DMCA Complaint Center (Copyrights)

TweetNewscaster, in its pursuit of providing fun and other side of the news, uses information from various sources to compile and create content shared to the public. Included in its information are various pictures taken from various sources.

Virtually all of pictures and videos contained in this site have been credited to respective owners, regardless if the link is alive or dead. However, some exceptions still exists. For instance, the featured image found on most articles under Love Advice category is sourced from ABS-CBN News’ cover photo.

Some of its pictures have been photoshopped for discussion and entertainment purposes only. As such these are not to be taken too seriously.

Since WordPress, the mother page, is complying with Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), TweetNewscaster has been thinking of risks associated in unintended posting of pictures, videos, or content that may be taken down in the future. While these kinds of content may be used to promote fun and entertainment to readers, these risks are bound to happen.

Let’s help each other in respecting our creative content. Help this site become more compliant. And let’s not make untoward incidents regarding this. If you want to remove any copyrighted content in this site, please fill up this form and we will take it down as soon as possible:


Filling up this form will be extremely helpful for us to avoid issues regarding copyrights. You may also provide us with a substitute, which will be credited to you accordingly.

Exceptions are made when fair use is involved. This includes quotations and other matter needed for purposes of fun and discussion.