
6 Review as whole 5
7 Other factors  


During the time I was a Merry, I could not help but ask why the group’s downturn was so sudden.


Sorry for this. Their major problem is on attendance, especially that they are given rare chances to do so overseas. This is noticeable on the group every time they appear on TV shows. Secondary is on health issues. Third is on lack of regard for fellow members, which should’ve bind them for so long.

Meanwhile, Dabin consistently made excuses not attending concerts and fanmeets. I find Dabin’s excuses still not too convincing, since other stars can handle both commitments without any problems, like Eunwoo, Seolhyun, and IU. (Take the case where she is always missing in PH TV shows due to these things.)

Why venture into drama if she still has health issues? And if she can work, why prioritize it instead of helping her fellow members? This is a kind of attitude you won’t see in other groups.


We have discussed several times these points so that they improve their attitude. But with Momoland (and the agency) still not listening, we have to seek stricter measures in reviews and dealings. This we will do in the coming years, just to be fair to other groups.

The author made some changes on treatment with the group, from being the most favorite to the least. But with Taeha and Dabin leaving the group, no choice but to unfollow them. And strike the group out of my bias list forever. Again, it does not make sense following them anymore with these kinds of attitude.

Rating: 37.50%
Grade: F
Assessment: Failed


  Criterion Points
1 Health issues 2
2 Dating issues 3
3 Other issues (internal) 2
4 Attitude 5
5 Attendance in concerts, meet-ups, and overseas TV shows. 1
6 Review as whole 2
7 Other factors  


While their agency’s future is promising, reverse happens to the group.

The future of the group is very bleak, even if the agency is very responsive to the group’s challenges. We can be sure of this due to frequent turnovers this year. In fact, we are down with three original members (Ayeon, Yuki, and Haneul) from seven last year.

The members, particularly those who left, lacked sense of direction, which would’ve kept them intact for long. Sunha left due to desire for career change, and yet, she hasn’t started any. It’s also not helping that Chohee and Sion are silent on reason why they left agency. This would help clarify issues, and give their biased-fans time to cope with it.

While the group as a whole will last, the major issue would be on the members themselves, being prone to turnovers. If the members will not hold on and continue their dream, the group might disband without the agency’s fault.

Rating: 80.00%
Grade: C-
Assessment: Needs Improvement


  Criterion Points
1 Health issues 5
2 Dating issues 5
3 Other issues (internal) 5
4 Attitude 6
5 Attendance in concerts, meet-ups, and overseas TV shows.  
6 Review as whole 5
7 Less turnover 2

Rating K-Pop Agencies 2019: Part Three (MLD, Jellyfish, MBK, Play M, TS, Star Empire, Brave)

(Side Note: In rating agencies, primary objective is to evaluate agencies’ responses to various issues. Responses are a crucial ingredient for agencies’ and groups’ survival, fame, and profitability.

To a lesser extent, financial aspects might be tackled, but will not be a major factor in rating them.)

MLD Entertainment

What. A. Disappointment.

This is what best describes the agency for the year 2019. Let’s be frank about this.


The problem is only on how they respond. And MLD Ent did it unprofessionally, backfiring on the group’s popularity. Worse, it’s not helping that their complaints list is piling up one by one this year. The agency is not learning any lesson, and results later speak for itself.

This year, they made wrong move advising Daisy to rest due to dating scandal. They also let Dabin go somewhere else, without reminding her of priorities and commitments with fans. It made a statement against anyone assaulting the group, but lacked direct response on incident with Mexico. The group attends in various events incomplete, from PH media interviews…to KCON in Los Angeles this year. Not to mention Taeha and Dabin’s departure.

Playing deaf

MLD Ent is still playing deaf to Merries. In fact, Daisy’s mom emphasized the lack of response on these issues. Repeated statements is a signal that the problem is very serious. To add, they are giving stress to Merries.

Its dealing with a PH TV network just confirmed the major effects of wrong decision-making. We can now sense the group’s future direction with respect to standing in K-Pop.

In essence, they are not taking matters seriously, especially on dealing with Merries. Aside from this, they are wasting time and opportunities through these wrong decisions. These things are virtually absent in other small and big agencies.

To put it bluntly, speculations on the members can’t be avoided. If the agency does not clarify and solve issues, the burden falls on them.


If MLD Entertainment reacted positively, they should’ve done these: (1) Remind Dabin of commitments with the group, (2) Do solo debuts or create subgroups first, while three members are absent, (3) issue frequent updates on Daisy and Taeha’s status to assure Merries, and (4) Dismiss dating scandals, considering that Momoland hasn’t established their status as a famous Korean group.

How far MLD Entertainment will go? With incorrect reactions going on, it’s not surprising if Momoland will still have a difficult time recovering on the year 2020.

Group(s) Rated: Momoland

Rating: 52.00%
Grade: F
Assessment: Failed


  Criterion Points
1 Promotion of groups 5
2 Rolling of comebacks 3
3 Handling boy groups
4 Handling girl groups 1
5 Assessment as whole 1
6 Longevity of groups 10
7 Handling issues and responding 1
8 Uploads videos to 1theK 5

Jellyfish Entertainment

Still, VIXX is rarely felt in promotions, with virtually no proper comeback for remaining members. In their recent Parallel track, they did not give a complete comeback package like the other groups. In the meantime, Ravi and Hongbin got busy on their separate collaborations with Pepsi, plus Leo and Hyuk having their solo tracks.

Similar case goes with Gugudan, which I don’t sense any activities from them as of this writing.

Good point meanwhile was on updating Hyuk’s health status and prioritizing it. Plus, they are promoting its rookie group VERIVERY by providing them two lead tracks.

Rating: 80.00%
Grade: C-
Assessment: Needs Improvement


  Criterion Points
1 Promotion of groups 3
2 Rolling of comebacks 3
3 Handling boy groups 4
4 Handling girl groups 4
5 Assessment as whole 8
6 Longevity of groups 10
7 Handling issues and responding 7
8 Other factors

MBK Entertainment

Being a punching bag of critics for several years, MBK faces fatal blows again this 2019.

Still, MBK is not yet improving. Might as well revamp the agency if it doesn’t improve for a long time. Talk about lack of promotions, want of activities for DIA, Jenny’s exit from the group, their lack of concern for Somyi, and Shannon’s departure after long period of neglect. These inactions did not help in putting their groups to fame. In fact, only T-ARA was tagged as one of the most famous, albeit lagging.

Exception is accorded to debut group 1THE9, where it debuted though with moderate fanfare. Still, with four months remaining before 1the9’s contract expires, the agency only managed to have limited tracks. MBK has to use the limited time wisely.

Its financial performance reflects the agency’s gross negligence in the past years till now. How do we know this? As revealed by Produce 101 trainees from MBK, the agency is struggling financially. (This ironically steers MBK away from bribe issues with Produce series.)

Rating: 52.73%
Grade: F
Assessment: Failed


  Criterion Points
1 Promotion of groups 1
2 Rolling of comebacks 1
3 Handling boy groups 3
4 Handling girl groups 2
5 Assessment as whole 5
6 Longevity of groups 7
7 Handling issues and responding 5
8 Uploads videos to 1theK 5

Play M Entertainment

With the name change from Plan A to Play M following merger with Fave Entertainment last February, we could expect newer approaches to promotion and activities. But still, they are not ready for this.

How we wish that the agency could provide Apink additional comebacks. While Eung Eung was quite enough, better if they add even one to keep them afloat. On a positive note, they provided solo debut for Hayoung, and pursued a malicious commenter against Naeun.

As to its boy group Victon, at least they provided a single comeback, and got first win on it. How much more if the agency would provide enough of these?

While no major issue so far that would cripple them, promotions and planning of events are their major weak spots. This year, they fall short from being one of outstanding agencies, and they should resolve it the soonest.

Rating: 83.64%
Grade: C+
Assessment: Improving


  Criterion Points
1 Promotion of groups 3
2 Rolling of comebacks 5
3 Handling boy groups 4
4 Handling girl groups 5
5 Assessment as whole 6
6 Longevity of groups 10
7 Handling issues and responding 8
8 Uploads videos to 1theK 5

TS Entertainment

Still, TS Entertainment’s status is not yet improving. We see this with some of artists leaving, not counting lack of activities. The agency gets worse in handling its groups.

Less promotions

Even in the past year (and this year), we haven’t heard of any activities from their groups. Despite hitting with Makestar, TS delayed SONAMOO’s album. To add, B.A.P’s Youngjae left the agency and later transferred to Dmost Ent., and previously most members did the same. B.A.P “disbanded”. Talk about wasting potentials and profits.

If not for Nahyun and Sumin, would TS give SONAMOO soft comeback this year? Most likely not.

Legal Battles

It seems that legal battles are forever, namely that of Sleepy’s recent case and Nahyun and Sumin. Gleaning from lawsuits against its groups B.A.P and SECRET (Hyosung and Jieun), breach of contract is apparently the reason.

But the prime reason was on underpaying its employees, and its talents being broke. Talents are complaining of arrears, from Sleepy rapping about it, to B.A.P’s Yongguk explaining the story through a book. It reached the point that TS will be prosecuted by the government itself.

Secondary reason was on abuse, assault, and extortion, as explained by TRCNG’s Wooyeop and Taeseon in their lawsuit against TS.

Fire back

Wrong responses are fired back to Sonamoo and TRCNG. And you guess it, its director is pressing charges against the two TRCNG members. It made up statements to appear that the remaining members’ parents are still supportive of the agency.

And, you won’t believe it: They are still holding auditions for new talents! That’s another wrong move.

Wrong responses bring disastrous results up to financial level. In fact, TRCNG revealed that TS is in deep financial crisis. This resulted in them being on hiatus for more than a year.

If the artists themselves are filing lawsuits, then TS Entertainment is in a deep trouble. And if it wants to be more relevant, better respond next year.

Rating: 50.91%
Grade: F
Assessment: Failed


  Criterion Points
1 Promotion of groups 1
2 Rolling of comebacks 1
3 Handling boy groups 2
4 Handling girl groups 2
5 Assessment as whole 5
6 Longevity of groups 10
7 Handling issues and responding 5
8 Uploads videos to 1theK 2

Star Empire and Brave Entertainment

The author decided to make a review for both agencies, as they share same responses.

For the most part of the year, no news of the agencies’ status, till this came up. Star (through its sublabel) debuted ARIAZ, a new girl group; and Brave plans to debut another boy group. And judging from the way Star handled ZE:A, IMFACT, and 9Muses and Brave as to Bigstar and Bravegirls, surely these debuts will also turn out to be another failure.

It’s costlier to debut a new group rather than to promote existing groups, something which the agencies did not consider. Also, they did not seize various chances available for their groups to stand out.

Added negative point for Brave was on its utter disregard for a talent’s life, as Brave Girls’ Yejin explained. If Brave still does not learn its lesson, might as well putting its existing talents at risk too.

On a serious note, it does not make sense debuting new groups, if they cannot handle existing ones. They have to prove this statement wrong by catching up the soonest.

Star Empire:
Rating: 54.00%
Grade: F
Assessment: Failed

Rating: 41.82%
Grade: F
Assessment: Failed


  Criterion Star Empire Brave
1 Promotion of groups 1 1
2 Rolling of comebacks 1 0
3 Handling boy groups 2 2
4 Handling girl groups 2 2
5 Assessment as whole 6 5
6 Longevity of groups 10 7
7 Handling issues and responding 5 5
8 Agency does not exhibit gross negligence 1

I’m Not A Merry Anymore

Today, I’m not a Merry anymore.

Merries are still shocked upon learning of Taeha and Dabin’s departure. For one, Taeha opted to pursue new paths, and Dabin is still groping with schedule conflicts between acting and being a K-Pop artist.

What makes matters complicated is that MLD Entertainment still does not issue statements and apologies for delay for several months. This proves their unprofessional side. We will discuss further these things as we rate agencies and the group some time.

As Daisy is still “under negotiations”, I’m not surprised if she might be no longer part of it. This will surely have negative consequences if this happens. In fact, some international Merries told that Daisy was the reason they became part of the fandom.

With all these things, what’s the sense of being a “Merry”, if me and fellow fans are not happy with these?

Thank you

So, thanks to all Merries who genuinely care for the group. Thank you also for making me once part of this fandom for one and a half year. However, recent events pushed me to leave the fandom like everyone else.

Starting November 30 this year, TweetNewscaster is not following the group anymore, and is now leaving the fandom. The author is also withdrawing support for the group. Consequently, all members are no longer my biases, and Momoland is now out from my bias list forever.


Starting November 30, failing grade will be given in reviews of their future releases. No special incentives will be given to them anymore in future reviews (unlike BTS, (G)I-DLE, and TWICE).

Worse, if any member is absent on group’s TV appearances, extra pull-down factor will be added in future reviews. No considerations will be given to Momoland at all regardless of reasons, especially on absences.

These things would be better off than hating them outright. Hating the group will be a waste of time and energy.

It does not make sense following them with these kinds of attitude, and if they are still incomplete. And to put it bluntly, it’s senseless to follow them if the group and the agency aren’t learning any lessons at all.

Featured Image of the Day (November 13, 2019)

We’ll save these screenshots for future reference.

Momoland celebrates its 3rd Anniversary – this time without Daisy and Taeha:

If MLD Entertainment still goes unresponsive, we’ll save these pictures for future reference. Also, we will retype the statements.

The first statement reads as follows:

[Dabin] found another way through acting, but I feel sorry for Daisy and Taeha. They worked hard as the main vocal and main rapper, but they are taking a break by force. They have a contract so that’s the reason why they can’t protest this situation. I will cheer only Daisy and Taeha.

The second statement is retyped as follows:

My daughter is crying and they live calmly and shamelessly. I feel hot under the collar. I want to say don’t forget that the sky is looking at you. There is no peace in my mind. It’s just sadness and anger.

I want to find Daisy’s smile on her face again. Daisy is very sad now, but she will have a lot of power in your worries and love.

(Photo credits from various sources.)


How far MLD Entertainment will go?

Reviews for AKMU, ONEUS, Fin.KL and B.E.G. will be published on first or second week of October. Also, reviews on October releases will be published on November, unless otherwise announced.

This will be my final blog post for September, as I need to rest first and finish misheard lyrics.

At this point, MLD Entertainment had gone too far already.

Sometimes it surprises us why the agency had gone too low for the past months. Not to mention their deafening silence for several months. It shows that they aren’t equipped to handle big issues like these. And they are still not learning their lesson up to now.


To help other K-Pop fans understand Momoland’s situation, imagine this scenario:

Before TWICE goes with Fancy comeback, Jihyo is dating with Kang Daniel. Later, JYP announced that Jihyo and Minari will not join in Fancy. After Happy Happy and Breakthrough, the two were still missing. And yet, JYP still does not issue statement on their status.

Do you think JYP will exclude Jihyo because of dating scandal and keep silent? Impossible. But not with MLD’s agency.


We will again recap what are the faulty responses. First, advising Daisy and Taeha to rest amidst the former’s dating scandal. Second, lack of direct response on Mexico incident. Third, lack of constant update on the two members. Finally is on adding stress to Merries.

Another faulty response touches on Dabin. To think that Dabin prioritizes drama over commitments with the group is unacceptable. She should’ve learned a bit of lesson from Minari and Seolhyun. The two stars, even if in a relative situation as hers, managed to prioritize their group.

Minari, even if extreme was her anxiety, managed to join in Feel Special MV so as to entertain Onces, albeit warranting rest. Seolhyun, even if with so many offers, managed to have time with AOA in Queendom. Dabin should’ve been reminded of priorities, a thing even MLD Ent did not do.

No special favors

There’s no way I could grant extra points for the group like what I did in other reviews (BTS, TWICE, Blackpink, Gfriend). The agency (plus Nayun and Dabin) have to make it up for their mistakes first, before I could even consider granting the group extra points.

Also, no considerations will be given anymore to said two members in case they be absent, regardless of reasons. If for the third time, they miss PH TV appearances again, the group’s next comebacks will earn a failing grade in MV reviews since attendance is a must.

If these responses were done before Bboom Bboom, the group will definitely disband. Again, at the rate the agency is going, these responses will not make the group last. They already reached the point where damage done to the group and Merries is hard to reverse. So, we have to expect OT5 next comeback.

The results speak for itself. For instance, even with soft comebacks, it became hard for them to retain the fame they once had. Even at Kcon, their luster proved to be cliche. Not to mention that some Merries are leaving the fandom. And recently, statements from Daisy’s mom stressed this problem. Remember, mothers know best.

Change of response

Again, the complaints list is piling up, hence the need to monitor them. And we are forever grateful for fellow Merries who also care for the group by doing the same, and pointing out also what’s wrong with the agency.

I made also some changes on treatment with the group. While Jane is still my ultimate bias, I removed Dabin as my second bias (and bias wrecker), and promoted Nancy as such. Starting with Pinky Love, I added the remaining six members except Nayun.

With the agency going too far, no choice but to remove Momoland as one of my most favorite groups. And I’ll have to add GFRIEND as my most favorite. This leaves me with them, TWICE, and SATURDAY as such. But still, I will not leave the fandom.

Worst case, if Daisy and Taeha felt that this is too much, they have to leave the group and join other agencies. It’s not wise to remain with the agency if the latter responds negatively. Best shot would be at JYP, Kakao M, or Source Music.

Still, a little bit of hope remains. The group is planning to hold another event in PH, with proceeds donated to charity. They must grab this chance to explain everything to Merries and make it up for various missed engagements (esp. PH TV shows), especially Nayun and Dabin.

MOMOLAND – Pinky Love: MV Review

For our series of reviews, we will touch on Momoland, with their song Pinky Love. This is the first time that the author will review a work in Japanese. Normally, I do not review Japanese comebacks, but this time will do it to emphasize again and again things they need improvement. We need to be frank on this out of love for the group.

(Side Note: I decided to add Ahin, Hyebin, JooE, Daisy, and Taeha as my biases. Nayun and Dabin are off my bias list, since Nayun still has to make up for absences, and Dabin still keeps on doing alibis, as discussed earlier.

Also, with JooE on a supposed date, don’t be surprised if she will not be included in their next comeback.)

Storyline as whole

While the storyline is lacking in the MV, the pink color is consistently being used in the video. The video is essentially a dance performance with fully-packed aegyo. Musically, the most pronounced is on the rap part before the second verse, where drums are beating.

With regards to the voice, Ahin’s vocals were fine. Nancy’s vocals were more pronounced, something I did not hear of it on Bboom Bboom and Baam.

Let’s then talk about visuals. They made good deal using special effects throughout the video. For instance, the square type at 1:41 – 1:42 recalls their previous lead song Freeze. Another point for improvement was at 1:32 – 1:34, where it should have been applied to other members, not only on Ahin and Hyebin.

Review by others

TheBiasList described the group as trying to follow on TWICE’s footsteps in Japan.

Some negative points are taken into account. First, the music being light is lacking in texture and “unbearable” when chants are added. Second, it lacks charisma needed for them to stand out. Finally, the group is replicating Bboom Bboom with limited success.

Complaints list

The group is trying to keep itself relevant, but wrong responses to these issues are pulling them down. And it’s awfully pitiful for me as a Merry.

It has been four months since I rarely pick updates from the group. This was because of various issues on them and the agency, which I will explain further as we rate agencies at year-end.

Surely this MV will not be popular unlike before, for many reasons. First of all is on the agency’s responses, starting from OT9 to OT6 (And OT5, anyone?). Second, the track is in Japanese, which normally gets lesser views than Korean counterparts. Third, mainstream media rarely uses Japanese language in promoting K-Pop groups. Finally, the track, even if it’s bop, is targeted primarily to limited market.

The group and the agency seriously need to recall the efforts they made in the past to be on that status. This will help them realize what went wrong, and how to correct it. As of today, it can be seen that they are losing sense of direction, firing one wrong response after another.

The group has soft comebacks, but these are incorrect responses, which has drastic effects on them. In fact, hardly anyone noticed that they have a comeback. They should’ve debuted as subgroup or be given solo careers first. Fix issues first or take a long break. Take cue from what the other agencies are doing. Because at the rate they are going, their act of performing incomplete again and again – and incorrect responses – will not make the group last.

Finally, I am not pleased with Dabin doing something else, while her other members are performing. This is something you won’t see from other groups.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 70.91%
Grade: F
Assessment: Failed


Aspect   Criterion Points
Storyline 1 Storyline 2
Storyline 2 Consistent theme 5
Appearance 3 Colorful 5
Appearance 4 Good taste 5
Appearance 5 No Halloween, Easter, etc. 5
Appearance 6 No astrology featured 5
Appearance 7 Less horror featured 5
Appearance 8 Not too revealing outfits 5
Music 9 Exciting 1
Music 10 Not too deafening 5
Dance 11 Learned easily even by beginners 4
Dance 12 Not too sensual 5
Lessons 13 Moral lesson clearly stated 4
Lessons 14 Impart something beneficial for viewers 3
Other Matters 15 Sense of humor 8
Other Matters 16 Make it to mainstream media 1
Other Matters 17 Review by other sites 3
Other Matters 18 Review of MV as a whole 2
Other Matters 19 Goes back to previous song 5
Completeness of members 0

News and Tidbits (July 23, 2019)

This month was the time for me to rest, but I sometimes do post when some matters require my write-ups.

Generally, for Japanese comebacks, I don’t review MVs or include them in misheard lyrics. Because it is primarily intended for Japanese market. And since K-Pop this July is mostly inclined on Japan, time for me to rest till month-end.

Before I go full blast on MV reviews next month, the Annual Report for this site will be published first.


BTS announced that they will take a two-month rest. This is to spend time with their families and friends, and this will serve as their free time.

The boys deserve a rest. Anyway, they always manage to be complete in virtually every interaction with ARMYs and other people. Pretty sure that Boy With Luv’s fame will last even beyond that period.


In another news, 2NE1’s Dara is now entertaining her long time crush. By this, we might not be surprised if they became more than friends.

Dara has to keep going, and I will still support her in this venture.


Last update on Obsessed and Assessed: All of its MV Reviews are now gone. The site tells that it is under construction:

The blogger felt that he/she did not feel the K-Pop for this year:

Would he/she come back next year? The answer is more of a “No.”

Considering his/her dismay on what’s happening in K-Pop, I guess that he/she will not continue doing it anymore. It just forced to update its list when the three most famous groups, including IZ*ONE, made comebacks, the latest being TWICE’s Fancy.

I’ll try my best to fill the void and improve reviews, since there are only few bloggers who do MV reviews on regular basis. I’ll also try my best to manage time and cover as many groups as possible. Because whatever happens, life goes on.


What now for Obsessed and Assessed?

If he/she was still active, I would love to see the blogger reprimanding MOMOLAND’s agency for its mishandling of talents. It would have been very happy over comebacks of ATEEZ, break down the story behind Stray Kids, and appreciate recent comeback of Lovelyz. It would have agreed on our review of GFRIEND, and would point out what’s still lacking on them. Or be critical of Red Velvet‘s recent comeback.

Also, I would be stressed out on figuring how it reviewed the MVs. To be honest, even if I have to disagree with the blogger on some points, I find her reviews useful as I rate MVs. Starting to miss the good old days again.


Sad to tell that I can’t do a MV Review of Heize again. Upon viewing the MV, I was not at ease with it. I did not also review her previous work (No Reason) due to lack of time. If given another comeback this year, I will prioritize that and of Park Bom’s works.


We would like to announce that the author’s Bias List is now out! This is located at the upper right corner of the blogsite. There you can check out K-Pop groups I follow, and my favorite artists. You can see also the changes there in my list.


Speaking of the bias list, I removed now Yeonwoo of Momoland. She has to learn the lesson the hard way.

I added TWICE’s Momo, BTS’ J-Hope, and two members of AOA (Hyejeong and Chanmi) to my list. Reason was that (1) Momo tries to relate with PH Onces by speaking in our language, (2) I began to appreciate strong voices like that of Hoseok, and (3) three out of five AOA members are my favorites, so I have to pick also the remaining two.

Pending on the list were Rose and Jisoo of BLACKPINK, the remaining five members of TWICE (Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Sana), and Red Velvet’s Irene and Joy. As to the first seven, I have to know them more; and as to Red Velvet, Reveluvs are still sleeping on my application to be part of the fandom.

MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo and her endless alibis

After giving it much thought, this article has to be released. With MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo always missing, she always raises red flags on attendance. This also serves as call-out for her to correct her mistakes.

While I have to limit write-ups for this month, I have to do this to let her realize some lessons: (1) Most companies are strict on employees who are missing in action, and (2) famous K-Pop groups don’t share this kind of issue she is facing.

This is to clarify my extreme displeasure for Yeonwoo only, not on other MOMOLAND members. So far, the other eight have no attitude problems, as I will discuss later.

MOMOLAND has been one of my favorite groups, but I hate to be frank with them.


It seems this year is unlucky one again for MOMOLAND. Recently, Yeonwoo is said to leave the group and agency. Reports tell of reasons behind absences: rumored to be “maltreated”, friend’s post telling that she’ll “return to her old self”, and her venture in K-Drama. It looks like the latter would be the case.

Yeonwoo’s acts ignited misunderstanding with Merries. As full-pledged Merry, am I happy with what she did? No.

I removed her

Furthermore, I am not pleased with Yeonwoo supposedly prioritizing dramas over commitments with the group:

No choice but to remove Yeonwoo as my bias. She has the habit of making excuses not attending various fanmeets and concerts, and going somewhere else, as Soompi reported:

“…[She] has not been participating in recent schedules…because she is filming her drama. With regards to…Chile on June 28, Yeonwoo did not participate due to health reasons…”

These same reasons tell why she is also missing in PH TV shows. Seems that she is not interested anymore in letting more Filipinos know about her.

Not convinced

To add, Yeonwoo’s alibis are not anymore convincing, as she is repeating it all over again. If she was an employee of a company, she would’ve been dismissed outright.

She should feel ashamed with her fellow members, with TWICE, and BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

In their recent concert in Manila, most TWICE members suffered injuries, but still managed to go to various schedules. They even performed complete, for the sake of PH Onces who waited for them. This is the attitude we see from the group, and virtually no word of unreasonable excuse can be heard on any TWICE member since their debut. It only took JYP Ent. to put Minari to rest, considering that her health was failing.

In fact, as Koreaboo pointed out with regards to the group:

“Even one member can make a major difference in a group, and TWICE made sure that fans knew the importance of all of them as one.”

As to BLACKPINK’s Jennie, though she was subjected to gossips, she still performed with the other three. Most important, even if she got sick, she managed to have time with PH Blinks in their recent Shopee endorsement. She used this chance to introduce herself even to non-K Pop fans who were there.

Even if Jendeukie is enduring the pain from PH to Macau, and even if this warrants rest, she still kept going on till she left the concert last June 8. This she made so as not to dismay PH and Macanese Blinks who are rooting for her.

These things are what Yeonwoo must keep in mind, everytime she makes an alibi for the nth time. That habit of hers won’t take her long even if she ventures in drama.

Final Words

Yeonwoo has to keep in mind these things, for the sake of Merries and her other fans. I would be more than happy to retract this article and consider adding her again to bias list, if she’ll make up for the times she missed.

What must she do? She must show herself complete with other members in any PH TV shows, greet, and tell more about herself to PH non-K Pop fans. That would be more than enough.

Featured Image Credit: Yeonwoo