Dua Lipa gives name to PH village, celebrities show love for music

LIPA CITY, Philippines – It’s time to visit.

The newly-recognized international singer Dua Lipa reaffirmed her status as such as she made her first guesting in a famous radio station in the Philippines.



“This will be my first time to visit here in this country,” she told in an exclusive interview with the radio DJs, noting that she wanted to visit the country, particularly, Lipa City.

She added, “My friends, after knowing my name, had told me that they knew of a place named Lipa. Well, we’ll look into it, and possibly, we will meet our relatives in the Philippines.”

Name with various meanings

Dua, as her name suggests, means “love” in Albanian. However, some netizens are offering possible reasons behind her name.

According to the netizens, the term Dua may be derived from a corruption of an Arabic word fatwa, meaning “opinion,” possibly, and unwittingly, alluding to the verdicts some Muslims have imposed upon Rushdie Salman, the author of Satanic Verses, and to Taslima Nasrin, the author of Lajja (Shame). This also suggests that her parents were highly opinionated, possibly due to the dynamic politics in their place even before she was born.

Some proposed that the word Dua came from a Tagalog word tuwa, meaning “joy.” Dua had recalled that their neighbor had told her parents that someday, she will be a joy to her family in the near future. The neighbor explained that she was a joy to her parents in the midst of turmoil happening in her parents’ place at that time.

It may be also derived from another Tagalog word duhat, or in English, Java plum (Syzygium cumini). This stems from the fact that her mother had used to eat much duhat months before Dua was born. Also, her mother had given the name to the young lady after wandering over Duhatan in Lipa City during their brief stay in the Philippines.

Other languages had offered possible meanings behind her name. For instance, her name can be taken from the Ancient Egyptian word Duat, referring to the realm of the dead in their mythology, comparable to Hades of the Greeks. Her name can be also traced to the town of Douay in France, where the Catholic Douay-Rheims Bible was printed.

It can also be derived from an English phrase dual; or it may be a contraction of a Cebuano word duha, or “two,” which bears no particular meaning over the international singer.

Renamed as Dua

Not to be outdone, a barangay (village) in Lipa City named Duhatan had followed the trend by transforming its name. The change of name was being triggered by a conversation that happened during her meet and greet in the Philippines:

Hahahaha, parang ito lang yung nagtanong sa amin noon habang pinapanood ito live sa Eastwood:

Lalaking napadaan: Ate, sino iyang kumakanta?

Me: Si Dua Lipa po.

Lalaking napadaan: Ahh. Taga-Batangas?

Me: Opo.

(It looks like the one who asked us some time ago while watching it live in Eastwood:

Wandering man: Miss, who is that singer?

Me: She’s Dua Lipa.

Wandering man: Ahh. Is she from Batangas province?

Me: Yes.)

In a resolution passed by the Sangguniang Barangay (Village Council), the barangay officials had expressed their intent to change the name of the barangay from Duhatan to Dua. The name change is to simplify their address especially in communicating matters related to the barangay. The excerpt of resolution reads:

“NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved, that the new address will be as follows:

Brgy. Dua, Lipa City, Batangas.”

The barangay chairman also explained that “Tutal naman eh sikat naman si Dua Lipa. Eh di baguhin na laang naten ang pangalan ng barangay. Para naman mapirme naman siya sa puso at alaala namin.” (Anyway, Dua Lipa is famous. We will change the name of our village, so that she will be in our hearts and in our minds.)

Officials and residents of Brgy. Dua are expecting that with the name change, many foreign and local tourists will come and see the beauty not only in their place, but also in Lipa City.

Singing is possible

Aside from Dua Lipa, other celebrities had collaborated with the radio program for their singing skills at Wish 107.5 Bus.

Among the celebrities, Julius Babao had shown his sideline in the radio after his stints as host in Mission Possible and as a news anchor in Bandila (Flag).




He had told, “Naalala ko dito yung mga times na kinakantahan ko si Tintin noong nasa ABS pa kami. Na-apreciate naman niya ako at kung paano ako umawit. Meron kaming sariling love song na kami lang ang nakakaalam, at dito ako humuhugot ng mga inaawit ko ngayon.” (I remembered the times I serenaded Christine Bersola when we were in ABS-CBN. She appreciated me and the way I sing. We have a love song that only the two of us knew, and I draw the strength from these everytime I sing today.)

Playing the notes

TJ Manotoc, another newscaster from ABS-CBN, had made waves not only in sports analysis, but also in performing his hidden talent.


Manotoc had told that it is hard to be friendzoned, a case where a boy bestfriend is being treated by the girl as a mere friend and up to that point only.

Ayos lang iyan kung masaya lang sila sa piling ng kanilang boyfriend. Pero kung sinasaktan siya, tapos nire-reject niya ang kanyang bestfriend na totoong nagmamahal sa kanya, para siyang shunga. Sorry, pero iyon ang totoo. Dedicated ang kantang ito para sa mga na-friendzoned,” he further stated. (It’s okay if she is happy with her boyfriend. But if she is being hurt by her boyfriend, then she rejects her bestfriend who truly loves her, it seems that she is stupid. Sorry, but that is the truth. This song is dedicated to those who had been friendzoned.)

WARNINGThis article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

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