iKON – Dive (뛰어들게): MV Review

For the first time we will review iKON in their lead track Dive. This recent comeback is their first since Hanbin left the group.

Earlier, we ranked various groups under hiatus for at least six months, the group included. In fact, it has been 395 days since their last release I’m OK. Would iKON’s comeback be worth all the lost time and B.I.’s departure? We’ll see here.

As explained, the album title “i DECIDE” sets the small “I” apart from the rest of seven letters.

More symbolisms can be linked with the title, particularly on picture frames, staying inside a door, broken bridges, and arrows. Summing up:

As we are venturing on our new chapter/new discoveries, we have to dive. We have to take risks and plunge on it, even if the cost is great.

The group illustrated a man breaking a wall, and them in stage with fire. This is to tell us that they are now ready to push on with newer concepts.

I find this song satisfying, even if it somewhat was wanting compared to other songs. Harmonica tune sets the song right, and is heard in most parts of the song (at first verse and at near-end). While not getting used to iKON and its songs, I liked it being calm and refreshing.

Final notes

This only needs proper promotions to make it stand out.

Even with its shortcomings, YG Entertainment managed to retain what B.I. crafted before leaving. This will be an added positive point for them as we review agencies at year-end.

Further readings: TheBiasList | KPopReviewed

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 86.32%
Grade: B-
Assessment: Satisfactory


Aspect Points Base
Storyline 9 10
Appearance 30 30
Music 9 10
Dance 10 10
Lessons 7 10
Entertainment 17 25
Other Factors

Rating K-Pop Agencies 2019: YG Entertainment

(Side Note: In rating agencies, primary objective is to evaluate agencies’ responses to various issues. Responses are a crucial ingredient for agencies’ and groups’ survival, fame, and profitability.

To a lesser extent, financial aspects might be tackled, but will not be a major factor in rating them.)

YGE has been instrumental in bringing K-Pop to the world for many years. But while 2018 has been a stable year for YG, it was an unfortunate one for 2019. First was Seungri on sex scandal, and then it was B.I. over drug use. The negative impact on K-Pop was great, such that Obsessed and Assessed stopped doing MV Reviews for whole of March (only to go indefinite hiatus this year).

The way how YG (company) is not responding has major effects, as we will discuss later.

Bad points

First of all, they should’ve issued strong statements condemning major offenses, which they failed to do.

Another faulty response is on their peddled “quality over quantity” slogan, to the point that artists themselves suffer from lack of exposure. And here comes the habit of not frequently releasing music. This usually sidesteps its various artists among other promotion-packed and stage-packed agencies. Worse, this hampers full potential for them to stand out.

Most obvious is on BLACKPINK, which could’ve slayed more charts had they been given several tracks. Another case lies on AKMU’s Suhyun, where the agency did not give her solo debut during the two-year hiatus till September. They wasted time and opportunity for her to shine. As for Lee Hi, this was the cause behind deterioration of her mental health.

Speaking of lower sales, this actually happened in terms of albums. In fact, YG is still being pushed aside by Big 3 now (and Pledis). Not surprising, as they are still going stingy in terms of releases.

Consider too what happened to Treasure13 members. They are supposed to debut last July, but are still not as of this writing due to scandals. And as the saying goes, these trainees are leaving the “pharmacy,” looking for somewhere who manages them better.

Another negative point is on not giving iKON a break from several concerts, especially during the Holidays. While the intent was to entertain fans during the holiday, they should’ve considered the immense toll it will bring to the group.

While BLACKPINK served as YG’s flagship group, its status has not yet changed for the better. And till 2019 comes to near-end, still no solo debuts for Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo, not to mention want of long-term planning on BP.

If Blinks are getting impatient on lack of comebacks, and the group is still sad on their status, we have a serious problem. It shows how inefficient YG is in handling talents as whole. Plus, owing to lack of protection afforded when 2NE1 disbanded, it’s not surprising if it also happens to the new girl group, albeit on different case.

Most worrisome is on Dara, who is currently working with the agency. Maybe YG should give her also comebacks, as consideration of her still working despite what happened to 2NE1?

Good points

Meanwhile, some good points must be also taken into account. For instance, it still promotes its groups like BLACKPINK, iKON, and WINNER in several countries through concerts and meet-ups. Second, after fans complained of removing B.I. from the credits, they listened by crediting him again in his songworks.

They also give groups relative freedom, apparent on AKMU. This refers to freedom in producing songs while being funded. So far, no artist-related complaints have been heard with YG such as being underpaid. Add to that, rare to no instances of copyright issues were encountered. That’s another plus points for them.

YG also ensured that artists will have personal space. In fact, they warned fans not to get too close with iKON at an airport, and asks them not to visit Bigbang members on their military discharge.

Another good point is on handling dating issues with Jennie. While this would actually damage reputation of Jendeukie and her group, YG still let her perform in their only comeback. You know what happened to them later on.


The quality over quantity mindset demonstrates their lack of flexibility, especially in hard times like this. It posed disastrous results up to financial level: lower sales, opportunity costs, net loss, and potential loss of investors. It seems that no one, not even BP or Big Bang, could save YG from its sad state.

The responses, from kicking out delinquent stars, “quality over quantity”, and removing Yang Hyun Suk, are itself short term ones. Without long-term solutions (and purging), we doubt if YG would recover its leading status next year.

Group(s) Rated: BLACKPINK

Rating: 70.91%
Grade: F
Assessment: Failed


  Criterion Points
1 Promotion of groups 3
2 Rolling of comebacks 2
3 Handling boy groups 3
4 Handling girl groups 4
5 Assessment as whole 8
6 Longevity of groups 8
7 Handling issues and responding 6
8 Rare copyright issues 5

WINNER (위너) – SOSO: MV Review

This will be the final review for all MV releases of October.

For our roll of reviews, we will feature again Winner, in their song Soso.

This recent comeback presented the newer side of the group. They’ve gone far, from being a “band-image” type to becoming a real group like other stars. Let’s see if they are catching up all the way despite being given limited releases. Let’s start!


The story starts with them travelling in the desert just to attend a party. Being lost in direction, some of them gave up on finding sense of purpose, and others try to destroy some things like chandelier and artworks. The MV ends with them embarking on different journey.

Review as whole

The title might recall that of heartbreak, with a name that should’ve not been mentioned. He denies that they have a breakup, and he tries to feel not good or bad about it. Instead, he tried to be pokerfaced.

Some things are worth noticing. Member is being tied all the way to the top, extras are being blindfolded in a table, breaking artwork, shouting in a mirror, and trying to find a way as his other friends are in a party. These represent loss of focus and need for freedom.

As for some lying on the floor and others kicking chandeliers, these tells of them losing sense of direction. From that point they deem light as being worthless.

Most conspicuous is on a member being naked. This is the first time we see a member on that state. This might represent naked truth on the heartbreak, which he did not accept.

The upbeats from the start till pre-chorus was their most upbeat of all the sounds I heard from Winner. These should’ve been added also to the rest of the song, just to maintain the momentum. After that part, it becomes slower for the rest of the song. Screeching tunes can be heard in the final chorus.

On a final note, the dances featured are very easy to learn.

A bit awkward

We wish to point out that Filipinos might find the title awkward. Why?

Some K-Pop songs unwittingly refer to private parts when played in Philippines. For instance:

CLC: Pepe

Both refer to genitals of man and woman, respectively.

As for YG Family, here’s a running joke referring all to breasts:

Review by others

Since TheBiasList started its reviews, he focused his critic on “song structure, energy, and momentum”, a requirement Soso somewhat failed to achieve. Positives lie on being experimental and having vocal effects on chorus. Instrumentals also give proper buildup to paint the bursts. On the downside, it was “lethargic,” and its refrain was dead. Worse, its unbalanced music fails to give a very outstanding performance.

KPopReviewed wrote that even if the set-up was promising, the performance didn’t go well due to the slowdown placed in chorus. This slowdown killed any momentum, and repeated “So So” made it worse. He meanwhile enjoyed the verses and the rest of track. In fact, Mino’s starting lines were the best.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 82.11%
Grade: C-
Assessment: Needs Improvement


Aspect   Criterion Points
Storyline 1 Storyline 4
Storyline 2 Consistent theme 5
Appearance 3 Colorful/color fits emotions 5
Appearance 4 Good taste 5
Appearance 5 No Halloween, Easter, etc. 5
Appearance 6 No astrology featured 5
Appearance 7 Less horror featured 5
Appearance 8 Not too revealing outfits 5
Music 9 Exciting/Expresses emotions 3
Music 10 Not too deafening 4
Dance 11 Learned easily even by beginners 5
Dance 12 Not too sensual 5
Lessons 13 Moral lesson clearly stated 3
Lessons 14 Impart something beneficial for viewers 4
Other Matters 15 Sense of humor/expresses emotions 7
Other Matters 16 Make it to mainstream media 1
Other Matters 17 Review by other sites 3
Other Matters 18 Review of MV as a whole 4
Other Matters 19    

AKMU (악동뮤지션) – How Can I Love The Heartbreak, You’re The One I Love: MV Review

For the first time, we will review AKMU (Akdong Musician) in their newest release. While the original title is indeed long, we will call it Heartbreak for purpose of brevity.

It can be remembered that they weren’t active due to Chanhyuk being in military. While on hiatus, it’s quite disappointing that Suhyun hasn’t been given solo debuts during that two-year hiatus. Seems that the agency wastes time and talents like that of hers. We’ll deal with that further some time.

While YG comebacks like this are badly needed, it’s still intriguing to see how they perform after two years of hiatus. Hope this review (and fans) will also promote the duo more than YG does. (And congrats also for them topping the charts!) Anyway, let’s start!


The story tells of a boy painting, and a girl scribbling. Even if they are on different ventures, they share the common goal of sailing amidst the vast ocean. Another side of story tells of her brainstorming, then finally gets bored.

Lesson of Heartbreak is on the title itself: Even if we encounter heartbreaks, this does not stop us from loving that person. On the other hand, viewers are being taught the value of arts and sea travel.

Review as whole

Various abstractions are employed to project the sadness. First is on abstract painting. The blue color and painting technique akin to Van Gogh’s Starry Night has the clearest message. Second is on the aimless journey amidst the open sea. Finally is on raining inside the house, at the end of the video. Summing up:

“Deep inside, heartbreaks can make us gloomy and sad. Despite these, we still love him/her. Even without sense of direction, we still find a way to his/her heart.”

Regarding musical aspects, Chanhyuk is relegated more to being a background voice, only to rejoin in the chorus. He also later steps up on the second half of finale. The tune mostly relies on echoing vocals of Suhyun.

Lastly, the first fifteen seconds closely resembles a Filipino rendition of I Believe by Joowon.

Review by others

TheBiasList was astonished that the duo still retains the usual style after a long time. It described the song as a timeless nautical masterpiece, opening with clarity and restraint. This act truly expresses the mostly-ignored concept that “Music is a universal language.”

KPopReviewed noted that Suhyun’s voice is very “airy” which fills in the mood of the song. This is coupled with instrumentals being toned down. And even if Changhyuk has limited lines, he managed to harmonize where he is needed.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 92.22%
Grade: A-
Assessment: Very Good


Aspect   Criterion Points
Storyline 1 Storyline 4
Storyline 2 Consistent theme 5
Appearance 3 Colorful/color fits emotions 5
Appearance 4 Good taste 5
Appearance 5 No Halloween, Easter, etc. 5
Appearance 6 No astrology featured 5
Appearance 7 Less horror featured 5
Appearance 8 Not too revealing outfits 5
Music 9 Exciting/Expresses emotions 8
Music 10 Not too deafening 5
Dance 11 Learned easily even by beginners  
Dance 12 Not too sensual  
Lessons 13 Moral lesson clearly stated 4
Lessons 14 Impart something beneficial for viewers 5
Other Matters 15 Sense of humor/expresses emotions 7
Other Matters 16 Make it to mainstream media 1
Other Matters 17 Review by other sites 4
Other Matters 18 Review of MV as a whole 5
Other Matters 19 Shares similarities/tunes with other songs 5

Mgt. Advisory Services Problem No. 2: YG Entertainment

Malapit na ang CPA Board Exam. Good luck and God bless sa inyong lahat na kukuha ngayon!

Yamang ngayon ay more on situational-type ang problems, try niyong i-solve ang problem na ito. Sana makatulong din ito para mahasa ang analytical skills, na kailangan para sa exam na ito.

YG Entertainment is home to various groups like Blackpink, Bigbang, IKon, Winner, and AKMU. It has been known for rarely releasing music for these artists, due to its belief of “quality over quantity.”

The scandals last March and April was a major blow to the company. Despite need for policy change to address problems, YG held to that belief and still gave few comebacks to artists.

The company recorded 2.1 billion won net loss (PHP 96.8 million) for Q1 and Q2 2019. Comparisons with big and small agencies still reveal that YG is losing bigtime. Even YG’s investor, Louis Vuitton, plans to withdraw its investment worth 67 billion won (PHP 2.89 billion).

As such, the company held a closed-door emergency meeting with its artists, including you. This was to plan something better for the company. As the Chief Accountant of YG, your task is to point out problems and offer solutions to management.

Discussion Questions

  1. Would YG be subjected to regular corporate income tax, minimum corporate income tax, or both? Explain.

YG will not be subjected to regular income tax, as it recorded losses. However, it is still subject to minimum income tax on gross album sales.

  1. What would be the immediate steps for YG to recover despite the scandals?

Steps: (1) Capitalize on existing groups, like BLACKPINK and BIGBANG. Provide more than one comebacks for them, plus iKON, Winner, and AKMU; (2) Suspend debuting new talents till the issues subside, and (3) Provide more solo debuts for other members.

(Bonus) To add, issue apology for lack of responses over scandals, and commitment to strengthen ethics.

  1. Aside from short-term solutions, what would be your long-term plans to be offered to management? Explain.

I’ll recommend that YG adopt values, and be flexible in decision-making. Lack of these things translate to substantial losses. Adopting values like building trust, and flexibility like sufficient comebacks translates to additional sales and ultimately, additional net income for YG.

  1. YG needs your help for LV not to withdraw its investment. What will be your action plan/s?

Action Plans: (1) Hold informal talks with LV on this issue, and present truthfully the company’s status; (2) Request LV not to withdraw first, and give assurance that management is fixing problems, and (3) Provide projected financial statements to LV, assuming that YG responds to these issues.

Solutions are indicated in white text. Only select it after answering these questions.

Management Advisory Services problem created by: TweetNewscaster. Photo image credit from Wikipedia.

WINNER (위너) – AH YEAH (아예): MV Review

For our another MV review, we have another group WINNER, with their song Ah Yeah.

Upon first look on the title, I thought that it was BLACKPINK’s line in Ddu-Du Ddu-Du. But their chorus tell otherwise. By sharing the phrase, I suppose iKON will include it in their next comeback.

Pardon also if I haven’t made a review over their song Millions (but I then included it in misheard lyrics video). This time, we will do it on their first song for 2019. You may watch their MV first before reading the review:


  1. Video must have a storyline – 3 points.

The video tells of a story of love, where they view it as a challenge and leisure at the same time.

While the storyline can be understood a bit enough, it lacked a cohesive factor to make it understable to non-Koreans. Aside from this, they didn’t provide even a bit of storyline on their description.

  1. Theme must be consistent and clear – 5 points

The themes consistently featured on the video were on party and playing games.


  1. Moral lesson must be clearly stated – 5 points

Primarily, the moral lesson that can be seen here is on enjoying life and being happy, as seen with them playing games or watching a movie.

  1. They must impart something beneficial for their viewers – 5 points

The MV features arcade games (0:32 – 0:46). Somehow, this will help raise consciousness on viewers on what we played in the past.

winner ah yeah game2winner ah yeah game

Second thing they featured is on watching movie at a movie theater at the first pre-chorus. Somehow, this will help viewers be aware again on the feel of being at that place.

winner ah yeah movie

Other Matters

  1. Inject sense of humor in the music video – 7 points

At a movie theater, look on how they reacted upon watching a movie.

winner ah yeah moviewinner ah yeah movie funny

Another point considered is on Mino’s hand (1:32) and leg (1:45), which shares that of lobsters. Maybe he wants to catch something?

winner ah yeah mino handwinner ah yeah mino leg

  1. Ability of the song to make it to mainstream media – 3 points.

Even if the song by itself is exciting, this is not exciting enough to tickle the ears of non-K Pop fans.

  1. Review by other sites – 4 points

TheBiasList reviewed sadly the group, as it deemed that after the latter’s release of Ah Yeah, they seemed to favor “style over substance.” This was evident on their latest song Millions, which he (and I) suppose to be a fad. Meanwhile, it cheers as the song signals more “upbeat” songs from them in the next months.

The most favorite part is on pre-chorus, which excites the listener to the “ho-hum hook that follows.” Some points explained will be a great part in keeping the momentum WINNER is holding as of this writing.

KPopReviewed noted some similarities between the group and EXID, especially on title tracks and lead songs. It reviewed the song positively, stating that this is a perfect hit for summer, making up what Millions missed. While pre-chorus is exciting, the opposite can be told for the chorus itself.

However, the chorus was as bright as was intended to show in the song, only to be relegated with the typical songs used every summer. On the visuals, these are “equally bright and vibrant,” and can be seen that members are having so much fun. As a whole, the song “seems simple”.

  1. Review of the music video as a whole – 5 points

They have been consistent on featuring the fun side of K-Pop, and shows a little bit of what we can do in summer. For instance, riding a ship or watching a movie.

I find also the steps very easy to dance. Hope this will be picked by mainstream media in their regular dance challenges.

  1. Other factors
  • Shares concepts from other groups – 5 points

At 2:12, Mino, with a cloud on his head shares same thing with DreamNote’s Habin on Hakuna Matata (1:40):

winner ah yeah clouddreamnote cloud

And at 2:36, Jinu calling someone shares similar old telephone with 1the9 in their song Spotlight.

winner ah yeah phonespotlight phone

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 92.00%

Final Words

I do not find this too exciting. But they passed almost all of the criterion presented here, and they deserve it.

While their comeback this year is very interesting by itself, some points must be taken into account.

This is more on creating a cohesive storyline and on improving a little bit on their music. This needs to be considered, as 2019 is also full of comebacks, with challenge for each group to stand out. Anyway, this review serves as appreciation of their work, and I hope to see them doing greater things in the future.

iKON (아이콘) – Love Scenario (사랑을했다)(Misheard Lyrics)

Hello, guys! We are on our way to iKON, featuring their song Love Scenario.

The group is composed of seven members, namely B.I., Bobby, Jay, Ju-ne, Song, DK, and Chan. It is under YG Entertainment, together with 2NE1, PSY, and Blackpink.

I also chose to do it, as I have not included it in the misheard lyrics video I uploaded earlier (but subsequently included it in another video). Also, the tune is catchy and pleasing to the ears.

Considering the misheard lyrics below, the alternate title for this song is “Make a Jiggle“.

Lyrics posted in the subsequent video are underlined here.

You may play this video while reading the following contents. Enjoy the misheard lyrics of “Love Scenario” (사랑을했다) (iKON/아이콘) from TweetNewscaster!

Sarah, whole head or all nigga manner.
Share all the motor? Sure, wacky dead on
Bro, man, I’ll mail a drama
Can Chanyeol call man?
Could draw man dead? Or now, Sarah hate her

Oh, rake a man, then oh oh oh. See now Rio.
Itch on June, me yawn. Make a jiggle!
Mad, she might pay, and she lil’ I’m beam yawn.
Show Yoongi, mad who lay reach her

Hey, Prince, I’m seaman and now now.
He, but do match her on cannon bone
Oh! Let me got two, who pay, yeah, a chair.
Too low may hippie. You’ll done, I’m gone

I’ll poke on head to do poodle.
So, some Suga don’t know. No Nick? Oh yeah eh!
No, Sarah! Hey, could sir a bad ass zoom in a neck column?
Dessert get eh eh

Now Sarah, gun your Sir!
Can’t keep shit down or he’ll care ya?
Could Anna make a head? Damn me on
Can’t gun. You’re sure? Pull her!

Sarah, whole head or all he gun manner.
Share all the motor? Sure, wacky dead on
Bro, man, I’ll mail a drama
Can Chanyeol call man?
Could draw man dead? Or now, Sarah hate her

Oh, rake a man, then oh oh oh. See now Rio.
Indian should me yawn. Make a jiggle!
Match, he might pay, and she lil’ bum beam yeawn.
Show Yoongi, mad who lay reach her

Who? God beep your sign sign. Got cheer it, cheer it. Done, milk it!
Now, Sarah buckle some more. I’ll get head Jin on open
No, he get your money. Dope, you’re down. Plan joker shall drown
But all the duke, he gain no more soul. Share man Sarah, me who tour

Now Sarah, gun your Sir!
Can’t keep shit down or who care ya?
Could Anna make a head? Damn me on
Can’t gun. You’re sure? Pull her!

Sarah, whole head or all he can manner.
Share all the motor? Sure, wacky dead on
Bro, man, I’ll mail a drama
Can Chanyeol call man?
Could draw man dead? Or now, Sarah hate her

Nigga pull some
Go, reach a man!
Go, rain will hatch a one in your head
Up! You’ll may yawn one. That’s all, hit on
Poo more. On how rookie hop, I’ll keep

Oh, rake a man, then oh oh oh. See now Rio.
Indian should me yawn. Make a jiggle!
Match, he might pay, and she lil’ on beam yawn.
Show Yoongi, mad who lay reach her

Oh, rake a bad showy buckle
Hoseok, get chip to do a saw
Mitch, he do shit. Sarah, make whole
Who read a drum to yawn pisser?

Sarah, you’ll read a whole nigga manner
Good comment. Wait a known Sarah heater!

BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) – Kill This Love: MV Review

Here we are again for our another MV review. And for the first time, we will feature BLACKPINK in their song Kill This Love.

Considering that their last music video was Ddu-du Ddu-du, which was released ten months ago, we miss their performance for so long. (And actually, that was long overdue.) I am sooo excited on this, as this will be my first time to do a review of that girl group.

(Side Note: While writing this, I am also checking if another blogger had done his/her homework. It has been so long since he/she reviewed TXT’s Crown, and afterwards it’s IZ*ONE’s Violeta and this song. It seems that he/she is trying to catch up with infinite lineups, missing other songs in between, like that of Dreamnote and MAMAMOO.)

Since 2NE1 also gave support and approval to this group, and I haven’t done any MV review of the legendary group, this time we will do it on BLACKPINK. You may watch first their video here before going to the review proper:


  1. Video must have a storyline – 5 points

The first seconds of the video up to the first chorus defines the storyline very well, from being in love to being lost in love.

At first, the girls are defining what love is, through settings that define it as orderly, bright, colorful, and fun. Then the stanza leading to the chorus portrays the tense feelings after realizing what was wrong. Finally, the chorus tells that the love they possessed was shattered, as seen in the damaged building.

  1. Theme must be consistent and clear – 5 points

They constantly featured themselves as living in love, sadness, and fear. Respectively it was Rosé who did it at 1:00 – 1:12, hers also at 1:49 – 1:50, and Jisoo at 2:01 – 2:10. Added to that is on further emphasis on danger they faced, by portraying a dangerous device at 2:15 – 2:36.


  1. The music video as a whole must be colorful – 5 points

The music video was very colorful, particularly when Lisa raps at 0:30 – 0:44.

  1. Must be done in good taste – 5 points
  1. Does not celebrate Halloween, Easter, or similar celebrations – 5 points
  1. Does not feature astrology – 5 points
  1. Less horror is featured in the video – 5 points

Upon seeing Jisoo from 2:01 – 2:10, I though that something scary will happen next. But fortunately, there was none.

  1. Not too revealing outfits – 5 points


  1. Ability of the music to excite the listener – 5 points

I find the first fifteen seconds of the song very fascinating. They used the trumpety sounds, including the military sounds, to define what’s new in bringing exciting music to viewers.

It is given that the military music genre, by itself, makes one alert and active. This also excites anyone such that one will have to do something.

  1. Music should not be deafening on the ears – 5 points

Even if their music is very bold and thick, this is not deafening on the ears. Maybe that would lie on their instrumentals, where only one dominant tune at a time is being played.


  1. Dance can be learned easily even by beginners – 2 points

Arithmetically, this is based on the three choruses on the video. Easiest is only on the last chorus. You got 33% of 5 points. Round it up, and you get two points.

Anyway, forget the math. The main point is this: I don’t see how beginners would pick the dance easily in the first two choruses. It would be difficult for them to learn it.

  1. Dance must not be too sensual – 5 points


  1. Moral lesson must be clearly stated – 5 points

Fortunately, they also provided subs to explain the important lesson. And that is on taking the risk when it comes to love.

While we are taking risks in loving somebody, there will come a time that we will get hurt and come to our senses. That’s the time when we will stop loving, or in other words, kill this love. Stop loving before it stops you from being a better person.

  1. They must impart something beneficial for their viewers – 5 points

On bringing something beneficial for us, that would be on sparking interest to military tunes. It has been a fact that few of us get interested on classical music, particularly on music by the military. Hope this will let us appreciate that genre which reflects the spirit of our respective armed forces. This will also let us see the other side of the military by listening to them.

Second is on Lisa’s rapping, where various books about love are featured. Somehow, this will help raise viewers’ consciousness by reading books, instead of spending whole time with gadgets.

Other Matters

  1. Inject sense of humor in the music video – 3 points

Lisa somehow made some funny scenes by throwing something at 0:33, acting like a baby in a pushcart at 0:37 – 0:38, and destroying the shelf at 0:41 – 0:43. Other than that, I did not find the rest of the video funny.

  1. Ability of the song to make it to mainstream media – 5 points

I must say that no doubt, this will reach mainstream media. Even if we exclude the hype given on the song, this will also be played. It is because of their strong personality, present in their previous songs like Boombayah and Ddu-Du Ddu-Du. Added point too, if this be played at a funeral.

(Update: This was played once in a local radio station last April 8, and it really confirmed my gut feel about this song.)

  1. Review by other sites – 4 points

Obsessed and Assessed was hesitant at first about it, while hoping for another new concept from them. It viewed the song as “lacking in cohesion and synergy,” leading to its “detriment.” Jennie’s raps are fine, but on the pre-chorus, something’s wrong with the song. Worse is the chorus which the fellow blogger defines as the “least favorite” of all the group’s songs to date.

On the looks, it noted also the military look of the girls, but did not understand the storyline. Overall the video looks great, catering to international audiences while leaning to the essence of K-Pop. It also noted that the agency did something great by giving them long periods of rest (but for me, ideally a minimum of two comebacks per year would be enough).

TheBiasList noted that the song lacked melody, and that the chorus did not live up to its meaning. It also wrote that their vocals are their greatest assets, but it feels disconnected, only to make it up on the song’s final thirty seconds.

It wonders how far this will let the group go in the long run, considering that they rarely release materials with substance and that they are also being hyped.

  1. Review of the music video as a whole – 5 points

They made a good choice on distinguishing it with Ddu-Du Ddu-Du. While the beat of the previous song was quite fast, this time it was slow but equally exciting.

This time, it is YouTube who has a problem, particularly on “deleting likes and views,” as explained by a commenter.

And YouTube got me confused too. Last night as I was about to prepare this, the views reached 48 million (20 hours since this was released). Then it was 46 million (22 hours ago since upload). Seriously. What. Happened. To. Other. Views? And no, I am not joking. This might be the only case where other views are not accounted for.

  1. Other factors
  • Goes back to previous songs – 5 points

This refers to Rosé riding on a car at 1:01 – 1:11, which lets Blinks remind of them in a car at Whistle (1:45 – 1:48).

Or that of Lisa where she throws something at 0:33, where this reminds Jennie’s throwing of popcorn at Ddu-Du Ddu-Du (1:46)

  • Special effects – 5 points

See at 1:15, where the background explodes as they are singing the chorus. This shows how intense was their desire to kill the love.

  • Completeness of members – 10 points (updated)

I’ll have to update the score to reflect further what I seek in a music video. Contrary to one what might think, this does not focus on them being only four in the group, but on how the agency responded to issues.

It should be remembered that last January, Jennie encountered issues when it comes to dating. Dispatch noted that Jennie and EXO’s Kai were dating in a secret place, in which you can read another funny article here.

MOMOLAND should learn also a bit of lesson from the group and YG Entertainment. Instead of setting aside Jennie over that issue, they took advantage of the situation to further promote her solo debut (and their new music). Aside from this, they retained Jendeukie in their comeback video. You know what happened later: They became No. 1 Trending on YouTube as of this writing.

What’s the point? They don’t treat issues like these negatively. If these happens, just go on and perform as if nothing happened.

Aside from that, this is also given as gratitude for Jendeukie, for being there during their PH tour last June. It should be remembered that she is feeling discomfort, but still she managed to be with the other three. This she made so as not to dismay PH Blinks who are longing for her.

Because of these, ten points will be assigned to this criterion every review of their next performances.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 90.43% (Updated)

Final Words

BLACKPINK improved further on their MV and on their song with this one. This is totally different from the other tunes we used to hear from them in the past.

I later updated the score as I added another factor, which serves as important reminder not only to MOMOLAND, but also to all groups. And I still think this reflects also the sentiments of other reviewers that it needs a little push, or improvement. Hope this serves as incentive for them to outdo themselves further.

It is my earnest desire for the group to have various lead songs for this year, like what other groups did. This they can be done while the other three are going to have solo debuts. Hope the points I laid will help them in their next comebacks this year.

JENNIE (제니) – SOLO (Full English Misheard Lyrics)

This time, we are now featuring BLACKPINK’s Jennie on her solo debut entitled Solo.

We have to feature it again, as we have previously done it. This is for the benefit of all Blinks and Jennie’s fans out there, and hope y’all like it.

Considering the misheard lyrics below, the alternate title for this song is “Itch, None On Solo”. It seems that Jennie is now conscious that her opening chorus will sound awful if misheard. Why? The original lyric in Korean was “빛이 나는 솔로”, and if misheard, it will be “Bitchy, None On Solo”.

(Looks like MOMOLAND is also conscious of this in their song Bboom Bboom. Part of their original lyric tells that “눈빛” and if they did not modified the lyric to “Noon Beet”, that will be “Noon Bitch”.)

Lyrics posted in the video are underlined here.

You may play this video while reading the following contents. Enjoy the misheard lyrics of “Solo” (Jennie of BLACKPINK/제니 – 블랙핑크) from TweetNewscaster!

John, Jin, no man
John soon died on.
Searchin control. Indian turtle man
Twitch your man!

May hell my heel? Auto problem turtle
Favorite Chuckie
Yeah, pull, pull the sheep, ah
The pool, she raps song
You’ll gummy like…

(Oh, oh, oh) Even now, my gummy love my love story
(Oh, oh, oh) Who do soul and do the Nae-nae? Go!
(Oh, oh, oh) Ne-yo may hire hatchy man in love story
(Oh, oh, oh) Wanna go to na na na? Itch, none on solo!

Itch, none on solo
I’m going solo lo lo lo lo lo
I’m going solo lo lo lo lo lo!

Used to be a girl, now used to been the girl
You sit in on your feelings, so sit in on my throne
I’m gonna ten foot. A truffles in your eyes!
They stop. I moan and look in that: Me, myself, and I

I’m goin solo!
Imma do it on my own now
Now that you’re alone,
Got you looking for a toner

This time, get and down
Testing for the Sydney crown.
Singing love like…

(Oh, oh, oh) Even now, my gummy love my love story
(Oh, oh, oh) Who do soul and do the Nae-nae? Go!
(Oh, oh, oh) Ne-yo may hire hatchy man in love story
(Oh, oh, oh) Wanna go to na na na? Itch, none on solo!

Itch, none on solo
I’m going solo lo lo lo lo lo
I’m going solo lo lo lo lo lo!

Lawn now, Solenn! Come, dawn day on
Heap your number. Whole way code, he on
Whole Owen catch Ooh-Aah!
Now nutter, why Anika?

Dahyun, now hoop! Our rant, two rope
Poodle? We have golden two rope
No, lay cuckoo. Ship hoe.
Pour gay, and I’ll go ship hoe!
Now, I’m goin’ slomo!

Itch, none on solo
I’m going solo lo lo lo lo lo
I’m going solo lo lo lo lo lo!