Pancit Canton Recipe with Feelings (Full English)

As another part of saying “thank you” to our dear readers, especially to non-Filipinos, I had translated one of the recipes in this site to full English.

Pancit Canton as used in this article is inspired by Canton noodles from China. This refers to instant noodles made with wheat flour. It is cooked by putting the noodles in boiling water. When softened, the noodles are drained and then mixed with seasonings. This type is commonly available in Philippine supermarkets, and is popular especially for those busy persons or for those who are always on-the-go.

Hope you might enjoy cooking our type of noodle with feelings. Okay, let’s start cooking!

Good day, readers! At first, we have cooked the pancit canton the usual way. Now, we will cook it again. This time, we will cook it with feelings so that it will be cooked right and so that the noodles will seep the flavors.

This has been shared to us by a netizen, and the author had added some details, so let’s enjoy while we are cooking this noodle.

How to cook Pancit Canton?

  1. Get first Pancit Canton from a store. It’s up to you how many, anyway, you are not contented with just one only.

Okay, get as many as you can. Anyway, you’re an expert at this stuff. 😡

And please, pick a new one. Not the type that expires like your new sweetheart that you replaced me. You know that change is coming, as they say. And you will be poisoned if you stick to the one who is near to expiration.

  1. Open one by one. But since you are used to having relationships at the same time, open all of them simultaneously. Anyway, you brag to the whole world that you are a multi-tasking person. You had done all at the same time, even us girls. You are expert with these things, don’t you?
  2. Put the noodles in boiling water. With the same boiling point my blood had reached when I saw your pimp like Homo erectus. And she does not only look like Homo erectus. She also looks like Australopithecus!

My blood boils further when both of you had seen me, and yet, you torridly kissed each other in the lips. With too much blood boiling in me, I had wanted to throw both of you in the ocean. There you can kiss each other, in a Titanic style. 😡

  1. Turn off the fire after three minutes, as fast as the way you left me alone. I am beautiful, but you chose that ugly one. Are you choosy?

After some moments of our relationship, you just turned off your feelings to me. You also turned off our relationship just for that ugly one.

  1. Lastly, mix the noodles with seasoning till you’re okay. Afterwards, if everything’s okay, let it go. It’s because you had seen someone else.

Nice try, I hoped we will share the love we gave for each other, but actually you’re leaving me at the end.

You’re used to it, aren’t you? Hope you might end up choking, you goddammit! XD

Lucky Me Pancit Canton Recipe

Good day, readers! Ngayong araw na ito, magluluto na naman tayo ng katakam-takam na recipes mula sa isang netizen. Sa araw na ito, magluluto tayo ng Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton. Yup, you read it right. Madali lang lutuin ito. 😀

So, handa na ba tayo? Kung oo, eh di sige! Magluto na nga tayo! 😀

Ito ang mga ingredients na dapat mong paghandaan bago tayo magluto:

  • Tubig. Preferred ang pinakuluang tubig para mas madali tayong makaluto.
    Sa totoo lang, puwede ang all types of water. Tatanungin mo naman sa akin, “Anong klaseng tubig?” Kahit ano. Gusto mo, pati yung tubig sa swimming pool, gamitin natin?
  • Dalawang totoong kalamansi. Hindi puwede ang fake na kalamansi na mabibili sa Recto. Otherwise, hindi magiging malasa ang dish natin. Kung walang kalamansi sa bakuran, puwede na ang dalandan, orange, o lemon. Try mo lang din, baka mas masarap pa ang lulutin nating pancit pag ginamit natin iyon.
  • Dalawang pack ng Lucky Me Pancit Canton. Piliin ang green version nito na kung tawagin ay Kalamansi Flavor.

Handa na ba ang ating mga ingredients? Kung oo, simulan na natin!

  1. Kumuha ng dalawang pack at isalang sa kaserola.
  2. Pakuluan ang dalawang pack ng noodles sa isang kaserola sa loob ng dalawang minuto. Bakit ko ito nasabi? Ngayon, ano ang mangyayari kung ibababad mo sa tubig? Eh di wala rin. 😡
  3. Pagkatapos ng dalawang minuto, patayin ang apoy. Kung hindi mo magagawa iyan, at gusto mong kainin ang napakalambot nang noodles, eh di magaling!
  4. Hanguin ang noodles sa tubig at isabak sa hinandang sauce na kasama sa pack.
  5. Lagyan ng isa o dalawang kutsarang tubig sa noodles para kumalat ang lasa.
  6. Paghaluin ang noodle mix at pigaan ng dalawang totoong kalamansi. I repeat, dalawang totoong kalamansi. Kung gusto mo naman ng fake na kalamansi, go ahead. 🙂 At huwag isasama ang buto ng kalamansi, unless gusto mo ring kainin iyan. Haluin nang mabuti. Your Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton is now ready to be served.

Well, salamat sa inyong pagbabasa ng recipeng ito. Sana nagustuhan ninyo ang paraan natin ng pagluluto nito. Now, enjoy the saucy pancit canton na maasim-asim at maalat-alat. Perfect combo ito sa tirang malamig na kanin. Have a good appetite and happy cooking! 🙂

Featured Image Credit: Pancit Canton